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  1. @Tundrayeti311 - this, bud's, for you:
  2. And now you see Udder Amazement. ( @gojiphen malor: The missing link https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70817-nes-gojis-nfl-tecmo-super-bowl-liv-beta-05/?do=findComment&comment=498841
  3. Best Celebratory Moments I could find (under auspices of ran shan raven gif), was: Make me wanna holla ! PITTsburgh be like, shane RAY [There was another BCM, but it's probably nsfw, so - though it pains me - not included here.]
  4. I'm still ticked-off at the way they treated like junk not only the players and teams - by sliding the rug right out from under this league; right before playoff-time, no less - but US, the viewing public (some of whom might've already committed to following much of the season). Then again, I feel the same way about a certain halfassed-reported "Report." Callous times ...
  5. Blazers/Raptors: me likey longest time. Kawhi came by way of San Antone. Not yeast
  6. I really can't stand how much refs let players carry (not to mention, travel with) basketball. I mean, this is supposed to be la PROFESSIONAL, isn't it ? Don't be g'damn lazy with your dribble, basketballers. (Or go on welfare.) Or get out of my television's dojo. (Or go take a hike to the Seine, and jump in.) That said, I am enjoying this NBA Playoffs more than recent seasons. (But only on TNT. ESPN sucks hairy nootsacken.) It started with Clip-ship's 31-point comeback against Warriors ... It is still a rigged endeavor, though. Barkley thinks Portland is going to Finals. But it seems like Nuggles are better. Gimme Rockets/Blazers; me likey longer time. East is yeast
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