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  1. Worse than the "officiating" that just-screwed the Broncos over?
  2. Exciting. Sorry to dash Eli's and glorified-Matt Cassel's (Daniel Jones) dreams, but somebody already sat on them, this season. Lizzo - is that you? I thought you were a Vikings fan?... Meh - Viqueens, Cowgirls - they're all the same... G-yna men.
  3. Nope - worse . [6.5-9.5] Week 2, let freedom rang : CAR>t.b, ARZ>bal, CIN>s.f, DET>lac, G.B>min, JAX>hou, MIA>n.e, GIA>buf, SEA>pit, TEN>ind, COW>wak, K.C>oak, DEN>chi, N.O>lar, ATL>phi, NYnJas>cle
  4. A couple videos of live-performances I came across recently that I found just flippin' sensational: Stay for the whole thing, it'll be worth your wait. Orgasmic. Slow-jam mysticism. Join them white boys, in they trance. Get into it.
  5. The PNW - + Colorado, + God-damned Jamaica - wants to see the poem, please.
  6. Specifically, I thought, "The God-damn Government". (And I didn't use that term lightly, especially back then.) For clarity, too: the 11:11 I kept seeing on the clock - it occurred to me after 9/11 hit - were the Twin Towers... Anyone else, care to share?
  7. Yeah, I heard it (for the first time), just last week - I thought about posting it then, but never got around to it (just as well...) - thru here: https://www.kfai.org/episode/09-04-2019-house-party/ (This guy - DJ Harold Tremblay - got some real jumpy stuff: not hashish.)
  8. Hey, what a you have against a Azamat ?...
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