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  1. Build it....as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, World without end....and they will come.
  2. Miller brothers are only an hour away from Kalamazoo. We could easily make even a small one.
  3. Shenanigans. I made the Final Four in Muster's Last Stand. This slight is clearly retribution for letting all the time tick off in between plays.
  4. I give permission to anyone on this forum to pick for me. I'm about to be on the way to Nashville for the Jokes/Titans game and won't be available for the duration of the draft.
  5. I admit, I was mulling not coming back...but I do like the league concept, and there has been a lot of effort from Matt and others to start up and keep up this league. I can't be a part of its demise. I will stay.
  6. All the subsequent rounds are currently the opposite of what they should be. Therefore, every person's draft time and position is incorrect....unless it's intentional that Round 5 and Round 6 are identical.
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