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  1. I think it's great that you did the 20 year anniversary of TSB III... I was just looking at this myself on my SNES cartridge, by creating a few players, such as Curtis Martin & Kerry Collins, who you said you added in your version.


    You also mentioned Steve McNair.  Any word on guys like Isaac Bruce and Terrell Davis? Bruce didn't blow up til the 96 season, but TD had a real solid season in 1995 with Denver. 


    Interesting about how Barry Foster is a god in TSB III, yet he didn't play a down that year or ever again. He also kinda sucked in 93 and 94, wonder why they made him so good in TSB III? He only had one standout season, 1992, and that talent us reflected in the first TSB for SNES

  2. Sucks that TSB III moved the TE to the bottom of the formation on the Pro T plays- screws up the spacing and ruins multiple pass plays. A lot of the "new" plays are great, but some are terrible by bunching 3 receivers together, effectively letting 1 defender guard all 3.
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