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  1. I can give you lodging at the AmericInn if you want too - I haven't booked yet so can upgrade to two actual beds no problem
  2. I told you I was in, but not in the official thread-thing, so I am in.
  3. Unless Rico moved in the last month, he lives in Wisconsin, not Illinois @noonan
  4. Excellent! Now I have proof that I was part of a great Tecmo finish.
  5. Great tournament - loved reconnecting with the old Milwaukee guys and meeting everyone. Things rolled along well, and @SammieSmith33 had another great round of prizes for everyone. I also managed to have one of those epic finishes with @Nelson79 he's down 3, I block the field goal with the Cardinals, he recovers with Crawford Kerr and wins the game. It was maybe on stream?
  6. Damn shame that Garfunkel and Oates only lasted a single season on IFC.
  7. I love it (though Edmond Honda was never my main in Street Fighter). Have you and @kamphuna8 convened the PNW Tecmo Board to see if someone has earned a promotion to yokozuna?
  8. Also you have a dohyō-iri to perform. And I fully expect to see on stream some salt being tossed around the joint prior to big matches.
  9. @kamphuna8 When does the official fancy Banzuke get published?
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