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  1. Whenever you save, get into the habit of saving to two or three states. I think the same thing happened to me once, but a little redundancy should keep you safe from that happening again.
  2. "Tomorrow we leave for the Kumite!" 41 bros currently signed up. Going to be a great time!
  3. Group M Da_Riddler85 wins the toss Calls JETS-PIT Toolie takes PIT PIT gets the ball first and has a long TD drive. Woodson gets a pick but Warren fumbles it right back. Jets get a JJ to tie things up, and PIT gets a FG to take a 10-7 lead into the half. Jets punt on their first drive and PIT adds another FG. Jets turn it over on downs and PIT runs one in for a 20-7 lead. Al Toon wills a TD with under a minute to go, but the onside is recovered by the Steelers. 20-14 final. GG @Da_Riddler!
  4. 30-7 put that on a t-shirt! Group M Toolie won the toss Called PHX vs JETS Sammie Smith took JETS I get the ball and go up 3-0, then we trade TDs and Sammie boots a 65 yarder at the gun to tie it 10-10 at the half. 2nd half I am able to get an INT on an overthrow, then Johnny Johnson coughs one up. Cards get a goal line stand, though, and drive the field to go up 17-10. JETS have a 4th and 1 and go for a bomb but Ken Harvey get the pass defensed on Boyer. Cards punch one in for a 24-10 final. GG Sammie!
  5. Discord Handle: Toolie Can you host?: yes Your time zone: Eastern Best time for you to play: after 9pm Eastern, any day
  6. Sign-ups for Kumite VII are now live! Registration Page: https://bit.ly/2RSIBwe This year we are offering three divisions of competition, so there's something for players all ranges of skill and intensity. Compete for the title of Kumite Champion in the Black Belt division. Square off with other avid Tecmoers, minus the sharks, in the Brown Belt division. And if you're new to the game, out of practice, or just prefer a more casual atmosphere, get your kicks in the White Belt division. Cash, prizes, and raffle items will be ample and up for grabs for all competitors! Enjoy a discount if you submit your registration fee by 2/28. Send registration fee via PayPal to: [email protected] Join us at The Detroit Beer Company on March 9th for The Kumite!
  7. Arcade-style controller... like an NES Advantage?
  8. Tim Green Segment on 60 Minutes He is suffering from ALS.
  9. Thanks @bruddog! Works very nice.
  10. Getting set up to play online is a huge pain at first, but then is simple afterwards. Full 28-man season did happen, we ran maybe 10 seasons of that (even carried on a couple of years after my buddy and I who started it had graduated, which was pretty cool). Many things led to that perfect storm working out: all guys being on a small campus and most of the league in one dorm was huge, and the large talent disparity made the league pretty competitive. It seems like a really good team or a really bad team won every season. I know a guy won with Tampa once (I lost to him with CLE ? ). Tracking people down was a pain since we didn't have cell phones / texting, and once I had to recreate half the season because it got reset (good thing I wrote down all the results). But damn was it worth it! Playoffs in one night, pizza, beer, entrance music. Those were the days! Good luck putting something together. Being able to play games out of order is a huge benefit. Kamp's deal of getting guys together for a one-day or one-weekend bash where you're only playing man vs. man games and drafting "equal" teams sounds awesome. Wish I lived closer!
  11. Interested. What is the reason for the ban on those matchups? Better add that quirk to the initial post.
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