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  1. Bolt

    Alliance of American Football ROM Possible

    @Baron von Lector?... Have you no mercy?
  2. Bolt

    Rams Lose Victory Party

    I like it when you talk dirty to me.
  3. Bolt

    Alliance of American Football ROM Possible

    Now, churn out that ROM @bruddog cuz the big gun {that's Bolt} is back in town
  4. Bolt

    Rams Lose Victory Party

    @_DEBERG Care to chime in?
  5. Bolt

    Who's playin' Tecmo today?

    @SBlueman I'm glad for all your updates, because you and @Knobbe* - *aka, T-Borg - are both on track for being tied atop the Playoff race. {7-3 apiece, now!}
  6. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    @gojiphen malor , DB Cooper Kup- no, DB John Johnson {III} - you know, the guy who ended the Saints hopes'n'dreams? - is figuring very prominently (relatively-speaking) to your recent updates: 1st - in Gameday1.0 - dude roped the game-ending INT off Tom Brady... Not that the game wasn't in-hand already Then, he recovered a fumble for the RAMS 2nd TouchDown (in your Gameday1.1; C below, 3rd from the left:) @~Tailback King~ will be happy to know all this ... It will be intriguing to C what-in-the-monkey-paw magic JOHN Johnson pulls out of his hat tonite! I suspects JOHNNY Johnson will be watching CLOSELY, too. (Not to mention, the Grandfather of J.J.'s: Rams DB, JOHNNIE Johnson.) Well, Looks like all you excellent Makers of Romuli have achieved marvelous unanimity: Time will tell... And I GOTs: Rams' revenge/Justice For All/L.A. Woman/St. Louis, you're my bitch
  7. Bolt

    Who's playin' Tecmo today?

    After going , managed to throw 5 INT's in the first Playoff game Thank you.
  8. Bolt

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    I hope Ric Flair beats HOGAN
  9. Bolt

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Remember, this article dropped BEFORE the Conference "Championships:" https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2019/01/18/cbs-super-bowl-patrios-v-rams-rams-patriots-ratings/ Here, I came across this interesting Monument: https://www.debate.org/opinions/is-the-nfl-rigged/arguments/CADF552D-BB3E-4047-878A-D8A97D8B52CA (Never knew that anybody else - besides myself - was intriggued, to say the least, by the timing of New Orleans' 1st SB Win, post-Katrina; and the "Patriots'," post-9/11... till now.) Some thoughts - What a shame it is that Home-field "advantage" is only so for some teams. Because, it obviously wasn't for either K.C or N.O. Better luck shooting for a #2 seed next year. (Nah, that's not it) - The "NFL" thrives on controversy; so, the non-call on a certain Nickell's obvious pass-interference and helmet-to-helmet infraction? They actually welcome the "fall-out" (attention) from that - This is supposed to be "entertainment"!? I won't be tuning in; and no one I know will. Bore U.S. off our ass, nfl !!
  10. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (2.3.19)

    Remember what Orbulus Maximus said, Yebediah. Remember what OM said ...
  11. Bolt

    MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

    Check It. https://archive.org/details/cftp-2019-01-25 Play Dat.
  12. Bolt

    Playoff Pick 'ems 2018-2019--End Game

    Jets are different, 'cause they got a new coach / renewed hope: K.C/Saints are stuck with dey fat guy/idiot-HC.
  13. Bolt

    Playoff Pick 'ems 2018-2019--End Game

    LOL, reminds me of the way the Falcons played (got played by) the 'riots. Must be an NFC South thang ... HUBRIS, I tell you! HUBRIS! [Bytheway, were I a die-hard K.C fan, I'd be EXTRA-concerned, now, about that team's future going forward with Reid as HC. My TV was showing he had 3 time-outs to use in that latest OT. The LEAST he could've done was start using them (and not even 1 was!), to give his Defense a breather, when they were getting gassed down the field; especially inside their own 20... (Actually, the way that game played out reminded me alot of the Patriots SB victory - minus a huge comeback, of course - over the Falcons... Think of that awesome Hogan reception as being the equivalent of Edelman's amazing SB grab, too)... Back to Reid: Seems like an enabler of losses - ie., not a CHAMPIONship-level Coach - especially given his clock-mismanagement, being content to lose, and post-game press conference remarks. #JustAFatGuyWithAStache #Adorable #NoCash #Homay.]