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  1. Super Contra 24-Hour Charity Marathon starts tomorrow at 5 PM EST. You can watch and interact on any of the following platforms: Twitch (preferred) Computer or Television: www.twitch.tv/frozensith Mobile or Tablet: Download the app or https://m.twitch.tv/frozensith Facebook Live (friends and family) Just go to my profile and watch YouTube Gaming https://gaming.youtube.com/c/FrozenSith/live OR https://www.youtube.com/user/tecmopsycho I am doing this to raise money for Riley Children's Hospital. My goal is a minimum of $500. I hope to surpass that amount at the end of the 24 hours. Any donation amount helps and is tax deductible. Please read about it on my Extra Life page. https://www.extra-life.org/participant/superc Secondly, I am doing this to obtain the total points world record on Super C for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In order to accomplish this I will have to complete the game at least 71 times without a continue or game over. I am only allowed one 15-minute break every three hours. If you can't donate, come watch, interact, or just keep me awake. I appreciate any support I can get with this! . . #extralife #charity #retrogaming #nintendo #superc #contra
  2. I am in the process of trying to set up my system so that I will live stream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live at the same time. Here is my Extra Life Page for donations. Appreciate anyone willing to watch and/or donate.
  3. Super C World Record Charity Event I haven't posted here for a while so I hope this finds all of you well. For those who are interested, I will be attempting the world record for total points on Super C for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Here is an interesting breakdown of this world record: The current world record holder is John Heins who accumulated 14,033,990 points. The rules to complete this record are "limited leeching is permitted at the referee's discretion. Leeching is continually shooting all possible enemies that respawn. Player should complete the game in its natural progression. Please note that when you beat the game, it starts over from the begining with your score intact, so you may continue on until you either lose all your lives and reach the Game Over Screen or the Score maxes out. No pausing is permitted. No continues are allowed. No codes or cheats enabled. One fifteen-minute break is permitted every three hours, but the game cannot be paused and lives may be lost. No other breaks are permitted." Now in order to get this record and averaging twenty minutes a run through (all eight stages), I would have to average 200,580 for 23 hours and 37 minutes (beat the game 71 times) without having a continue and only the permitted breaks allowed in the rules. During this live stream I also want to do something meaningful. I am trying to raise funds for sick children at Riley Children's Hospital (the Children's Miracle Hospital here in Indianapolis). On July 10, come watch, cheer me on, keep me awake, and help out these kids. Every little bit helps. I will post the exact start time and stream link when I get closer to July 10.
  4. Intro graphics are crazy good. I love the tecmobowl.org end zones. Only had time for one game. Played well. Nice work everyone involved.
  5. Would there be a way to designate a particular PS 6-100 for each QB when holding Select? That would be even more awesome.
  6. I emailed Knobbe 7 more with some of his and your suggestions. I threw a light blue colored one in there (same as tb.org forum message board blue). In my opinion, the close-up of his face is most like the original box. I like this light blue because it makes it a TB.org original (it also shows up better than the darker blue I had before). http://s1257.photobucket.com/albums/ii519/tecmopsycho/tecmobowl_org_covers/?albumview=slideshow
  7. I did a lot of work working with palettes in Nestopia... I know diddly poo about making ROMs (just some basic stuff in the TSB tool editors created). I was wondering if there is any way for ROM makers to attach or create the ROMs with the RGB palette already embedded into the ROM? see my lengthy explanation here:
  8. I get the Incredible Hulk skin tones as well... Nestopia 1.39
  9. I do! Possible to remove Ware? I wanted to. Was going to put a blonde in there too!
  10. I will have something by the beginning of next week that will blow you away. Do you like that image of Ware?
  11. I have a winner!! I may actually have to finally break down and get a cart made now. I rushed it. I can do better stuff to background if you have ideas (multiple stars, lines, etc) I will have something by the beginning of next week that will blow you away. Do you like that image of Ware?
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