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  1. PrimeTime selects DL&k/p NYG/NE
  2. Jets Qb and Dal WR&TE’s Qb/wr Jet/Dal
  3. With the 9 pick in the first round HSTL draft PRIMETIME Selects Lb T.B/ Db CHI
  4. 1. PrimeTime 2. Can host 3. 1:G.B 2:Pit 3:ATL 4:CIN 5:RAI 6:Min 7:Det 8:Was or anything that’s leftover .
  5. Group 1 PrimeTime won toss Mia vs CIN The_sheild took CIN primetime won 17-7 mia came down scored 3 first drive, stopped CIN o down came down and scored again 10-0. CIN got ball 2nd half came down made it 10-7. CIN held Mia to a punt. CIN QB fumble Mia scores again. Gg glrw Shield
  6. The one constant was I (PrimeTime) was in both those groups....
  7. The one constant was I was in both those groups....
  8. Group 1 Joygats Min vs S.D I took S.D back and forth game 14-7 at half. Gats came down and score after half to make it 14-14, gats made me punt. Picked off the ball with about 2:00 left in game. Won 21-14 gg glrw Primetime wins 21-14
  9. Discord Handle: Primetime Can you host?: Yes Your time zone: CST Best time for you to play: Between 4-10PM CST M-F, all day Sat and Sun
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