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  1. Good Day. This Is It. For the love of Bertha, make your picks / Sunday, 2/2/2020 6:30pmE.T. @ {@ Miami Gardens, Florida - Dolphins stadium.} For my part, I dipped into the Meh'ican abyss at 4-6; whereas @Mike_Gordan shot ahead to Borggian Americana, at Six-Four https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/63497-sim-test-usa/?do=findComment&comment=502561 Red on red. Joe Knows
  2. Regarding 2-posts-previous ... UPDATE: @Knobbe (T-Borg) = 8-2 Tecmonster = 3-7 / SBlueman = 4-6 / @gojiphen malor = 5-5
  3. CONGRATS to 2-0 @Mike Gordan, @VGifted, & @TecmoSuperFan this Round, over 1-1 @gamingtrucker1, me, & @BO FB Offtackle Left ...
  4. Looked to me like the Titans were beaten more by the cold-weather than Mahomes et al.: Road-whooping defending champeons (ningland) and then this-season's NFL-best (Ravens), they should've come out TOUGHER/had no trouble with K.c ... Like Tannehill's playoff-dolphins of a few years ago, they just wanted to get home to some cocoa. (plus, it didn't help that their QB ran head-first into/got clocked hard by, Sorenson early-on. guy just didn't look the same - "mentally" - after that.) All things being even [officiating, etc.], Fat-Andy's Bunch won't have that weather-advantage, down in Miami ...
  5. And this, my friends, is the degree to which Kaep has been forgotten about. Just ask Jimmy G ... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201302030sfo.htm
  6. Bolt rolls with Vrabel and crew ... < prediction-pick And, S.f>annoying gb packers ... < preference-pick
  7. Random trivia: I think I know why Eric Berry is a free agent ... - Wikipedia they may need him today. Titans WR's: highly underrated.
  8. Looky here, Swift. Sunday, 1/13/2020 3:05pmE.T. @ 6:40pmE.T @ EVERYONE: Make Your PICKS !!!!! Interesting that I found that, my 1-off SIM findings say each of this-season's 4 (nfl) ROMs - Tecmo2020 rev3 [t-borg] TecmonstersTecmoSuperBowl2020 [Tecmonster] TSB 2019 HARDTYPE NoFlicker [SBlueman] GojisNFLTecmoSuperBowlLIV(Week12Version1)(JuicedVersion) [Gojiphen Malor] (... all available in the https://tecmobowl.org/forum/105-download-support/ section) - predicts a different SB Winner <> WARNING: DON'T click on the following link, if you don't want to know my SIM results... I encourage everyone to do their own SIMs, as almost any combination of these teams playing eachother is wildly entertaining {especially with @SBlueman's ROM, I found }
  9. Bolt

    Poetry Hour

    Unfortunately t world is full of Mediocre souls: Bo Knows So does Bennie Blades
  10. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Jack Conklin. Jack Conklin's got the conch, Piggy ...
  11. <> Bolt knows what you're talkin bout, Vrabe... by the way, YOU know who the tougher coach is: Not that powder-puff in Kansas City. That's why the Titans are going to win Sunday
  12. If above CC's play-out, the following results are rendered: @Knobbe (t-borg) @Tecmonster @gojiphen malor EACH ROM PREDICTS A UNIQUE SupBo WINNER !!!! (Yeah, but - for giggles, I said, what if SB = ? Because, @SBlueman's was closest finish) EDIT: (*And because previously I had done a 2nd and 3rd SIM of SB's AFCC, & this kind of a result had shined thru: ) We shall see ...
  13. same order as previously alluded ... 2020 Conference Championships: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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