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  1. Here are some of the raffle prizes that we will have available at Kumite. The signs are 12’’ by 8’’ and have LED lights. They come with power source and a chain for hanging. These will look great in your Tecmo cave (or anywhere)!
  2. Group JJ Who won toss: PrimeTime Matchup called : RAMS vs. CIN I chose CIN Defensive 1st half as the Rams took a 3-0 lead into the locker room. Offenses woke up as Wilhelm went in for a bad Esiason and moved the ball. We traded TDs and Rams couldn't get one on their last drive; just didn't have enough time on the clock. 14-10 final. GG Troy!
  3. Group JJ Who won toss: JPthebowler5 Matchup called : KC vs. MIA I chose MIA Couple of punts to start and then MIA gets a TD. TO on downs, INT, and KC gets a FG at the half. After a punt, MIA put together a drive on the legs of Sammie Smith and then got a safety. FInal ended up 23-3. GG @Jpthebowler.
  4. Does that make you Auntie?
  5. DETROIT TECMO KUMITE VIII: TOURNAMENT RULES 1. Tournament Format: The field will consist of two divisions: Black Belt and Brown Belt. Each division will play the same format under the same set of rules. There will be approximately 5 rounds of Swiss format for the preliminary rounds for each division, depending on the number of competitors in each division. For the first round, the matchups are random. For subsequent rounds, matchups are chosen (by an algorithm) that pit players with similar records against each other (e.g. in round two, winners will play winners and losers will play losers). More on Swiss Format at the end of the rules outline. After the Swiss rounds have completed, the top 20 (Black Belt) or 24 (Brown Belt) players in each division will advance to their division’s Championship Bracket finale, where you will select your choice of team to use through the remainder of the tournament. The top-ranked player gets his first choice of team, followed by the second-ranked player, and so on. In the Brown Belt division, all teams are allowed except Tier 1. In the Black Belt division, all teams are allowed except Tier 1 and Tier 2. For these single elimination games, the winner of a coin toss will get his choice of controller. 2. Byes: No ONE PLAYER will exceed more than 1 BYE for the duration of the Swiss (traditional group play) rounds. Byes will only be in play if there are an odd number of competitors in a division. 3. Team Selection: In each round of the Swiss portion of the tournament, a coin flip will precede each game. The coin flip winner chooses the tier of teams. The coin flip loser will then choose the matchup, where at least one team in the matchup must come from the tier chosen by the coin flip winner. The other team in the matchup may come from any tier. Coin flip winner then gets his choice of team OR the P1 controller (coin flip loser gets the remaining choice). Ex 1: Matt wins the toss and calls Tier 1. Eric calls NYG-HOU. Matt selects NYG. Eric gets P1. Ex 2: Matt wins the toss and calls Tier 3. Eric calls DET-WAS. Matt selects DET. Eric gets P1. Ex 3: Matt wins the toss and calls Tier 7. Eric calls GB-CLE. Matt selects P1. Eric selects CLE. The second example is valid since DET is in Tier 3 (even though WAS is in Tier 4). The third example is valid since GB is in Tier 7 (even though CLE is in Tier 6) Team Tiers are listed at the end of the rules. 4. “One Matchup Once” Rule: Players may only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if someone selects Packers/Browns, this person cannot call that exact matchup for the rest of the tournament. His opponent, however, is free to select that matchup later in the tournament. 5. Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes: Customizing playbooks is permissible. You may access your “change” screen as often as you need. Please be respectful of your opponent and spend as little time as necessary checking conditions and substituting players. 6. WR/TE at RB: Using a WR or TE as a running back strictly prohibited. A WR or TE is able to play in a RB slot, but ONLY a RB can receive direct handoffs or pitches. The only time a WR or TE can run the ball is on a reverse. Outside of this: RB, WR, and TE are interchangeable. 7. Ties: Ties are permitted during the preliminary rounds of Kumite VIII based on the "Swiss-Buffalo" tournament format. More on this below. 8. Lurching: Lurching is strictly prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackles or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. You may not simply go around your blocker and dive. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs. 9. Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half will be replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or if the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game. 10. Tournament Disputes: Eric O’Dell and Matt O’Toole are the tournament referees. They will decide all disputes unless one of them is a player in the game. If one or both are a player in the disputed game, Joe Moskwa or Chas Claus will resolve the dispute. 11. Equipment: Tournament competitors are encouraged to bring any equipment they are able to, including: NES consoles, TSB carts, OG NES controllers, ac adapters, RF or RCA wires, extension cords, power strips, and most importantly small sized televisions. Please keep in mind; we may be in need of said equipment for the duration of the event. ONLY original NES controllers are welcome; no turbo-equipped controllers allowed (NES Max, NES Advantage, etc.). If you plan to bring any equipment, please be sure to label your equipment, and plan to arrive 60 minutes in advance to help set up. Also, do not forget to label your equipment. We thank you in advance for anything you are able to assist the tournament with, and you will receive an extra pair of raffle tickets for graciously helping the tournament cause! 12. Entry Fee and Prizes: Tournament entry fee will be $40 for the Black Belt division and $30 for the Brown Belt division via PayPal on or before 2/29/2019 to [email protected], or $45/$35 any time thereafter. Players are allowed to show up the day of the tournament and compete without pre-registering. There will be cash prizes for the top finishers in each division and raffle prizes will be ample, with the winner of the Black Belt division taking home the KumiteCup Trophy! SWISS FORMAT Preliminary Rounds (Swiss Format): The preliminary rounds will run in a Swiss format. Results will be entered into a Challonge.com Swiss Style Tournament that will be created the day of the Kumite. Each round players will face a unique opponent (there will be no repeat opponents in the preliminary rounds). For the first round, the matchups are totally random. For subsequent rounds, matchups are chosen (by an algorithm) that pit players with similar records against each other (e.g. in round two, winners will play winners and losers will play losers). The schedule for the subsequent round will be generated as soon as the final score from the current round is entered. Each player receives one point for a win and a half-point for a tie. If there are an odd number of competitors, then one player each round will receive a bye. Byes are treated like wins and the player receiving the bye is awarded one point. For all rounds after the first, the scheduling algorithm awards the byes to players with a low point total. At the end of the preliminary rounds the players will be ranked using the following criteria. Total Points (Wins + 0.5*Ties); Points Earned vs. All Players with the Same Total Points; Median-Buchholz Score (see description below); In-Game Point Differential. The Median-Buchholz Score for a player is the sum of their opponents’ total points (Wins + 0.5*Ties) with the highest and lowest of these scores discarded. Hence if five games are played by Player X and his opponents’ point totals are 4, 3, 3, 1, 0 then his Median-Buchholz score would be 3+3+1=7. It’s essentially a strength of schedule metric. If you receive a bye then this score will be lower as there will be one fewer figure in your sum. CHAMPIONSHIP 20/24 TEAM PLAYOFF Single Elimination: The top 20 (Black Belt) / 24 (Brown Belt) seeded players after the preliminary round advance to a single-elimination “Buffalo Style” championship bracket. The games are laid out in a standard fashion, but for this stage players will draft a single team that they will use. For this portion of the tournament the teams allowed for use vary by division as specified above. The player ranked #1 gets first choice, the player ranked #2 gets second choice, and so on. The choice of controller for each game will be determined by a coin flip. Team Stealing: Up through the round of 16, the winner of each matchup has the option to steal the team of the player they most recently defeated (e.g. if you defeat ATL with IND, you may opt to take ATL as your team for the next game). Once the round of 8 begins, all remaining players are locked into their team for the duration of the tournament. CONSOLATION BRACKET Time permitting; those that do not qualify for the championship bracket will be placed into a consolation single elimination bracket. The format for this bracket will depend on the number of players present. *** DIVISIONS Players may sign up for any division they would like. Everyone is eligible to sign up for the Black Belt division. The Kumite VII Champion will be the winner of the Black Belt division. To be eligible to sign up for the Brown Belt division, a player may not have won any major Tecmo Super Bowl tournament (20+ players), may not have advanced to the Round of 16 in any Tecmo Madison Event (Tecmo Madison VI or later), and may not be a highly accomplished online player. Previous Kumite competitors who are not eligible for the Brown Belt division include but may not be limited to: Matt O’Toole, Eric O’Dell, Francis Buennagel, Louis Buennagel, Joey Gats, Rico Reick, Josh Aaronson, Matt Diaz, Kyle Miller, Matt Miller, Derek Ruble, Kyle Floetl, David Thompson, Tim Ubick, and Basilios Batsos. The winner of the Brown Belt division will be ineligible to play in this division in future tournaments. TEAM TIERS Tier 1: SF, NYG, BUF, HOU Tier 2: PHI, KC, RAI, CHI Tier 3: MIA, CIN, DET, SD Tier 4: WAS, TB, RAM, MIN Tier 5: PHX, DAL, PIT, DEN Tier 6: JET, NO, ATL, CLE Tier 7: GB, SEA, NE, IND GENERAL TECMO ETIQUETTE (MORE OF A GUIDELINE THAN A RULE…) Please be respectful of your opponent and of the other players at the tournament. We are a close-knit community and enjoy friendly competition. While two players are playing, please refrain from “coaching” either player. If you must step away from / outside of the venue, please do not be away for too long, as we may need you to play your game soon. We like to keep things moving and the Swiss format requires that people play their games in a timely fashion.
  6. Can you pass the Jims (for Globo Gym) and and Joes (for Average Joe's) of Tecmo quizzes? https://www.sporcle.com/games/silvermack/jims-in-tecmo-super-bowl https://www.sporcle.com/games/silvermack/joes-in-tecmo-super-bowl
  7. Date and venue have been set. More info on format to come!
  8. Sign-ups for Kumite VIII are now live! Registration Page: https://bit.ly/2s6TAax This year we are offering two divisions of competition. Compete for the title of Kumite Champion in the Globo Gym (Black Belt) division. Square off with other avid Tecmoers, minus the sharks, in the Average Joe's (Brown Belt) division. Cash, prizes, and raffle items will be ample and up for grabs for all competitors! Enjoy a discount if you submit your registration fee by 2/29. Send registration fee via PayPal to: [email protected] Join us at Bookies on March 7th for The Kumite! Globo Gym (Black Belt) Division Registered Players 1. Matt O. (Toolie) - Grand Blanc, MI 2. Levi L. (Nelson79) - Seymour, WI 3. Ed P. (Fast Ed) - Novi, MI 4. Joe Pasta (Shark) - Chesterfield, MI 5. Kevin M. (kmolnar) - Outta Town 6. Rico R. (ryan33fulcher) - Franklin, WI 7. Basilios B. (Alpha Tap Dog) - Flint, MI (*** 2019 Brown Belt Champ ***) 8. Eric O. (Bob Sacamano) - Waterford, MI 9. Tom S. (RetroSportsGamer) - Chicago, IL 10. Louis B. (Red98sethuthut) - Buffalo, NY 11. Francis B. (Mort) - Riverside, IL 12. Hank D. (hankthetank) - Green Bay, WI 13. Tim U. (the shield) - Menasha, WI 14. Dan S. (DPS) - Chicago, IL Average Joe's (Brown Belt) Division Registered Players 1. Jordan T. (TeacherResellerGuy) - Rochester Hills, MI 2. Randall C. (Deezy83) - Chesterfield, MI 3. Nick G. (NickG80) - Highland, MI 4. Mark N. (LurchKing) - University Heights, OH 5. Robert W. (KornKid) - Mount Morris, MI 6. Max B. (MaddMax16) - Dexter, MI 7. John R. (Razor9) - New Boston, MI (*** 2019 White Belt Champ ***) 8. Jay M. (Hitman) - Peck, MI 9. Mark B. (Bucky) - Brooklyn, OH 10. Trevor B. (Bucky 2.0) - Brooklyn, OH 11. Bryan A. (Tugboat) - Cleveland, OH 12. Jeremy B. - Berkley, MI 13. Kevin P. (PaskdaYooper) - Escanaba, MI 14. Jason P. (TheReplacements) - Royal Oak, MI
  9. Whenever you save, get into the habit of saving to two or three states. I think the same thing happened to me once, but a little redundancy should keep you safe from that happening again.
  10. "Tomorrow we leave for the Kumite!" 41 bros currently signed up. Going to be a great time!
  11. Group M Da_Riddler85 wins the toss Calls JETS-PIT Toolie takes PIT PIT gets the ball first and has a long TD drive. Woodson gets a pick but Warren fumbles it right back. Jets get a JJ to tie things up, and PIT gets a FG to take a 10-7 lead into the half. Jets punt on their first drive and PIT adds another FG. Jets turn it over on downs and PIT runs one in for a 20-7 lead. Al Toon wills a TD with under a minute to go, but the onside is recovered by the Steelers. 20-14 final. GG @Da_Riddler!
  12. 30-7 put that on a t-shirt! Group M Toolie won the toss Called PHX vs JETS Sammie Smith took JETS I get the ball and go up 3-0, then we trade TDs and Sammie boots a 65 yarder at the gun to tie it 10-10 at the half. 2nd half I am able to get an INT on an overthrow, then Johnny Johnson coughs one up. Cards get a goal line stand, though, and drive the field to go up 17-10. JETS have a 4th and 1 and go for a bomb but Ken Harvey get the pass defensed on Boyer. Cards punch one in for a 24-10 final. GG Sammie!
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