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  1. Hi there! I currently am editing rosters for a 2014 college football version of Tecmo Super Bowl. I am doing most of the complicated work: editing teams, colors, stats, schedules, etc. I currently have about 8 of the 28 teams' rosters completed, and should be done by the end of the week. I will need help converting the helmets from the original Tecmo Super Bowl into the proper college ones. Can anyone team up with me on this to help me? I have a ROM from 2006 that has college teams that I can pull approximately 10 of the helmets from because the teams overlap. Also the NFL logo that shows up every now and again...it'd be cool if it said NCAA instead. Don't know how to edit this stuff. I am also attempting to do some minor text editing in order to get rid of references to the NFL and change conference names, etc. I can get some of it to work properly already. I'm just not an expert and was wondering if anyone would be willing to do parts of this for me, or if anyone would be willing to show me an easy-to-use tutorial for a computer-savvy-but-rom-hacking-novice. I'm doing my best to have the annoying, tedious stuff out of the way to make it more worth someone's time. [email protected] is my email. I'm happy to share what I have so far.
  2. Thanks for the response. Sorry I appear to have posted this in the wrong spot. In your opinion, would it be TONS easier to just go ahead and use the original 28-team ROM and have an easier go at editing things? The 32-team one would be awesome, but maybe it's just not worth the extra effort to include 4 teams that don't really need to be in the thing anyway?
  3. Hi all, Looking for some answers to a few basic questions. Hope you can help! I have a couple of different 32-team ROM's...assuming it doesn't matter which one, I am trying to convert the ROM from NFL teams to college teams. I have narrowed it down to the 32 teams I want and have grouped them in relevant groups of 4 according to geography. I want to: - Edit team names in all of the parts they are displayed. (i.e. Atlanta Falcons will now be Florida State Seminoles) - Edit player names and data to have it be relevant to the FSU players - Edit team colors - Edit football helmets (I have another ROM that has some of the helmets from 2006...maybe I can extract them?) - Edit playbooks I know there are a bunch of utilities that all claim to do this. However, not all seem to work with the 32-team ROM. I have used TSB Tool Supreme a little bit, but can't figure out how to change team names...editing stats and player names seems simple enough. I'm not a total rube when it comes to editing things like this, so feel free to give me some technical answers. The other kicker is that I'm running Vista 64-bit, which I assume will cause some compatibility issues, since it almost always seems to. But I have a work laptop with Windows 7 on it, so maybe it will work on that?
  4. Are you going to be awesome and put Notre Dame in there even though they haven't been great lately? I'd be willing to send you $1 in the mail if you will. If you were already going to put them in there, I won't send you the $1. (Gotta be smart with my money)
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