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  1. 😂 Hank please say this was a typo and you are planning on winning with “Butts” - as in Marion - lots of other potential places to get a tattoo where other people could see without you going to jail
  2. Great recap Tom! I wish Brian Dawkins getting inducted into the Hall of Fame was not the same day as Tecmo Cleveland so I could have been there for the whole event. Having said that, I was happy to be a part of the setup Friday night, last minute setup Saturday morning, organizing the brackets, playing in pool play before having to bow out early, then playing in NBA Jam on Sunday. So many great guys in this community both locally and abroad that helped make this event special. You (Tom) certainly have put a ton of time into this promoting via social media, TV, radio, billboards, etc. I don't know how you do it especially with a few little ones at home - but your passion for the game and the community are undeniable. It was also great to see Troy (@trojan1979) again in person doing livestream broadcasts with rotating color guys. I wish I could have gotten on the mic with him for at least one game as I really enjoyed calling some games with him during the Tupa Bowl in Columbus and several online since. Troy is a great guy who loves this community and wants to see it grow - I believe his skill and professionalism behind the mic are part of what is taking the game we all love to another level. I realize there are other players and people in the community that stream and do a great job, but when Troy comes to an event (at least the ones I have been to or watched online) it is purely to focus on streaming. He enjoys it, is good at it and I believe new talent will be unearthed because people want to play in a livestream broadcast format. After being a part of this community for over 8 years now, each event I am able to attend becomes more special. They really become more like a family reunion and less like a tournament. When I found out Jordan (@Woodshed) won after I got back from the HOF, I was so happy for him. Jordan is a really good player who finally was able to breakthrough and win one. Great to see someone new win a major tournament (and from Ohio!). There are so many good guys and good players whose passion keep this game as much fun (if not more) than when it first came out. Much love to everyone who came out and supported Tecmo Cleveland this year!
  3. While I haven't had the time to organize the sequel to this tourney, it is awesome to see you guys rock it out and take it to the next level out in the PNW! I would love to see this format continue to evolve and be used elsewhere. Thanks again to bruddog for the inspiration by creating the spreadsheets.
  4. Congrats Jordan! Happy for you bud. I wish I didn't have to leave early from the tourney and could have been there to celebrate with you and everyone else. My wife and I bought tickets to see Brian Dawkins get indicted into the Pro Football HOF which was amazing but glad I was able to be there at least through group play! Tom did an amazing job again (I think we had 61 total players after having 63 last year). NBA JAM TE was a lot of fun too on Sunday. Long live Tecmo!
  5. I heard Jim Jensen was willing to put a little time in at FB...
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for updating this thread - counting down with the jersey numbers of players in Tecmo is an awesome idea. Considering the number of views this thread has I'm sure many others enjoy reading this every time they visit the forums. I wish I lived closer and could participate in this league - I ran a similar setup a few years back for a one day tournament where everyone built teams with a salary cap (Stone Age Gamer Franchise Bowl) but a draft and full season, playoffs, etc. is definitely next level stuff!
  7. Tom has done an amazing job with Tecmo Cleveland - running promotional satellite events leading up to the tournaments, getting sponsors, media exposure and growing the community in Northeast Ohio (and beyond), etc. It's hard to fathom the number of man hours and personal investment he has poured into this. The man has a passion for Tecmo Super Bowl and retro gaming in general! Great guy who wants to see our community continue to grow and thrive. Tecmo Cleveland II promises to be more of the same fun from last year with an added bonus of an NBA Jam TE tournament on Sunday. Last year Tom had over 64 guys come out the first year he opened this tournament to the public. This year, there will be even more opportunities to play and win as he has increased the number of games each person will play and added a consolation bracket. If you live within a reasonable driving distance, this is a no brainer. Even if you don't, Tom will make sure your time is well spent! I have been to Tecmo Madison, Midwest, Detroit, Buffalo, Columbus, Cleveland and others, I also used to run a number of smaller tournaments in the Cleveland area. I couldn't be happier to endorse, assist with and participate in this event. If you are on the fence, don't hesitate to sign up!
  8. It depends on the number of people that show up but he usually does double elimination
  9. I am so sorry for your loss and can't even imagine what your families are going through right now. Thoughts and prayers headed your way. Is there a GoFundMe page (or something of that nature) setup for his family where we can come along side you to help in any way? As great as Tecmo is, the community you have helped establish and grow is what truly makes it special.
  10. The final team values and rankings I came up with on my sheet were different - I think because the heatmap version you previously posted was not based on the latest revision of the Excel sheet? Either way, I didn't view it as a waste of time and enjoyed playing with various matchups in the latest version of your spreadsheet
  11. Yes I did see this - it's what inspired me to make the other sheet so instead of just seeing if a matchup is a 0,1,2, etc you can see how those 0,1,2,etc rank against other matchups. Great job on both the Excel sheet and the heat map btw. Very interesting and helpful to see the WR catch % especially!
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