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  1. tecmobo

    The Reply

    Thanks for posting that information Dave. This sucks.
  2. tecmobo

    Tecmo Madison

    I don't know all the details but on its face this seems to be unnecessarily contentious. Dave can do whatever he wants with Tecmo Madison, and some of the frequent voices he tends to hear from are critical even though the vast majority of participants support what he's done and are thankful he's kept Tecmo Madison going. Knobbe is right that people can try to throw whatever tournament they want. Mort is saying he doesn't want to step on Tecmo Madison's toes by trying to throw another large tournament, but wants to provide an option for Tecmo Madison to continue should it ever be in flux (and completely up to Dave if he would want to accept the option in that scenario). I'm unclear why Mort lost confidence in the people he mentions but otherwise his offer seems like a positive thing for the tecmo community - just a potential safety net that may not ever be wanted or needed.
  3. Makes sense. Hopefully they've fixed their wifi since I think last time the stream didnt work very well.
  4. Nice! No Dmen Tap for this one?
  5. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Chuck Cecil for my next pick (everyone else has that slot)
  6. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Marc Wilson
  7. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

    QB Rosey
  8. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Haddix (the bad one)
  9. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

    SF DL
  10. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Carrier/Robinson from bucs
  11. tecmobo

    HSTL S47 Draft

  12. tecmobo

    Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

    I like the idea of a third place prize more than a group play prize. Group play already matters for seeding, and could end up being the same person winning. Plus with a third place prize, even if you lose in semis, there will be a money game to play between the two people that lost in semis. I think it's more fun that way than being one game away from the finals and not having a chance to play a "money game" for anything.
  13. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft

    the lesser Haddix
  14. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Hester and pal
  15. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft