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  1. F 18 RAID3RS (again... 3.5 years later) And now I've seen one of these smackies - - with one of these slappies on it: BROSEF
  3. You don't mind if I come from 13 down, with yonder 213 TemKO seconds remaining (that's ~3:33 left in the 4th) to knockout a focking (flocking) Division foe - on a last-second, 75-yard Hail Martha to Fifi, in TRIPLE-coverage (... dude LEAPT... and planted - no further movement needed/allowed - smack on the Goal-Line) - do ya ? 4-0 now. Not to mention, I did it in no chiep, chickenshit-ass STANDARD mode. JUICE, fockers Upwards & Onwards ... how you like my run-game?
  4. ^ This is shear brilliance. @Bolt , you've truly outdone yourself.
  5. I know, Hundley's a presumptuous flippin' nut
  6. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/brett_hundley_wont_concede_cardinals_starting_qb_job_to_kyler_murray/s1_14819_29397530 Some compelling news. Afterall, I went 9-7, under auspices of , advanced all the way to the CC , and lost only on an 80-yard walkoff PUNTRETURN (to paydirt) by Tavon Austin. _But hey, good luck, kyle_
  7. If Will could offer a more nuanced, composed, "soft" allure to this sweet little number, I'd TRULY appreciate it. Thank you, ever-so-kindly ... Nights in White Satin {of The Moody Blues ilk} Because, that's my JM - Jackie Moon
  8. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Can we make this guy an Honorary NFL player? Holy smokes, what a name!... That's Gurf Morlix!
  9. Jim Acosta & the Cloon-dog
  10. On the same "pitch," recently, you may have seen: Vadão ... who looked like Barry Alvarez, no? &, &... Julissa Freedom Is it a man? Is it a lady? Is it Randy Moss, Is it Marcia Brady? ... No - that's Wendie Renard, you ubaskanks
  11. Ask @Bodom. I think he once claimed to have three balls.
  12. I had wrong song, before. This is right song. Now not mimed.
  13. Joe Montegna? I mean- Joe Montana ?... Yeah, well. Beit House of Creamsicle firecracker goals, or RUAPIR8 license plate, something told me that 'Hey! Maybe I really am a pirate!' So I took orders direct from Trent "Cyclops" Dilfer to bypass Vinny Testacles entirely and go straight for Jigga Carlson hint: What is Bucs QB2 name? (... don't look it up, pricks.)
  14. Archie. This was an odd one ... If I think "Ronnie Lott," I think of "49;" But if I think "42," I think of Ronnie Lott
  15. I gotsta have more updates! Updates, @madmanyo360! Updates!
  16. This'll have to be done in a Silj tone, too, please. Thanks
  17. Keen eye. Keen eye, indeed... It's part of my Circadian Riddim... That only makes about half as much sense as I'd like it to. Well, let me just say that I am a Bear, that awakens to the joys of Live music at the onset of every Summer. I fear I might've shared this before, but if I did then let it enter my ritual: F that. That's not even Live. Try this: this I love, because it honours my russian homeland. F - That's mimed. Here, I think I'm finally onto something here, try this:
  18. Oops / I did it again Movin' the sticks with the O.6, in this one. But, hey - If you ain't Quinnen, you ain't Winnen. (Did I mention Week 2, we did this? ...Browns finished 8-8, in the most competitive DIV / missed the playoffs. HOORAY!) (Speaking of playoffs;) I finished my standard 12-4 - again - then, Cool Runnings... Le'Veon Bell (2) RNNG TDs; Ty Montgomery, Chris Herndon RCVG TDs Overcame late 11-pt deficit/scored the last 28-of-35 pts... Bell (2), Montgomery RNNG TDs; Herndon RCVG TD; Catanzaro 46-yrdr Tough sledden... Bell, Sam Darnold {time-expiring!} RNNG TDs; Jamison Crowder, Quincy Enunwa RCVG TDs Some variation of ^ was aloft as I polished off my Winnen ways: ^ version was released from Russian Cossacks, 4-30-19NineTay... Fitting, really. Please - give it a try, will you? You will not be dissapoint.
  19. Toronto had to do it away from Toronto, because they had to do it away from Dreck.
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