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  1. I just nearly LMAOO(f)M(y)S(eat)! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  2. ^ Liberty Biberty / No - Ravens: be'x they beat Patriots = Hella Confidence-factor; +... they're playing @ BAL. Boom Shaka Laka ... NYJ>wak, SAI>buc, DEN>min, DOL>buf, JAX>col, DET>cow, CAR>atl, ARZ>s.f, PHI>pat, CIN>rai, LAR>chi, LAC>k.c
  3. Don't give-up on Darnold, Jets: the guy's got a fuckin' pistol for a weapon. (See that Crowder TD, just-now?)
  4. Wk10 NYJ>nyg, SAI>fal, TEN>k.c, CIN>bal, CLE>buf, ARZ>t.b, DET>chi, IND>mia, CAR>g.b, LAR>pit, COW>vik, SEA>s.f
  5. maybe it was a Full Moon - Monday, get it? - and I was reminiscing about games of Tecmo past... MOON lining up in the gun. Well, if he didn't say "The cat is in the gun!" he should've, 'cause it would've been funny as hell. (I don't think I'll re-listen; case it turns out my imagination is funnier than Harlan)
  6. Sweet Damn! I keep forgetting, this year, there's TNF <> I pick San Diego [ By the way, when I first heard that black-cat part of MNF's game, it was by radio: funnyman Kevin Harlan was doing the play-by-play, and I could've swore he said at one point, "The cat is in the gun!" I haven't re-listened to it, but here it is - hopefully in its entirety - if anyone wants to take a gander <> https://wtvr.com/2019/11/05/black-cat-runs-onto-field-delays-monday-night-football-game/ ]
  7. @BO FB Offtackle Left Big Head Todd, a.k.a. 'Goat's Buster' I'm not at all surprised New England lost. I was hoping for a crushing defeat: but, a 17-pt loss is pretty much that; so - as a casual fan of New England taking crushing defeats - I'll take it
  8. Goodnight Signed, Big Head Todd
  9. Yets... I hope you'll consider vying for that coveted #1 overall draft-pick, now: Although some among you like to call-out us fans for not supporting you enough, it's not our job to Win YOUR games ... They don't pay us / WE pay you. #DoYourJob
  10. Wk9 PHX>s.f, JAX>hou, IND>pit, PHI>chi, JET>mia, K.c>vik, CAR>ten, BUF>wak, SEA>t.b, LIO>rai, LAC>g.b, BROW>bron, BAL>n.e, NYG>dal
  11. Wk8 Min, Ind, Ten, ARZ, LAR, NYJ, DET, LAC, Phi, SEA, CAR, Cle, Hou, K.C, MIA
  12. The Cardinals are going to the Playoffs, jadies and lents. Larry is cappin' with a Ring, bruh.
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