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  1. Amazing work guys... Congrats! Can't wait for the beta! Did anything have to get sacrificed to make room for the additional teams? Will there also be an NCAA version, or did that effort get abandoned?
  2. Didn't know what format you wanted the player info in... how's this? TSBIII_NCAA_2011_CLEMSON_ROSTER.xls
  3. Awesome work, guys! I love the various play styles of the different teams. After watching a few quick COM vs COM games (Clemson vs GaTech/Bama/VaTech), here are a few things I noticed. Yeah, I'm a Clemson guy... still recovering from the Orange Bowl massacre. Thanks again for your efforts! Graphics Clemson's endzone graphic currently looks like the "NC" logo from North Carolina (it should probably be something like a Tiger Paw) Clemson's Roster Backup RB Replace 24 Demont Buice with 5 Mike Bellamy Wide Receiver Replace 80 Brandon Ford with 18 Jaron Brown Replace 18 Jaron Brown with 2 Sammy Watkins Backup WR Replace 24 Joe Craig with 1 Martavis Bryant Replace 26 Marquan Jones with 19 Charone Peake Backup TE Replace 11 Bryce McNeal with 80 Brandon Ford Kick Returner Should be Sammy Watkins Punt Returner Should be Sammy Watkins Backup LB Replace 3 V Beasley with 12 Stephone Anthony Backup DB Replace 37 K Brown with 32 Carlton Lewis
  4. Obviously I'm brand new around here, but I love playing NCAA versions of TSB... so I figured I'd ask... Any chance that Clemson could be in your final list of teams on the game? Whether they are or not, thanks for all the effort that you've put into it... can't wait to play it a few hundred times!
  5. Hey guys... I'm Daniel from Columbia, SC. Been lurking for a couple a months now... the hacked and updated TB/TSB roms got me really excited when I found this website! I particularly love the NCAA versions since I'm a huge Clemson fan... any chance there's another Clemson fan out there in the Tecmo community? Anyway, glad to be here.
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