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  1. Yea this is the only weekend in April that doesn't work for me as I'll be traveling home from N.O.
  2. How many games did we log on TPC alone Gats? Those were the days.... playing 10-12 games a night for over a year haha
  3. I think right before the invite only WTF league. The creation of that league divided players. For me personally, being left on the outside as a well established Tecmoer was the start of the end in my online interest. I understand what the purpose of the league was (condensing WTF leagues), but the members were chosen on a basis of being likeable versus good for Tecmo.
  4. Group B CasualT wins toss Dal/Phx Regulator chooses Dal Game ended up 42-7, but Casual T had the early 7-0 lead. Dalla got lucky on a 4th and short when the game was 7-7 when a Dal defender deflected a pass to a wide open downfield WR. Dallas ran away from there as it snowballed for Phx. GG CasualT TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  5. Group B QB Lions wins toss Calls Min/was Regulator picks Min This was a back and forth game decided by an opening 2nd half fumble on the KR by Washington. Min was able to punch that in and take a 17-7 lead and held on to win 24-17. GG Lions. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1 Dome Rd 1 QBLIONS.nsv
  6. Group B Bo won the toss Match-up called was Min-Was Regulator chooses Min Definitely a different game playing without out tapping someone, but many things remain the same. Bo started the game with ball and converted a 3rd and 22 deep in his own territory for a TD via Rypien -> Clark. Minnesota returned the favor with a deep ball of their own to Carter and worked it in from the 10 after a couple plays to tie 7-7. Bo was held on downs his next possession leading to a Min FG 10-7. Bo couldn't muster anything before half as a FG was blocked leaving it at 10-7. Min got ball and with another deep ball I think was able to put 7 on board to lead 17-7. Bo turned it over on downs again leading to another Min FG 20-7. Was scores on their next possession to close the gap 20-14, but the ensuing onside kick was house by Carter giving Min the lock lead 27-14 with a minute or so to go. Bo bombed it for a score on the last play for the final 27-21. GG GLRW TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1 Dome Rd 1 Bo.nsv
  7. Oh my sickly..... How long did it take you for those first 7? I like that bounties are group play only..... it rewards someone who makes the tournament but may not win. Great idea war..... very cool!
  8. OK, count me in Regulator088 I can host EST Weeknights (Tuesday especially) are best
  9. To bad teleportation isn't a thing yet.... 6.5 hours of driving is to far
  10. This was a really fun tournament and I like the format of the 9-10 player round robin groups. Guarantees a lot of games and fun to play stiff competition. It was fun getting to see everyone as usual. I've come to the conclusion that if I keep my drinking under control, I make a lot less mistakes..... What a drag
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