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  1. Tompy Bray Bugganeers
  2. personally I think it's good that this inaugural season of XFL got terminated. 'cause, if they're gonna fuck AAF, then FUCK xfl.
  3. probably consult the auspicious popper-outter of roms, Sir "Baron von Lector" - he was not privy to AAF, but might be a taking to XFL, I suspects. #worthashot #xfl #giveemhell #springball #yall
  4. Doogie... you remind me of Bloomberg. #AndFuckTomBrady!
  5. Good lookin' out. Bushwhack Seattle, next. Thank you
  6. Good Day, K.C. fans ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's not that I love Jimmy Garopporno https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-cruel-porn-star-shaming-of-san-francisco-49ers-super-bowl-qb-jimmy-garoppolo , it's just that, it's disappointing when the better team disappoints.
  7. Just tonite - almost 5 years later - SOPANNY (what does that mean?...) to my right, came zippin' by me to my left, However, I didn't like the way ZIPNBYU zipped by me. So, before long thereafter, I zipped by ZIPNBYU. But not in the bayou. Earlier in the day, I saw GEUX LSU ... @Leonard Fournette, Dat Who?
  8. You've gotta look at score DIFFERENTIAL, sonny #@gojiphen malor
  9. What're you, a prophet, @SBlueman ? Here're your - TSB 2019 - Final Edition- HARDTYPE - P2 ROAD HACK - PUSH-PULL-HACK.nes - 1-off AUTO SKIP SIM-results ... SupBo... ... SuperKewl Gojiphen's "NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Juiced Version).nes" was next-closest ROM, at 9 such teams right. Sweet dern to disney, bwa
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