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    HSTL S46 Draft

    the lesser Haddix
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    HSTL S46 Draft

    Hester and pal
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    HSTL S46 Draft

  4. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft

    LB Little
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    HSTL S46 Draft

  6. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Gill Byrd
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    HSTL S46 Draft

    Everett, Jim
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    HSTL S46 Round 0

    Earliest for me.
  9. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft Format Ideas

    That is a very interesting idea Randy. The difficulty would be making sure each of the "best" drafters are paired with a good owner (so they can draft them a bad team), and vice versa. Somebody that sucks at drafting could accidentally draft one of the best teams in that format, so they shouldn't be paired with a good player.
  10. tecmobo

    HSTL S46 Draft Format Ideas

    I think this year's format was a rousing success. QB Eagles not going #1 and a mental breakdown is pretty hard to beat!
  11. CHIEFS Best Pick - RAMS WRs at #25 Worst Pick - PHI LBs at #81 Outlook - Gats says he will only jj you if you jj him, or if he's in a desperate situation. That is because he's not ONLY going to jj you, he'll cc you as well. The PHI LB and DEN DB picks in round 3 and 4 were reaches caused by needing a patchwork defense to stop offenses one more time than DeBerg to Ellard and Co. scores. MIA RBs and CLE OL round out the ho-hum later picks. Doesn't matter, playing KC will make you pull your hair out. I look forward to the games streamed by Tadaos with live audio against this division rival. Prediction: 11-5 BRONCOS Best Pick - NYG LBs at #17 Worst Pick - NYG LBs at #17 Outlook - The NYG LB group is so tempting; I may have taken them at #18 if Randy didn't. With them, you're set against the run with stud LBs at the 1 and 4 spots, and 63int Reasons to defend against the pass (including some of the ridiculous passing games in this division). What could be better? But then the draft continues, the KC LBs go in Rd 2, and then it keeps going, and then the next LB group isn't picked until the 65th pick overall. Now you're scrambling to fill holes that other teams have already addressed, and the benefit of picking LBs ahead of others seems minimal. But I still probably would've picked them at #18 if they fell! Add to that the SF DL and that will be fun to watch offenses fly through the air, until Randy's offense takes the field and the CHI QBs give the game away. Prediction: 8-8 RAIDERS Best Pick - TIE - QB Browns at #10 and NYJ LBs at #66 Worst Pick - PHI DL at #122 Outlook - This team is my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. That is if they can win the division/their shootouts with KC. QB Browns plus AC plus NYJ LBs is about as good as you can get for your first three picks. The PHI DL was a good value play in round 5, but it assured you the IND DBs. Usually an acceptable tradeoff when you have the NYJ LBs (I had QB Browns, NYJ LBs, and IND DBs a few seasons ago and it was workable), but with KC's passing attack that decision could come back to bite Tadaos. Prediction: 11-5 CHARGERS Best Pick - CHI OL at #120 Worst Pick - CHI RBs at #8 Outlook - When your best pick is in round 5, and your worst pick is in round 1, the season may not go so well. Taking CHI RBs over DET RBs is deciding that Muster is worth more than an extra notch of MS for your feature back AND a better 56ms WR in Gray vs. Bailey. RAI DBs in late 2nd is good, Elway in early 3rd is questionable and not much more to this team except for Bruce Smith. Elway plus SEA WRs will not scare anyone, so defenses will load up against the run. And when you have that perfect pass progression, Elway will say "Nope" and throw it to the other team. Eddie Anderson will struggle against the passing attacks in this division, so a 63int DB may have been better. Sorry I feel like I'm being mean in this review. Go Gamehigh prove me wrong! Prediction: 4-12 SEAHAWKS Best Pick - Deciding to come back before your 2nd pick Worst Pick - Deciding to quit before your 2nd pick Outlook - This was my favorite team during the draft. Not because of the picks, but because the psychological torture of this format was most evident on Rob and the Seahawks. Quitting before your second pick because of how the draft played out has to be a new record, but props for coming back and sticking with it. The result was actually a pretty well balanced team. Rams RBs and HOU WRs paired with Miller will be more than enough on offense, and Offerdahl plus Lippett is a solid set of defenders. The one knock is choosing tandems where the value is in multiple players TWICE, which means there will be some quality bench players that would've seen the field for most other teams. The trio of Gats/Tadaos/Randy is a tough one, so the Seahawks figure to finish 4th in the division. Prediction: 6-10
  12. AFC CENTRAL OILERS Best Pick - PHX DBs at #30 Worst Pick - None Outlook - Stall put together a nice team with no major weaknesses. PHX DBs will do work and can play conditions, with help from Childress against the run game. Simms will have to be precise and get some help from a 44ms rushing attack in Woodside, but as long as the offense doesn't make mistakes this will be a tough team to beat. Prediction: 10-6 BROWNS Best Pick - MIN LBs at #74 Worst Pick - PHX OL at #130 Outlook - Marino will be throwing lasers to the RAI WRs, with just enough of a rushing game from the two NYJs 44ms RBs to prevent a 4-play playbook. Defensively, things were going to get very bleak if one of the NYJ/MIN/BUF LB corps weren't available in the third round, and even with Merriwether and the CLE DBs there will be games where the defense feels paper thin (namely against the RAI with QB Browns/AC, and KC with Deberg and RAMS WRs). If Marino can get the ball to his spots before the defense can get there, it could be a strong season. Prediction: 10-6 BENGALS Best Pick - DET RBs at #12 Worst Pick - PIT OL at #124 Outlook - I really like the team Eifer put together here. He secured Barry, Gray to put at WR, and then the mobile QB tandem of Peete/Ware in the 2nd round, followed up with DET DBs in the third. So basically he has Detroit is what I'm trying to say. Add in a 50rp SD LB and this is a strong contender for the division. But problems will develop if the CLE WRs aren't enough of a threat to stretch the field or make defenders call pass. Expect a solid season in a tough division, with playoffs a possibility but not assured. Prediction: 9-7 STEELERS Best Pick - TB DBs at #16 Worst Pick - WAS LBs at #153 Outlook - You can tell when a team is put together with purpose. Haddix in first round = defense complete. Emmitt in 2nd round plus DEN WRs and Tolliver will keep defenses on their toes. A very strong OL in round 5 was a great pick too, after which there was a significant HP dropoff. The only major error here was picking WAS LBs instead of MIN DL in round 6. Doleman would have been a huge asset both against weak OL and as a nickelback in 3rd or 4th down situations. So I'm happy you didn't pick him . I still love this team, but misthrows by Tolliver and offenses being able to isolate Haddix will keep Tundra in the 3rd or 4th spot in the division. Prediction: 7-9
  13. It's been pointed out that I should do the recap since it was my format, so here goes... AFC EAST Buffalo Best Pick - NYJ DBs at #43 Worst Pick - NYG RBs at #14 Outlook - Things got off to a rough start with the 1st round pick given what else was available. PIT LBs and CHI DL were nice value picks but they would be better served on rosters that don't already have a 63 int DB. Offensively, things are bleak. The league could lose its commish if Hoff has a mental breakdown throwing with IND QBs to NE WRs. Best hope is that this is a skill-gaining season, with a high draft pick waiting in S46. Prediction: 3-13 INDY Best Pick - ATL DBs at #34 Worst Pick - PHX QBs at #90 Outlook - Jerry Rice and moonballs from Rosie, with Deion trying to be everywhere on defense. The pickup of ATL RBs was nice at the end of the third since it was the last 50ms RB, but a 44ms RB in a later round might have been a better choice unless you're able to stick with a balanced attack. Reverting to moonballs with only Deion on defense could lead to a very up and down season for ODT. Prediction: 9-7 JETS Best Pick - HOU QBs at #4 Worst Pick - KC DBs at #60 Outlook - With no running game to speak of, the Jets playbook might get widdled down to four plays in most games. Pairing the NYG WRs with Moon is very nice, but it only leaves the NO LBs and KC DBs on defense. The offense might be too one-dimensional to keep pace with all of the scoring happening when the defense is on the field. A .500 season would be a success for Hock this year. Prediction: 7-9 PATRIOTS Best Pick - NYJ WRs at #121 Worst Pick - BUF LBs at #65 Outlook - The Buffalo LB pick was actually terrific value at that position, the problem is that a lot of that value is lost on a team that already has Waymer and Lott to control. Grabbing a 50rp LB in a later round might have been a better choice, but if the offense can make it work then it won't matter. There's good balance on that side of the ball, with Majik, Herschel, and Toon, so smart play and stout defense could lead to a playoff birth for Darth and the Pats. Prediction: 10-6 MIAMI Best Pick - PIT DBs at #13 Worst Pick - None Outlook - Pairing Stephone Paige with Krieg was smart, as having no deep threat would be a nightmare season with Dave K. at the helm. I was tempted to knock the PIT DB pick when TB DBs were still on the board, but the weaker starting QBs in this format might mean that Woodson can still snack on some tasty jj treats. The other picks of CIN OL and CIN LBs were good value. The one drawback is having a 38ms RB with Krieg. If Hughmillennation can't successfully move the ball on the ground, this offense will sputter. Prediction: 6-10
  14. tecmobo

    HSTL S45 Draft

    CLE DBs for me when i'm up. Sorry Tadaos.