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  1. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    Game. O'. The. Minute. 8:15pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots And I Got: Car.
  2. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    Game Of The Minute! [2018-19 Order - starting Wk14, again (https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/63497-sim-test-usa/?do=findComment&comment=495427...) - is; T-Borg / SBlueman / Gojiphen Malor / Tecmonster] ... You want 8:20pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots?... We got 'em! And I Got: LAR
  3. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    GOTM 4:25pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots. And I Got: Pit
  4. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    GOTM 4:05pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots And I got: Sea
  5. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    ^ Regarding immediately-above: GOTM! 1:00pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots
  6. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    And I Pick: atl, Bal, Det, Chi, Cin, Dal, Jax, Mia, Ten ...
  7. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    G.O.T.M! 8:20pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots... Got 'em And I SELECT: cle
  8. Bolt

    Sim test USA

    Crystal Blue Persuasion Game. Of. The. Minute. You want 4:30pmE.T. (Wk15) time-slots, right?... Here, den And I Got: hou
  9. Bolt

    White running backs are becoming extinct.

    (I have to start this post out with @hamburgler2682's SIG, because, it's just funny.) Sonnyboy Christian McCaffrey interesting side-story: I was driving across Colorado this past Spring when news came over the radio that Ed's sons had just-rescued a fallen elderly man off of Castle Rock, South of Denver. another side-note: There's an interesting name... Maybe we should add him to Best Ever NFL Names
  10. I was simming your Broncos, and who should get a SACK! but Josey Jewell! Ran Shan was somewhere doin' the can-can, as only Ran Shan can
  11. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    It's OK: it's my fault for making one of those images a GIF. You know, when I see a GIF I just can't damn-well help myself... (But, my- how those flutter-wings distract!) Plus, I see there's an expired "link," for one of my pillaged images. So, let me do some rearranging and re-present the evidence... However, let me ask you this, @gojiphen malor: Do they not have Blue Jays on Monster Island? Or did Tarzan wipe them all out?
  12. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    f. Bill Bo-Baggins? g. Jane Goodall? Oh- I didn't know those fuckers were cousins ! 😀
  13. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    It has to be one of these options - otherwise, my chalice runneth over - because 5's all I got, and that's infinite : a. Will Hazard? b. Shat Hazard? c. Star Lotulelei? d. Crystal Gayle? e. Duke Johnson?