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  1. Bolt

    BEST Movie Clips

    Crane kick.
  2. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    Game Of The Minute 8:20pmE.T. time-slots (Wk7) de-flowered. Here it is. And I poke: Horseface
  3. Bolt

    Least Favorite Villain

    Zorro will carve up gargamel - and his secret lover - the next time he tries to give birth to a Smurf. (however, the mere fact that Smurfette was born is a beautiful and glorious thing...)
  4. Bolt

    Least Favorite Villain

    Skeletor's another shining prick (read: bone-er) Off the boner... BonUssss !!!!!!! Also, I ain't no fond of (too much alike donnie rumsfeld, let's face it.) Nor... Sensei John Kreese. {But if that kid was Johnny Johnson - and Sensei said, "SHOOT THE GAP, JOHNNY!" - instead, that would suddenly up J.K.'s cool-factor like, Mega board-chops!} Now we talkin'. @~Tailback King~, where you at?
  5. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    CHUBB CHUBB BULAGA Incidentally, Bryan Bulaga's wife's name is Abbie MUMPOWER. Which is rad in its own right. However, none of these are answers - nor clues - to the above post ...
  6. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    GOTM We got 8:15pmE.T. (Wk6) time-slots. And I Got: G.B.
  7. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    GOTM 8:20pmE.T. (Wk6) time-slots? Let me lay down the law. I got: K.C
  8. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    GOTM! ... You want 4:25pmE.T. (Wk6) time-slots? We got 'em!... And I Got: TEN, DAL
  9. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    GOTM! ... How 'bout 4:05pmE.T. (Wk6) time-slots? We got 'em!... And your Excellency {too} has: LAR
  10. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    G.O.T.M! ... You want 1:00pmE.T. (Wk6) time-slots? We got 'em!... And I got: Atl, CIN, Cle, HOU, Chi, MIN, NYJ, SEA, Car
  11. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Do you all know who this is?
  12. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Andrew Benintendi
  13. Bolt

    Least Favorite Villain

    fuckin' gargamel. Dude, I fuckin' hated gargamel ...
  14. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    I do twatter - not twitter - but this "Tweet Tweet" you speak of, I had not heard of before, and so I will giving it a You like that! You like that! . . . Twirl?
  15. Bolt

    Best GIFs