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  1. qb_browns

    New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    I would imagine @Nos was signed up and ready to go, Mort said he was thinking about it too - but he was probably caught up in organizing his own tournament. Maybe we should start another thread, but with Mardi Gras falling on March 5 this year, that February time seems to be a dead zone that might work for snowbirds looking for a nice vacation in some warmth.
  2. qb_browns

    New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    May I ask what more you wanted? Every tournament had a starred post on here. When the Dallas thread went off the rails, Knobbe pulled the non-tournament relevant portions out of the thread and kept the thread tournament friendly. I personally don't go onto discord as much as others - was talk of each tournament banned there? Was there a thread started discussing the particulars of the Tour itself? If so, was it removed? I looked through the tournament posts for the tour dates and I didn't see anything that stuck out as being against the tour or individual tournaments. If you take exception with the Dallas thread, that's understandable I suppose, but the thread was cleaned up prior to the tournament kicking off. So where is the public, verifiable hatred for the Tecmo Tour? Where are the posts, messages, comments and other statements dragging the Tour? I personally didn't go to any Tour events because I live in Minnesota not because I have some deep seated hatred for the Tecmo Tour, a thing which I saw on this very site via posted tournament threads.
  3. qb_browns

    New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    Is that the Titan of Tecmo that Gerald is going on about or is the Titan thing something else? @suicideking81 I was specifically asking about the Titan of Tecmo thing. I understand Hal's retro world series event structure, you referenced 'Titan of Tecmo' which, while alliterative, doesn't appear to be an official thing actually posted anywhere.
  4. qb_browns

    New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    I'm still at a loss as to what the Titan of Tecmo is. I did a site search here and only saw references on this thread. Nothing on Google either. Where would I, a member of this community, go to find out about the Titan of Tecmo?
  5. qb_browns

    New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    Um, I'll bite. What's the Titan of Tecmo?
  6. He posted an explanation in a video. Makes things more tactical and provides opportunities for uncommon matchups apparently.
  7. The nation sets a world record for breath holding...
  8. And a nation holds it breath in anticipation
  9. Trying to out-drink the people's champ is not really a fair contest 🤣
  10. qb_browns

    What foods are you smoking

    Yes, the two grates in the Smokey Mountain are each 22" in diameter. A full 12# packer cut tends to run a little large length wise. I also find it easier to find a piece the majority of my guests prefer - I've had a group of "health conscious" people who prefer flats because of the lower fat content, and others who want nice fatty meats that get the point end. I have yet to purchase a full packer cut, divide it myself, and smoke both pieces on the separate grates.
  11. qb_browns

    What foods are you smoking

    I have smoked brisket - both flats and points, all about 5-6 pounds. I have smoked a rib roast - 4 lbs in total weight after trim. I have smoked a few whole chickens, several racks of ribs, chicken wings, and a few sides of salmon. I think I've zeroed in on cherry wood as my preferred wood for my smoker. Temp ranges have gone from 250 for the brisket up to 350 for the wings, I guess I average about 275 across all the various foods I've tossed on the smoker. Upright bullet smoker (Weber Smokey Mountain) with lump hardwood charcoal and cherry or hickory chunks. The wife says I baby the smoker a little too much, but doesn't complain because the food comes out excellent.
  12. This thing totally appeals to my nerd team building thing and my desire to just have a ton of Tecmo fun with some cool guys.
  13. So you haven't sold all of your classic games 😆
  14. qb_browns

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    I thought this was a dispute among members of the community. I merely poked my head up above the parapet because the community doesn't work if tournament organizers don't talk to each other. And now we get to the rub of the issue and why some people - I am now one of them - find some of this stuff no longer interesting and more detrimental. You run a business, therefore your main goal is to make money. I (and others) participate in and run tournaments because they are fun, exciting, and are a great way to get together with a bunch of guys who all love the same thing. The goal of the tournament scene in my experience is the actual experience of the event, *not* to make money. In point of fact, others have now started posting on their tournament registration pages and in tournament information the prize pool and payouts showing that all money coming in goes to the players. Partly this is because of a growing transparency in the community about the tournament scene and partly because people seem to think every tournament makes money while almost all do not. Neither do you. In 12 years of Tecmo Madison - I know this is hard for some people to realize that I've been there since the beginning - I have received $0 for my efforts. For a decade I worked pretty hard, helping the original founders as best I could, keeping the tournament ticking over while they went deeper in the tournaments than I did. My work generated $0. For the last two years I have worked with Dave in his efforts with Madison. I spend about 7 months doing Tecmo Madison work now - total amount of money for my work: $0. Total attendees at those events now regularly head above 200. It would be easier if I was paid to do all that work, but then my goal is to insure that everyone has a good time, not to make money for a business. Dumb not to try and make as much money from the community as possible I suppose. I wish you luck in all your endeavors going forward, hopefully your Tecmo tournament attendee count grows beyond 16, hopefully you make as much money as possible to keep your business running since you apparently have high overhead, and hopefully all those conventions that are in various towns across the country don't unluckily choose to usurp tournament dates set out by others who choose to do this for fun.
  15. qb_browns

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    This seems to be a reasonable request in the grand scheme of things. As for this statement - that's great, but did you actually speak with Dave? That's all Matt is asking. He is just saying that in a community such as ours - which I am frankly stunned is as respectful and considerate as any community out there - common courtesy goes a long way. Last year, Dave did the following: -He posted a thread on this site here. -He at least set up a facebook event page here. -He did cross posts on the facebook page of the LPGE (facebook event page here, though a search is all you really need). -He posted seeding and tournament information on the Tecmo Madison website (the main Tecmo-related sponsor) here. -He did his own posting on Tecmo Madison with redirects to the registration and expo page here. -He at least did enough to have some information updated on the smash.gg site for the tournament here. That is quite a bit of work that seems to be neglected during these discussions. He also flew out to Dallas and ran the thing while calling me on the phone to help organize and arrange the tournament structure itself - a task that I am always more than willing to do for any tournament that asks and will help without question. All of these moves by Dave did have a self-serving end - generating a buzz for Tecmo that could be sustained through Madison. The efficacy of that effort is a question we don't really have the data to answer, nor is it something that myself or other statistically minded people would want to try and tackle. However, the efforts did produce this one last thing... An entire thread (link here), started by one of the great players of live tournaments, asking whether or not there are too many tournaments or what can the community do about it. The thread kind of petered out after 3 pages of lively and informative discussion from several live tournament veterans. I enjoyed it because I am a nerd. It did end though with a telling quote: At the end of the day, @trojan1979 is right - we all have to stay diplomatic and communicate with other organizers, especially those who have either previously run a tournament in the area and have a record of being public with tournament proclamations or those who are taking over a tournament date/tournament name from a tournament organizer. Landing and expanding is a great strategy if you are a consultant, not so much if you are looking to build lasting relationships within a community. This is after all, a community of people who play a game for the sheer joy of competition, not necessarily because the community is going to be featured on Kotaku, shown on Twitch, or have a developer sponsored league with deep pockets attached to it.