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    One thing I like to say to people when they misbehavin' is, "Look out, tiger-shorts!" ... it gives me a real chill thrill.
  2. If my answer is correct, I got a question: "If not Rico, what is Drummond's first name?" (Good question, 'cause I sure-as-funk dunno!... Mr.?)
  3. Are players eligible to play '19-20 nfl season if dey play '19 AAF? Are players eligible to play '20 AAF season if dey play '19-20 nfl?
  4. Bolt


    I like it when people smile. It's Good. It's Good. It's Good
  5. The best part of waking up is that Jason Witten is gonna be back on the Cowboys next season ! Folgers
  6. 'Raghib on the Battlefield'
  7. 'Carry my cello' Cara-freaking-vello ? . . .
  8. Did a bracket/ got 13 out of 16 right, Day 1. How'd others fare?...
  9. Bolt


    Why are music videos these days so full of girls on poles , and sluts twerkin' , and dudes encouraging sluts twerking on poles?
  10. OBJ gone from Giants? Good riddance ! Golden Tate is classier anyway. Also - speaking of Giants - I went down my memory-lane this past SB, when Brandon Jacobs was on t.v. PREGAME and said he thought The NFL wanted Pats to win. That was fun. {By the way, I think Eli deserves to be in HOF; simply on merits that he beat GOAT twice.} Goodnight
  11. VGifted, Whenever they play eachother, I don't think your Orlando are gonna beat my San Diego. And you can take that to the bank, homeslice
  12. Good questions, and I appreciate it. I'm aight. Better, now that BO FB Offtackle Left is back. Welcome back, @BO FB Offtackle Left! Receivers - of all descripts (but especially WR's) - drop too many balls. To be expected (somewhat) with a new league, I guess. (AAF will be better when that stops happening so much.) I think I like San Diego Fleet. League needs cheerleaders. Not me, I mean girls with thongs on and such. Pompoms. Squats. Jerry Jones needs to throw his endorsement in. And nothing is truly endorsed until it has Jay-Z & Beyonce's endorsement. What a douchy couple. Back to AAF. What's up with 1st-game-of-the-weekend streams? 'B/R Live'-streams never seem to work, for me at least. Anyone else? League will be best (it can be) when we get a ROM for it, tho. The WORLD will take notice. And at least there will be cheerleaders, then. Anyway, want a challenge? Try going undefeated with Pagel as your quarterback. GL
  13. @hankthetank Care to write the foreword to the new book?
  14. I swear: Ric's looking everywhere for that ROM @gojiphen malor ? ... Be Kind, Rewind ?
  15. Bolt


    When Johnny Goes Yard (It's Unlike Anything the World Has Ever Seen) This is to be the Title/ subtitle of your first book. And you know who you are, Get busy
  16. Bolt


    SOLD, to the highest bidder / Magic Johnson / To be moved, to L.A. / Renamed / The Watermelons / (Anaheim...) Watermelons / Colors changed, to pink & green / L.A. gets 3 / F0xb0r0
  17. Bolt


    Jussie is a pussie.
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