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  1. Your quip made me kinda snicker, Super Josh I enjoy Snickers - but cannot recommend it to friends this incidence you speak of... I seemed to recall once happened to me it is a joyous ride kinda like being at disneyland, and selling cheap candy cigs to little kids
  2. Let me just tell you that Tampa Bay making the playoffs with Tom Brady as quarterback is hot'n'sexy ...
  3. Bolt

    T.B. Wunderlich

    Tom... you pervin' on my thread, Bwa?
  4. #didntevenhavetohearit #readthelyrics #itallmakessense
  5. We be 6-4-1*, now. Mar-a-lago be 2-9 ... Bless the Holy Infant. K.C is beatable - though I already lost to they - I'm warning you: I'm good at revenge, too ... *I tied S.F, wk 2 (i think)
  6. i don't know about the fairness of this ROM With my NYJets down 0-20 to Miami (round 2 - we obliterated 'em two wks earlier, before the bye-wk - they've come back for blood), do you think that sounds fair?... Ok, so we trailed 4pts with our D on the field as time expired: Bless Austin with a 53-yd, tackle-cornin walk-off INT (to complete our 21-pt 4th qtr comeback)? Oui, oui 3-pt win over mar-a-lago. Ok - this ROM is fair
  7. Bolt


    I haven't heard any J.J. stories around here in quite a spell, and it's bringing me down. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/320980-wtf-ever-happend-to-johnny-johnson-rb-ny-jets/
  9. 6-10, Post-season chances are dim
  10. Honest to Christmas, I know not. But as soon as I do find out I will let you know ! Your ROM - other than Crowder - gives me MEGA-cause for concern about NYJ's WRs; but we shall see, what the season brings - Take that as a challenge, NYJ wide-outs, to STEP UP !!!
  11. Good stuff, McGuff: 2-1-1, so far, in my young Jets season <> Quality work, DEMman Like the way kick-return protections look very realistic, bytheway
  12. Jones be runnin out of the stadium, like
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