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  1. Actually this would help poor tappers more because once you get tossed from an iso grapple you can grab the the nearest drone to engage a ball carrier with more help along the way.
  2. If one of the great hackers put their mind to it, I'm sure this could be done. Maybe not 5 yrs ago but now, definitely . Everyone talks about it changing the game but over these last 4-5 years most of the hacks done never see the light of day anyways
  3. @xplozv have you completed work on the rom?
  4. I need to know how to get the "new content" to show again. IT makes things easier when I can bookmark it, so I can see all new posts and content when I log on
  5. I did it once with QB Bills had 40+ TDs. It was the best tecmo season I've ever played. No playbook changes, no NT glitches, just plain ass kicking. It was on the actual NES console. I went 16-0, Reed, and Thurmal had an amazing season. I played an 8-8 (regular season) seattle team in the second round. QB Bills shot 3 ints and I lost 35-28 in OT. I gave up 3 KR for TDs including one to start the game and a game winner in OT.
  6. I knew this happened already, I've just glad you proved it. Is this the beginning of an expanded view tecmo hack?
  7. I still have an old beta rom you were working on with the read option. I really like the concept on this one, Is the throw off the read option only a 1 WR route?
  8. Got to throw Navy into that list. They are 7-1 with only loss being to ND Wazzu needs to be in Pac 12 over CAL. They have been a huge disappointment on offense the last 4 games when competition has increased.
  9. 1.) Spliting OL pass block/run block and having a defense pass rush/run stop ability would be great.For each they would determine if a popcorn happens either way. 2.) for WR having a "catch radius" attribute would be great so that all wr can't catch JJs all the time. Olny those with a large (higher) catch radius would be able to catch JJs a high percentage all the time. 3.) Even though this one is possible all ready, I'd like passing distance changed. QBs with better passing speed can throw farther. Longest possible throw should be 70 yards max, so there would be no more endzon to endzone JJS. If you try one, then the pass falls short like when bad QBs misfire the ball 4.) Every skill position has return Ability rating which provides KR/PR speed instead of using MS. So a player like johnny bailey might have a high return rating (44 -50) but a lower offensive MS (38 MS) based on ratings.
  10. Nice good/competitive finals game between derek an Stalltalk (suchy). 14-9 Pit vs CLE
  11. Hard to speculate who would be on the rom, even at this moment there are teams who are undefeated who will not make the rom and team who are 2-2 or 1-3 who will make it. This is the first season where I have seen a rash of injuries to the best players on good teams/contenders. Injuries for ND, UCLA, West Va, TCU, Arkansas, Cincinatti, Va Tech, Mich state, Ole Miss, Oregon have/will alter(ed) their seasons. As far as on the field play: Utah, Florida, Northwestern, Duke, Memphis and Houston are all much better than I anticipated. Tennessee, Arkansas Auburn, Cincinatti, are all teams I thought would be on the rom but won't be. Jury is still out on about 80% of the nation and it won't be until Mid november that we really know anything for certain.
  12. I'm guessing you mean RP since RP is the value that is 69 for all offensive players. I'm not a pro at hacking but I'm guessing setting up something that always puts RP at 69 would not go over well because every defensive player would be at 69 RP (or if to truly meant RS) which would make defenses entirely too fast.
  13. Houston. Don't even need to run more than 1-2 times the whole game. Keep Bombing. Can't play bend but don't break with GIA secondary vs a 75 PC QB and three 75 REC WRs
  14. Any team is hard to do once the season has started. No matter if you do a snap shot or end of year, because it's difficult to decide how to treat injured/suspended players. Last season, I was working on Georgia. Todd Gurley played 6 games. How do you treat him in an end of season rom. His presence changes the overall strength of the team. Had Gurley remained healthy chubb would have put up far less yards and thus given people a different opinion of each back Boise State and Utah both lost their top WR to injuries after the 1st month of the season. But they both finished in the top 4 in th rec & rec yards on the team. So, do you include them in the top 4 wr or not? As far as this season Take Va. Tech this season, their starting QB is out for 6 weeks after the ohio state game but he will likely never get the starting job back. Since he was the starter, do I include him and give him better attributes than the current starter or do I rate him lower than the starter even though he is better. Laremy Tunsil is the best LT in cfb but he's being held out by Ole miss b/c of his NCAA investigation. He might play this season, do I put him in at LT or do I just go with who they have, even though TUnsil will start soon as he comes back LSU is missing Jalen Mills, he's due back at some point this season, and is one ofthe best defenders on the team, but they are playing without him, do I include him? Defensive alignments Defenses sub all the time. Do I included the guy who leads a team in sack although he only comes in during pass rushing situations. What about a Nickleback who plays more snaps than a LB but the LB is one of the best players on the team (see oklahoma)
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