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  1. F 18 RAID3RS (again... 3.5 years later) And now I've seen one of these smackies - - with one of these slappies on it: BROSEF
  3. You don't mind if I come from 13 down, with yonder 213 TemKO seconds remaining (that's ~3:33 left in the 4th) to knockout a focking (flocking) Division foe - on a last-second, 75-yard Hail Martha to Fifi, in TRIPLE-coverage (... dude LEAPT... and planted - no further movement needed/allowed - smack on the Goal-Line) - do ya ? 4-0 now. Not to mention, I did it in no chiep, chickenshit-ass STANDARD mode. JUICE, fockers Upwards & Onwards ... how you like my run-game?
  4. ^ This is shear brilliance. @Bolt , you've truly outdone yourself.
  5. I know, Hundley's a presumptuous flippin' nut
  6. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/brett_hundley_wont_concede_cardinals_starting_qb_job_to_kyler_murray/s1_14819_29397530 Some compelling news. Afterall, I went 9-7, under auspices of , advanced all the way to the CC , and lost only on an 80-yard walkoff PUNTRETURN (to paydirt) by Tavon Austin. _But hey, good luck, kyle_
  7. If Will could offer a more nuanced, composed, "soft" allure to this sweet little number, I'd TRULY appreciate it. Thank you, ever-so-kindly ... Nights in White Satin {of The Moody Blues ilk} Because, that's my JM - Jackie Moon
  8. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Can we make this guy an Honorary NFL player? Holy smokes, what a name!... That's Gurf Morlix!
  9. Jim Acosta & the Cloon-dog
  10. On the same "pitch," recently, you may have seen: Vadão ... who looked like Barry Alvarez, no? &, &... Julissa Freedom Is it a man? Is it a lady? Is it Randy Moss, Is it Marcia Brady? ... No - that's Wendie Renard, you ubaskanks
  11. Ask @Bodom. I think he once claimed to have three balls.
  12. I had wrong song, before. This is right song. Now not mimed.
  13. Joe Montegna? I mean- Joe Montana ?... Yeah, well. Beit House of Creamsicle firecracker goals, or RUAPIR8 license plate, something told me that 'Hey! Maybe I really am a pirate!' So I took orders direct from Trent "Cyclops" Dilfer to bypass Vinny Testacles entirely and go straight for Jigga Carlson hint: What is Bucs QB2 name? (... don't look it up, pricks.)
  14. Archie. This was an odd one ... If I think "Ronnie Lott," I think of "49;" But if I think "42," I think of Ronnie Lott
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