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  1. Wow didn't know about this rom. Awesome work Bru. I'm in.
  2. 1. 14 game vs 16 game schedule I like 16 since it feels like the division games control a team's season a bit too much right now. 2. Pace (too fast, too slow, just right) I like it (appreciate the allowance for vacations) 3. Tiered Divisions? you like, dont like I like 4. Ratings... Season 1 was fast, and 2-3 are closer to OG. You like the season 1 feel or prefer S2/S3? Season 2 5. Playoffs- call outs or prefer standard seeding? Call outs plz 6. More playoff teams? 8 out of 20... Add one more spot? Like the way it is now 7. Extended break... like the idea or prefer keep it going? Break! 8. Expansion. have 10 on wait list.... Would like to try for full 32? Might dilute too much, but I like Tadaos's idea of relegating the last place team in bronze to wait list and pulling one from there. Would help with tanking (albeit only for bronze teams) and also keeps the wait list active/rolling over. 9. Hacks- 2point, XP distance opinions/improvements or any other hack ideas. Think it works well.
  3. LAC DB/LB Trevor Williams and Melvin Ingram
  4. Discord: TecmoBo Nickname (if applicable): Availability: Next Year Can you host?: Ya man List 4 Team Preferences: Chi What's your location/timezone?: CST Why do you want to join HSTL?: Cuz I also just left and waitlist is long af
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