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  1. Just dont have the passion or time to keep up with tecmo these days. Have a baby due next month, trying to find a new job and Sharks/Warriors playoff runs are taking up most to all my time. Still haven't really gotten over the Superbowl loss last season either, so chalk the reap up to brud if you must :). Thanks to Hoff, kamp, manyo, Diaz, Gats, Randy, all the commishes/helpers who have made this league awesome. Fantastic to think this game still lives 20+ years later. Always will remind me of wonderful childhood times. Hopefully I can get a set schedule in the future with a new job and Daddy duties and make a return. I hope to check in on forums "Sega-style" and still be around in spirit. Just not fair to all the owners who can never find me regularly these days. Good luck to all, thanks to everyone for being such Tecmo nerds like myself.
  2. Sent in, thanks again for doing this.....tis awesome-sauce
  3. as a Giants fan, I do remember mitchell.. very well......man he was awesome!! Also your Cards (2011) and my Giants (2012) had "The Riot" ryan theriot, he was a swiss army knife of a player.
  4. congrats man...great game. must be nice to have one for the thumb, I'd just like to win one period. Have had 2 losses with the last pass coming up an inch short or picked off. First time I got the turnovers to be even in a final game, knew I was in big trouble on that 2nd FG. self fulfilling prophecy to lose at that point usually mentally anyway. Long off season to dwell on disapointment. At least I lose to the niners team I gave Brud when he came back (couldnt cash that karma chip in I guess ). Thanks hoff for running things so well these last couple seasons....Well Bruds gones my chances of winning one of theses goes up....Oh wait Gats and Reg are back, will have to earn another shot for sure. GL to all in draft.
  5. Cleveland takes Hou WR Drew Hill and HB Lorenzo White
  6. Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, aaah Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Oom-oom-oom-oom-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-oom-oom-oom Oom-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-a-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow Papa-oom-oom-oom-oom-ooma-mow-mow Oom-oom-oom-oom-ooma-mow-mow Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow Well, don't you know about the bird Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word A-well-a, bird, bird, b-bird's the word Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow..... For Cleveland, S36 its Byrd is the word:
  7. HSTL Superbowl XXXV Cleveland Browns Media day: Highlights from the interviews: QB #19 Scott Mitchell J.P. Sanders Wala-Wala News: "Scott your journey back to the playoffs in HSTL has been a long one, hows it feel to be back in the big game?" SM: I've been with a lot of teams, felt good to be with a coach for a 2nd time around again (Mitchell played with Fagundes in Oakland S31). Haven't been with the same coach twice other than the 3 times with Psycho and the Colts." JPS: "Critics have said your body looks like it will blow up to 300+ Pounds in not taken care of, how do you respond to the critics?" SM: "My family tends to eat when depressed. As long as I dont have long seasons stuck behind Dan Marino or in Detroit or something, I think I'll be fine. Worst case I can go on a TV show and be the biggest loser, which will be a good thing for once in my career!" Mark Rypien: Danny Snider Washington press: "Mark, back in the superbowl how have things been going for you these last couple seasons?" MR:"Been with this staff 2 years in a row,get some chances to come in a play. Mainly got a firm grip of the clipboard, won this thing a couple years back with Gats' Bears." DS: "Mark whats up with the face?" MR: "I love my man Seal, kiss from a Rose baby." Anthony Carter: Flynn White New Mexico Ledger :"So Anthony, back to back years in the superbowl....can you compare the two years? AC:"Well last year was wonderful, winning it all with Joe Montana felt like our offense couldn't be stopped. This years team in Cleveland looked on paper to be tough, Scott Mitchell is a good QB, but he's no "Joe-Cool." But man, we;ve got a Joe on defense and Browner and the boys have made it a really balanced team this season. Looking forward to playing for the HSTL title again. This year hasnt been as many targets, but the staff here likes efficiency, I've score 21 tds on 24 catches....doing my part." Carter said with a laugh. FW : "You get controll of the drug problems and life issues thats plagued you?" AC" Um, thats Chris Carter.....don't see him ever being as good as this Carter! Running Backs: Boyd Dalla - Wisconsin Press: "A lot of attention has been paid to the Mitchell/Carter combo and the defense, how do you guys feel the ground attacks been in Cleveland for season 35? Herschel Walker: We don't mind being unheralded. We do our thing man, its been a team effort me and B (Albert Bentley) do most of the running, but Metcalf stepped up in a couple games too. BD: "Whats your favorite day of the week? HW: "Sunday, thats an easy one man." Erick Vaginason: "Albert you've had to share carriers with another stud running back before, how do you handle that? Albert Bentley: "I'm all about the team man, what ever it takes to win. Kind of always liked catching the ball anyway, maybe I was meant to be a receiver?" EV: "Eric, you're the youngest with this team. Have you learned from watching the other guys? EM: "I've learned to be a better receiver from watching AB!" Defense: LB Ed Reynolds: Lon-Dre Lipptippit: "So its been a very good year for you, 8 sacks much more production than people predicted for you. After being a late round draft pick, what do you contribute to all the success this season? Ed Reynolds: Belief man, the staff here believed in me from day 1. Put me in the LB3 spot and just let me play my game. LL:- "you combine time was one of the lowest in HSTL history, but man you get after it eh? ER (Laughing): "Yeah, 40 times arent with the pads. Give me a helmet and some gear and I find another gear. LL: "Or is it HSTL hidden stats, the ol Danny Peebles special? ER: "Maybe, maybe.....thats for us to know though. DB Joey Browner: Richonne Grimes Atlanta Journal: "Youre a 7 time all HSTL DB, got a ring with Joey Gats back in season 24, how do you stay motivated to keep at the top of your game? JB: "Well theres a lot of talented DBs in HSTL. David (Fulcher), them Bears, Roddy (Woodson), Haddix....I Think we all push eachother to be the best we can each and every year. It will be an honor going against the great David Fulcher in the superbowl, I highly respect his game. RG: "Smores or DQ Blizzards? JB: Reese Peanut Butter cup Blizzards all day man! I played a lot of ball in Minnesota, we like the cold treats. DB Frank Minnifield Jack N Boxx: "Frank, that interception in the game against Seattle was fantastic, take us through that?" FM: "I've also been with this staff 2 years in a row, I feel i let them down with 0 interceptions the last two seasons. Was due for a big one, could have picked a better time to get one." JNB: "Yeah could be the highlight of your career, picked off a good QB in Phil Simms too." FM: "I do have a career INT Td, that was pretty exciting too. One more win for the city of Cleveland, that will be the life highlight." K Pete Stoyanvich Ray Finkle Miami Hearld: "What happen in season 22? your only career missed FG and it was before the LB1 being allowed to blitz? PS: "Dont really remember that one, must have been a slip up or maybe laces in?" RF: "Big kick in overtime of the nfc championship game, how do you handle the pressure?" PS: "Well that one was from the 1 yard line, felt pretty good about that chance." The Browns survived media day! The players hope this a magical year for them. "We just felt something this year, the teams under new management, the Browns have never won a HSTL playoff game....just felt like this could be a year of destiny. This is the first time GM Fagundes drafted a HSTL team with 0 double numbers! Every thing just seems to fit in its right place for this season. We have 1 extremely tough game to go against a legend of a coach and legend to the community of tecmo. Would be a huge accomplishment to win one more game for the Browns fans.....Theyre starving for a title in Cleveland. Superbowls looking to be on Sunday,hopefully it another good HSTL game, and Clevelanders are hoping for one more win, just one more win.
  8. (Video desyncs in the 2nd quarter for me :(...maybe daboy has a working one? ). The Patriots traveled to the Dog Pound for the AFC Championship game. Browns fans have some terrible memories of AFC Championship games (Elway's not in the lineup right?). Could the Browns make it a different future for once? The Browns lost the toss and started out on offense deep in their own zone. Hershel Walker scampered for 4 yards to open the series. The next pass Mitchell draws coverage up he's got a wide open Ron Hall (The Diaz stud!!) who doinks it.....man that hurts, Daboy's hard enough to beat and I'm going to get that kind of love from the gods? Next pass incomplete and the Browns were punting. New England had some bad luck on called shots and a great drone swarm to stop a 3rd and long run, they would be forced into a punt also. Cleveland runs 1 play to get to the 25, time for the an AC attempt....Short (could be one of those games, yikes) 2nd quarter ends. Called shot on 3rd down, Browns go on tilt and go for it 4th and 8. Can't get the JJ to work, but a sliding called shot CC to AC gets the Browns the 1st down. The luck would get even better a few plays later as the Browns fumble it (inside the Pats 10) and Ron Hall picks it up and runs it in for the TD, 7-0 Browns. New England has less than 1:30 to work with and are unable to get a JJ of their own to hit at the end of the half (Definitely one of those games where tecmo doesnt let the jj fly). Second half the Patriots come out with a vengeance. Emmitt and Boomer slice up the Browns defense for chunks of yards on every play. Once in the redzone, Boomer takes advantage of the run defense and hits Vance Johnson for the wideopen tying TD. Cleveland goes back to work late in the 3rd and try the trusty JJ chart from one of my best spots, the 30. No luck wild pass OB, called shots the next couple plays.....Browns are in trouble. New England gets the ball back and go back to work on a very efficient drive. Emmitt Smith (now in good) would cap off the drive and give the Patriots their first lead 14-7. Cleveland is in deep shit at this point, JJ chart is 0-fer, Manny Hendrix is in good and the Browns haven't had much offense out side of the ol' Oakland Raiders fumble it forward for a TD offense. Chart fails again on a couple attempts....then finally, prolly too early in the game clock, on 2nd down its not a JJ...but sliding CC's for the AC TD!!! 14-14 less than a minute left. New England has a JJ chance of their own, but its one of those games....so a perfect game ending looking JJ instead, goes over the WRs head to Browner for the interception to end regulation. Too much luck going the Browns way, it doesn't continue with the toss. New England instantly rips off a nice pass play to force my defender to dive and Emmitts inside the 50. Patriots get as close as to the 35 I believe. Then the turning of the OT momentum started. Call or stuffed run, followed by a pass.....slow ass Jim Jensen is running the top route, but Boomers down low and has been killing me short. Cleveland takes the game on the line gamble and leaves Jensen open to cover short.....Boomer tries it but the pass falls infront of him....WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next play is 3rd and medium and its a called shot!! Ed "Mother Fucking" Reynolds.....with the drone sack, the teams Drone MVP and maybe my drone MVP of all time. The man had 8 sacks in the regular season, I know he's in the LB3 spot and a few of them were called shot ones like this one...but he had a few sneaky ones that were always huge plays. New England is forced to go for the game winning FG from a long distance. Millard in good helps put the pressure on and its wide left. Cleveland has a chance to win an AFC title game for their home fans, late in the game! They try a run with no luck. So back to air, Hendrix has the short covered so AC doesn't have a good DB on him it will probably be and incomplete pass. Mitchell goes up....its a real JJ (first one of the game), just AC jumping ahead of his defender like a jackass and ending up at the 1. Petey comes in for the double tap FG and I can say "I'm taking the Cleveland Browns to the Superbowl," and not be heading to the shitter :). -14 -17 (OT) GG Daboy, All that fumbling the Browns did early in the season is balancing out with a huge Raiders "Holy Roller" TD. Some timely called shots, CC's and tecmo love save the Browns bacon......Thanks for playing, Gl in s36/offseason, and have a great Easter weekend.
  9. Its a Joe original...... a chart I've been working on since last summer when work was actually slow. a 3x5 card with wr ms, qb ms and play starting yard line. Some times it makes u underthrow it for the fuck of it and ints happen or drives die....its still a lot in the tecmo gods hands....but if its one of the games they are letting it fly with no random short passes or long throws, its really accurate. yes i remembered the Minnifield pick wrong, was so shocked by it happening , couldnt recall the exact setup
  10. Recap of the game: The Seahawks travelled to the dog pound for another playoff test for Cleveland fans. The HSTL history shows them as 0-6 in the modern HSTL era, the fans are hungry like dogs for some playoff success. Good things going Cleveland's way would start with winning the toss. Seattle would move the ball a little, but some "good feelings" for when run3 or pass1/3 were coming helped stall the drive. These two coaches have a lot of experience against eachother from the sidelines (Gonicks bounced me from both my live tournies expierences ). The drive would eventually stall after a called shot and a drone Millard sack forced 4th and long forcing the punt. Herschel Walker got the game going, but it was really more of the KC OL. They hounded Seattle's user defender and most of the DL for the game. Walker was able to get a long first run into Seattle territory after some great drone blocking. The Browns would get stuck in the redzone at 4th and 4. Not wanting to risk it they brought out Petey for the 3-0 lead. Seahawks get moving a little bit towards midfield when the biggest break of them all came down. Another called play, Simms throws it too long to his WR, Frank Minnifield (yah the OG Brown!) slide ints the pass to set Cleveland up nicely. Walker scores the games first touchdown a couple plays later 10-0. The half would end with Simms trying to find Clayton with a score but Joey Browner steals it to save the lead. Mitchell is unsucessful in his end of the half jj. Browns get into my favorite "blow it situation" in tecmo. Up more than 1 score and starting with the ball (I have lost more of these games than the average Joe). This game felt different though, and the Browns went to work. Walker and Mitchell get the boys down to their own 45 when the drive faces its critical moment. Called shot on 2nd and long, Walker just runs backwards to set up the ball at the exact 30 yardline....you know what that means, JJ chart!!! So at the 30, check mitchell's speed (up 1 notch), check the AC's speed, find the yard line I need to be at on the JJ chart....str8back to the 2yard line, halfway to hash and throw. Works like a charm, AC TD right giving Cleveland the big lead 17-0. Seattle maybe has their own chart? Or just the feel we all naturally have with JJs and Clayton hits one instantly back on Cleveland 17-7. The momentum would swing in Seattle favor as they forced a quick 4th and long and Cleveland's punting. Seattle would only need 2 plays and they were right inside the Browns 5 yardline early in the 4th. The defense would tighten up though with a called shot on 1st down, inc on 2nd, then called again on 3rd down....the quick pass its Browner with the diving int this time. Cleveland would look to waste the clock, knowing this Seattle gambled with a blitz....AC ended up uncovered and set the Browns up for another Hershel TD. The game would end with one of the legends, Junior Seau getting a called shot drone sack. - 7 - 24 The HSTL Browns have won their first playoff game in the modern era!! The Fans are going crazy in Cleveland. GG Derek, thx for playing...Browns road a wave of good play calling and a bad day for Simms to win a playoff game finally.
  11. Not surprised my Dubs didnt make a move.....do expect them to look at the "waiver/cut players market" maybe for some backup center minutes on the cheap. Ezeli will be out for a bit it sounds, and Mo Buckets just can't handle the full backup role. I like the Frye move by Cleveland, will help them stretch the floor more if teams keep going small on them......but they dont move the ball that well anyway with Uncle Drew and JR smith. Deadline was boring as no one is coming close to closing the gap to my Warriors :). Didnt really expect anything big this deadline. Didnt see the cavs moving Love for anything but a superstar back....they are like 100mil in the luxury tax, can't really sell the "Draft picks" and a lesser/younger player(s) deal. They gotta go all-in, even knowing their likely to get killed by the West no matter what. Clips were a joke for getting Lance Stephenson in the first place, now wtf is Memphis thinking? That team must have a complete moron for a GM. Jerry West left you with 2 of the best big men in the entire league years ago. Yet year after year they never add even x1 3 pt shooter. That whole offense is deadly with some shooters outside when Z-bo and Gasol are doubled. But nope, they add Matt Barnes, Lancie, Courtney Lee types with no range but man they're gritty! Ryan Anderson is sooooooo lucky he didnt get traded to the Rockets and play with Haren. Haren is the real problem with that team, not Dwight (did kind of expect him to get moved). My NBA conspiracy theory is New Orleans continues to suck/be hurt, but keeps roster intact.....Wins the lottery and gets LSU's Ben Simmons, kid stays in Louisiana w/ NBA's once owned team, which gets 2 potential young stars in Davis and Simmons to keep that franchise thriving down there. And I'll talk NBA with you as I can't go to Madison pretty much ever, as this is busy season for the poker room. Tax returns and degenerates makes for very long shifts for me.
  12. Warriors too classy tonight. Had an easy shot to get Curry the single game 3pt record.....but he settles for 50+ points and 11 3 pointers. Got some late buckets faking the 3 and going to the rim.......Showing off for his golf buddy Obama That record should be Curry's one day...fucking having to see Donyell Marshall with Kobe at 12 is annoying. As a old timer Warrior fan we hate Marshall, as he was what we ended up with after all the bad Chris Weber trades. Had a whole lot of lean years in my lifetime.
  13. My step brother was a huge robot nerd, the three of us got the Nintendo with the robot and 3 games for xmas I think 1985 or 86, Gyromite, SMB, & Duckhunt. Spoiled kids got 1 game each too from other sides of our divorced families. Siser got Popeye, I got Kid Icarus.
  14. The Browns would get to play another game and I guess feeling a little dirty for the love from the desync game the tecmo gods decided to put them through an extremely tough challenge of some tecmo bullshit and see if they could....... The Browns would start their march through 200 yards of shit smelling tecmo foulness with losing the toss (no biggy). Opening kickoff...its a FUMBLE!! 2nd time in 3 games we've fumbled to opening kickoff......But, Cleveland recovers and actually scrambles further down the field to their own 45. Cleveland goes on the attack with some Walker runs and shot Mitchell plays. Scott scrambles for the 1st and just can't quite get out of bounds....FUMBLE, bounces right to the middle of the field so 3 Steelers can gather it up around their own 30. Pittsburgh goes on a drive of their own with a couple quick first downs. But they stall when Barry gets called, Steve picked a couple yards back up and a drone DLman makes a nice tip for and incomplete. 4th and 6ish Young scrambles but the D meets him right before the 1st down marker. Cleveland gets a hard fought first down to end the 1st. Couple plays later its walker down the sidelines for the first down...I know i need to go OB, I don't....FUMBLE!!! Right to the middle of the field Pittsburgh's ball. Steeler's are immediately faced with a 3rd and 8 after a huge drone play by Steve Atwater to stuff a Barry run. Young gets called and has to heave it, intercepted!! Cleveland goes back to the running game and again can't get out of bounds on a nice run by Walker, OUT COMES THE STRETCHERS.....Metcalf to HB, Bentley (in bad) to hb2, Dykes to wr2. Metcalf breaks off a nice run to the 4, then scores without fumbling 2 plays later!! 7-0 Browns. Steve's left with under 1:50 to play and leads the Steelers on a drive with Barry's help. Highlighted by a nice timed pass to a sliding Mark Carrier with under 30 seconds to play, the drive ends with a FG to end the half 7-3. Barry and Steve go back to work to start the 2nd half picking up first down after first down. After crossing mid field the Browns catch a break as Young looks to a tight window for the TE and gets picked off by Prior I think (Young in good too, this was my love back for the fummies, int-love). Cleveland back in business they go to the ground with Metcalf still in good and pick up a couple first downs until.....Called Metcalf run, tackled, OUT COMES THE STRETHCERS.....Bentley in bad to HB1, Bratton to hb2. Melvin Bratton picked up a big first down right away though to move into Pittsburgh territory. Fourth quarter starts and Bentley goes back to average, Jessie Anderson comes into wr2 slot, pretty much the whole team got into this game (except Qb2 Rypein and bad condition wr Wayne Walker). Cleveland enters the redzone again but tough defense forces the fieldgoal. Games been lagging for the last few plays on this drive and I dont want to double tap the 35 yard FG attempt and miss...so I take my time and get stepped on by Vaugh Johnson nothing to show again! Cleveland's defense steps up big time again with a couple called plays forcing Pittsburgh into a 4th down in their zone. They go for as its late in the game and the drones come through with a diving save to force an incompletion. Cleveland back on the 25, they give the ball to Bentley thinking now hug the sidelines and kill the clock and the game....man that was dumb, first play FUMBLE....yeah you guessed it, right back to the middle of the field Pitt ball. 1:32 left in the game now, called shot inc, called shot Seau sack, wild Young pass out of bounds. 4th down, the heave.....oh no I can move my arrow, the way this game has gone its over 10-7 the 4th fumble killed us.....but the one thing the Dog Pound had going for it must have been scaring the accuracy out of Steve Young. He threw it over everyones head and the tecmo fumble/injury horror would end, in a victory! - 3 - 7 GG War! Gltrw, Play calling and some super drone play help Cleveland "Andy Dufresne" it through a shitpile of tecmo love/nolove to win. thats Hope the next match up is much cleaner 7 fumbles to 2 on the season, 5 lost to 0 been a tough 1st half but teams battled through for a nice half.
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