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  1. The original is here: http://coolrom.com/roms/snes/2452/Tecmo_Super_Bowl.php Unfortunately since MrNFL stopped making his roms for the SNES, there hasn't been much by the way of SNES roms. Drunkenhoney and hurricane55 are in the process of making a new version of their NCAA rom for TSB III though. Very fun if you like a modernized experience.
  2. I did nothing to it personally. I found it in the mega zip file of roms on philleyOphish's website (tecmosb.com). From what I can remember about the thread that used to be on here, the guy was testing out making defensive players return with their actual speeds on turnovers. To test it out he made interceptions to occur on basically every covered pass play. So in summary: -I did nothing with this rom -Guy who made it made the defense very fast on returns and made interceptions frequent
  3. Yeah I haven't done much/any work on the ratings yet, and have no clue what I'm doing with making plays, but I hope that that will change soon.
  4. There are a couple other versions that I based this one off of, but they either have messed up graphics or original TSB rosters. This is 2012 rosters, uniforms, logos, everything but ratings. And I may get around to rating this thing at some point, but I figured most would just care about the rosters and the fact that it's CFL.
  5. I love Bad News Baseball! Would be great to see something like this made!
  6. Ok, new challenge that I just came up with. I have been playing with a rom that makes it so that basically every throw into coverage is intercepted, and the defense returns INTs, fumbles, kick blocks, with superpowers. I've been playing with Buffalo just because I like them, but I have only let myself punt or kick a FG on offense, essentially relying on kick returns and turnovers to score. But this new challenge is as follows: -Play with New England, with Grogan at starting QB -Use the rom attached -No picking run plays on offense, although you may scramble with Grogan on a pass play -Try not to get killed That's my challenge, not sure if anyone has thought of this, but I thought it would be fun. TSB NFL 1991 Super Interceptions.nes
  7. This is my first real try at a rom, and mostly I just updated rosters. This is based off of a rom I found in the zip file of roms at tecmosb.com. Features: -Updated rosters as of today (10/21/12) -Correct uniforms for all teams -Stats added to halftime -Only 3 downs to get a 1st down -Fixed bug in the rom that this is based off where after the 1st quarter the CPU wouldn't make smart decisions on 3rd down (ie going for it all the time) Tecmo Grey Cup 2012.nes
  8. Buck's highspeed 2011-2012 implements this hack. Very tough COM and great fun. Unfortunately no version for this year's NFL, but give it a go if you like.
  9. NHL 95 is pretty fun for DOS, and the guys over at forum.nhl94.com have updated it somewhat regularly.
  10. Wouldn't this be backwards as the home team needs to be first?
  11. Or not. Vince Young has been released.
  12. No official word on who will back up Fitzpatrick yet, but I would put Young in for now as he's been taking a majority of the snaps this preseason.
  13. I had no idea. But seeing as I was born several years after TSB for the NES came out, I don't think I would have participated.
  14. Give my regards to Davy, remember me to Tee Fee Crane... Parents both went to Cornell, had to go with it.
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