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  1. Unless Rico moved in the last month, he lives in Wisconsin, not Illinois @noonan
  2. Excellent! Now I have proof that I was part of a great Tecmo finish.
  3. Great tournament - loved reconnecting with the old Milwaukee guys and meeting everyone. Things rolled along well, and @SammieSmith33 had another great round of prizes for everyone. I also managed to have one of those epic finishes with @Nelson79 he's down 3, I block the field goal with the Cardinals, he recovers with Crawford Kerr and wins the game. It was maybe on stream?
  4. Damn shame that Garfunkel and Oates only lasted a single season on IFC.
  5. I love it (though Edmond Honda was never my main in Street Fighter). Have you and @kamphuna8 convened the PNW Tecmo Board to see if someone has earned a promotion to yokozuna?
  6. Also you have a dohyƍ-iri to perform. And I fully expect to see on stream some salt being tossed around the joint prior to big matches.
  7. @kamphuna8 When does the official fancy Banzuke get published?
  8. Just out of curiosity, do you have the draft order and teams selected for bracket play?
  9. @RetroNathan is the webpage going to be updated with all the registrants for the tournament? or did I just go to the wrong section like some kind of noob tournament participant?
  10. BOOM! A guy who will finish probably 3rd or 4th in his group has registered.
  11. One misconception I would prefer we would all be clear on is that Madison never made money, ever. I'm not going to speak to anything else, others can all handle their own business. I have been affiliated with the administration of Tecmo Madison since the very first one at the Plaza. At no point was anyone making any kind of money from the tournament, to say that now the tournament has begun to lose money is false, it was always a financial loser with no break even in sight.
  12. He posted an explanation in a video. Makes things more tactical and provides opportunities for uncommon matchups apparently.
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