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  1. Bolt

    Best Borgger Names (NSFW)

  2. Bolt

    Number Association Game

    4: Vinatieri 47: Joey Browner 11: Steve 49: Dennis Smith 97: Tim Harris 85: Wesley Walker
  3. Bolt

    Best Borgger Names (NSFW)

    Lest we forget, there's also these gems: ImFlo Tecmonster SBlueman ~Tailback King~ Tunnelrunner kamphuna8 slim_jimmy7 - "Timmy Slim-Jim" discdolo AdmiralTiberius manYo720 High Noon Honeycutt Slig
  4. Bolt

    Number Association Game

    29: Bilal Powell 82: Mario Manningham 10: Tarkenton / Eli Manning 52: Pepper 68: Breno Giacomini
  5. Bolt

    Best Borgger Names (NSFW)

    8-bit Coconuts
  6. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 2.4)

    Watching Darnold, he's got a magical release. I'm loving that right now. Especially as a Jets fan, who's been pining for the days of... Kenny O'Brien? Also, Jets. You need to go back to these helmets. Punks.
  7. Bolt

    Number Association Game

    fungking hell, @gojiphen malor ! How did I forget about Matt Ryan before?... Oh, yeah - because he forgot to win the SB 2 years ago. I'll stick with Doug E. Doug.
  8. Bolt

    Number Association Game

    33: Fulcher 32: Marcus 57: Clay 39: TBK 73: Klecko
  9. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 2.4)

    RanShan McGillicutty (nickname: Hakuna Matata... I can no longer roll with Jumanji for you) - if you prefer, Chester. Chester who? Chester McGoo? Wrong. Chester McGillicutty - anyway, Dr. McGillicutty: is this your last update for a while? Because, I'm leaning toward doing another SIM-session here soon - got a hankering - and, I want to be current
  10. Bolt

    Best Borgger Names (NSFW)

    Juicy pineapples are these: sonofpatbeach segathonsov - or as I like to say, simply "thonsov" Potted Plant fatcheerleader
  11. Bolt

    Favoritist Avatars {herein the Borg}

    The companion to this {THREAD}, of course, is
  12. Bolt

    Best Borgger Names (NSFW)

    Let's start from the top: @ShowMeYourTDs
  13. Bolt

    Number Association Game

    On 2nd thought, that might've amused me for a minute, but I have to go with Flutie, honestly. Already know the 60s are gonna be tough!! Only one I can think of, so far: 67, Art Still 88: Al Toon 7: Elway 13: Marino 80: Rice
  14. @gojiphen malor (others), get in on this (thread).