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    a toucha my ball!
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    ... dude be JAMMIN' up in this U.N. special assembly...
  6. Score 1 for the Ray-gun ...
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  8. That looks like the kind of thing @DominikJagr would make be his 'tar. Listen. If you're wondering what Josk Jenkins looks like (for Tecmo-facial purposes), it's a combination of these 3: ... not some guy who looks like it's about to kill him to catch a strangely-shaped ball.
  9. Also, if you can put Josk Jenkins in your next ROM-update... It doesn't matter where. Just make him like a Where's Waldo.
  10. Incidentally, every time you post your info about a new ROM-update, you should open your post with this: (as I did, above.) Or - if you like - maybe this:
  11. It could never be a bad thing, Sonny Clanborn. It could never be a bad thing ...
  12. Wandung plaza, this rom beats me stiff.
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