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  1. No more Triumph gifs! (@gojiphen malor, where you at?)
  2. This rom's AI is paranormal This rom got Betty Davis eyes
  3. I love Vancouver. (haven't been there since ~2005.) And, this - (also - random trivia - my middle name is kilvington)
  4. Saints, you can't trust Jameis, dogfish {Wk13 MvC Clock milk}
  5. @gojiphen malor I gotta draw you out of the woodwork somehow ... True Green, puppy dogs {Wk12 MANvCOM Take it to Gwelf}
  6. 2 games into a MAN v. COM season, got a feeling for it Week 1 (or I would've been sure to kick Darnold and R. Anderson's mediocre - but especially Darnold's - asses), and a TD-strike to Crowder with only 5 seconds remaining gave us a 3-point victory over the patriots. Been kinda daydreaming of getting back to this thing, all day. Week 3+ awaits <> Listen to me, J.R. - only gripe I have so far is the ball's (and whitey's skin) too pink, and the clouds too yellow. Nice goal posts
  7. Let me just tell you that Tampa Bay making the playoffs with Tom Brady as quarterback is hot'n'sexy ...
  8. We be 6-4-1*, now. Mar-a-lago be 2-9 ... Bless the Holy Infant. K.C is beatable - though I already lost to they - I'm warning you: I'm good at revenge, too ... *I tied S.F, wk 2 (i think)
  9. i don't know about the fairness of this ROM With my NYJets down 0-20 to Miami (round 2 - we obliterated 'em two wks earlier, before the bye-wk - they've come back for blood), do you think that sounds fair?... Ok, so we trailed 4pts with our D on the field as time expired: Bless Austin with a 53-yd, tackle-cornin walk-off INT (to complete our 21-pt 4th qtr comeback)? Oui, oui 3-pt win over mar-a-lago. Ok - this ROM is fair
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