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  1. Stan Humphries: yes Vinny Testicleverde: yes Emmitt Smith: yes Duane Bickett: no Vann McElroy: yes
  2. I say just give Kamp the gains. He was one measly game behind with the Slacker of all Slackers Tadaos.
  3. Here is the page i find the IP's on. http://kaillera.com/raw_server_list.php
  4. Here are some IP's with their location's and what ping i was getting while in them. If you cannot host use these bad mofo's! I am from Northeast Ohio so use one closest to you and you will get different results. Over half of them are on the West Coast, wtf? - Kansas City - 39 ping - Los Angeles - 75 ping - Los Angeles - 74 ping - San Francisco - 77 ping - California - 76 ping - New Jersey - 38 ping - California - 37 ping - Seattle - 70 ping - Monterrey - 50 ping - Salt Lake City - 61 ping - Chicago - 28 ping - Tampa - 71 ping - San Francisco - 38 ping
  5. If the season were to end today, God forbid it does not, here is how I envision the draft to unfold. Prime I have you winning the Super Bowl over Arn, lol! Ok, on with the Mockery! ROUND 1 1.1, Oakland Raiders- Thrash, RB Edgerrin James. Oakland has talent all over the field, defensively and offensively. He could trade out of this pick for a team who desperately needs QB and potentially get someone's small farm but, this being a tbizzle special, that shit is not going down. He makes a small reach and takes the EDGE! Mock Attributes: rs50 ms56 hp38 bc44 rc50 1.2, Cleveland Browns- BigFatPaulie, QB Donovan McNabb. Taking McNabb is a no-brainer. Now Cleveland has HOF talent at QB, like they should of had in real life when they instead drafted Tim Couch, also many options with Charlie Batch, trade him, or keep him and you have an excellent QB2. Mock roll: ms25 ps63 pc50 1.3, Miami Dolphins- Tbone, QB Daunte Culpepper. The Dolphins make the easy pick with Culpepper. Now Marvin Harrison and Rod Smith have a real QB to heave them JJ's all game long. Poor Kanell will have to hold the clipboard for the rest of his Miami Dolphin career. Mock roll: ms19 ps75 pc44 1.4, Kansas City Chiefs- Junior, DB Champ Bailey. The Chiefs need talent on both sides of the ball. There Secondary gets a huge boost having Bailey to pair with Carter. You will think twice son! to pick pass against the Chiefs. 2 lockdown DB's! mock roll: rp50 ms69 hp31 int63 1.5, Carolina Panthers- Barletti, WR Torry Holt. Carolina's offense is on a whole new level now. Holt is now stretching the field for a ms63 Murrell. When this offense takes the field you best beware!!!!!! The bombs will a-fly and the run play #3 will reapeth your poor Tecmo soul!!! Mock roll: ms56 bc56 rc75 1.6, Tennessee Titans- boogiewithstu, LB Joey Porter. Nothing wrong with adding a little Pittsburgh Steeler HOF talent to an already solid LB crew. The Titans have both Percy Snow and Bryan Cox entering their mid-thirties, Now Porter becomes the insurance and the answer this LB corps needed. Mock roll: rp50 ms50 hp75 int44 1.7, Denver Broncos- JoeyB, RB Ricky Williams. Blair Thomas and Tommy Vardell take a seat. Williams can now run a muck. With no fear of being suspended for puffing the chronic, he can easily be one of the top 10 running backs of all time. Mock roll: rp31 ms56 hp44 bc38 rc50 1.8, Houston Oilers- PurpleHaze, WR Donald Driver. Houston is very solid on the defensive side of the ball. On the offensive side there is stability but no true answer to turn to. They take a very dependable WR in Driver. Probably now "thee" building block of this offense. Mock roll: ms50 bc75 rc63 1.9, New York Giants- Dolo, DB Dre' Bly. New York is a team that has always ran off of fumes. LB Ken Harvey is starting to get a little long in the tooth so they make Bly selection. Bly looks to pan out to be a good player as in his real NFL career he hauled in 43 int's, returned 5 of those picks for 6, and also took 2 fumble the house for TD. Mock roll: rp50 ms63 hp44 int 63 1.10, Buffalo Bills- Tadaos, DB Antoine Winfield. Antonio Langham gets a little company in the 3 time Pro Bowler Winfield. Winfield is a beastly tackler and extremely talented pass defender. Should be able to rise to the occasion for Buffalo and become one of the premiere DB's of this institution. Mock roll: rp38 ms69 hp56 int50 1.11, Washington Redskins- CubsFan, DB Chris McAllister. This pick gives Washington a very solid secondary. This team has major holes as in Offensive line and QB that need addressed but, having one of the best secondaries in the league on top of that is not a bad problem to have. Mock roll: rp50 ms63 hp38 int50 1.12, Pittsburgh Steelers- SwampC, LB Al Wilson. Shores up the LB corp nicely. Mock roll: rp44 ms50 hp63 int31 1.13, Indianapolis Colts- MattyD, QB Aaron Brooks. Brooks over Garcia all day. Wise choice as Garcia is clearly a QB2. Mock roll: ms13 ps50 pc50 1.14, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Speed, WR David Boston. Hasselback is a capable QB at ps50 pc50. Throw Boston into the mix and good things will happen. Mock Roll: ms56 bc63 rec56 1.15, New Orleans Saints- NOS, WR Marty Booker. With Anthony Miller approaching 34 years old it is time to add another true receiver to the mix. Mock roll: ms56 bc69 rec50 1.16, Houston Texans- eifer, DE Jevon Kearse. Pair Kearse with Wadsworth and they shall bring the pain and mismatches. Mock roll: rp44 ms56 hp63 1.17, New England Patriots- Kovalkin, OL Damien Woody. A couple holes on the Pats' OL. Woody shall be the plug (not the butt type). Mock roll: ms44 hp69 1.18, Dallas Cowboys- Kamphuna8, LB Chris Claiborne. Upgrade at LB for Cowboys. Mock roll: rp38 ms50 hp50 int25 1.19, Baltimore Ravens- Diaz (ODT), DE Patrick Kerney. This DL of Baltimore's is looking pretty formidable now. Mock roll: rp50 ms56 hp63 1.20, Jacksonville Jaguars- Mack, TE Desmond Clark. Will Clark take some of the attention away from Flipper? Mock roll: ms31 hp63 bc56 rec56 1.21, Seattle Seahawks- DT, OL Luke Petitgout. Petitgout becomes top two on this OL. Mock roll: ms31 hp56 1.22, Green Bay Packers- Stall, DL Anthony McFarland. Big beast to clog the middle up with. Mock roll: rp38 ms25 hp69 1.23, San Fransisco 49ers- Arn, DL Roderick Coleman. DL gets an upgrade here. Mock roll: rp44 ms56 hp50 1.24, Atlanta Falcons- Prime, OL Matt Stinchcomb. Nothing special here, run of the mill drone boy. Mock roll: ms25 hp50
  6. Give em a whirl. tecmo_bowl_2020.nes tecmo_bowl_-_xfl_2020.nes
  7. @Knobbe Never played on the AVS before. Never played on the Analogue NT before either. Do you have an AVS?
  8. I bought one. Screw that AVS.
  9. https://www.analogue.co/editions/nt-mini-noir/ Too bad it is $500. I would buy it in a second. Probably the best way to play? Better than the original NES console?
  10. Pretty primitive. Just try and make it through my cave system and avoid the flying blue bugs.
  11. There is me doing a complete play through of my game.
  12. Yeah man, cool program. They are comming out with a new version pretty soon here.
  13. http://austinmckinley.com/8bit/the-tools.html I made this game with it. Check it out. http://nesmakers.com/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=1126
  14. C'mon @kamphuna8 @manYo It's time to fire this baby up one more time???? #lewis
  15. @MRTECMOSUPERBOWL free hugs! lol
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