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  1. Also you have a dohyō-iri to perform. And I fully expect to see on stream some salt being tossed around the joint prior to big matches.
  2. @kamphuna8 When does the official fancy Banzuke get published?
  3. qb_browns

    Minneapolis, MN - 1/5/2019 Minny MEETUP

    In like Flynn
  4. Just out of curiosity, do you have the draft order and teams selected for bracket play?
  5. @RetroNathan is the webpage going to be updated with all the registrants for the tournament? or did I just go to the wrong section like some kind of noob tournament participant?
  6. BOOM! A guy who will finish probably 3rd or 4th in his group has registered.
  7. qb_browns

    Tecmo Madison

    One misconception I would prefer we would all be clear on is that Madison never made money, ever. I'm not going to speak to anything else, others can all handle their own business. I have been affiliated with the administration of Tecmo Madison since the very first one at the Plaza. At no point was anyone making any kind of money from the tournament, to say that now the tournament has begun to lose money is false, it was always a financial loser with no break even in sight.
  8. qb_browns

    Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

    He posted an explanation in a video. Makes things more tactical and provides opportunities for uncommon matchups apparently.
  9. The nation sets a world record for breath holding...
  10. And a nation holds it breath in anticipation
  11. Trying to out-drink the people's champ is not really a fair contest 🤣
  12. qb_browns

    What foods are you smoking

    Yes, the two grates in the Smokey Mountain are each 22" in diameter. A full 12# packer cut tends to run a little large length wise. I also find it easier to find a piece the majority of my guests prefer - I've had a group of "health conscious" people who prefer flats because of the lower fat content, and others who want nice fatty meats that get the point end. I have yet to purchase a full packer cut, divide it myself, and smoke both pieces on the separate grates.
  13. qb_browns

    What foods are you smoking

    I have smoked brisket - both flats and points, all about 5-6 pounds. I have smoked a rib roast - 4 lbs in total weight after trim. I have smoked a few whole chickens, several racks of ribs, chicken wings, and a few sides of salmon. I think I've zeroed in on cherry wood as my preferred wood for my smoker. Temp ranges have gone from 250 for the brisket up to 350 for the wings, I guess I average about 275 across all the various foods I've tossed on the smoker. Upright bullet smoker (Weber Smokey Mountain) with lump hardwood charcoal and cherry or hickory chunks. The wife says I baby the smoker a little too much, but doesn't complain because the food comes out excellent.
  14. This thing totally appeals to my nerd team building thing and my desire to just have a ton of Tecmo fun with some cool guys.