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  1. top two avoid demotion, winner gets the number one pick.
  2. with regard to the linebackers, they probably get far fewer balls thrown at them in RL and in Tecmo (drones anyway). So if you want them to get more picks in the game they’d need to have higher INT ratings. Drone Green should end up with more just by volume. Now if you man the defender that changes, but he is much faster as well, increasing his opportunities. Only so much realism can be injected.
  3. John Taylor! Those were the days...
  4. They really are just an average team, though, when you look at who you normally match them up with (MIN, TB, DET, SD etc.). They're certainly not in the tier where you'd expect the Super Bowl champs. But they certainly don't suck.
  5. The manual is a hilarious read, especially where they give short descriptions of each team!
  6. D-League going hard on the sigs! Keep 'em coming!
  7. We will miss you, Ryan! Yes! Walk ups paying cash are cool at the Kumite. You just have to break the bottom brick for us.
  8. Tomorrow, we leave for the Kumite!
  9. OK Boys, if you’re still on the fence about making it to Kumite tomorrow, consider this my last ditch attempt to get you here! We will be raffling off a couple of these custom Tecmo Bunny Logo signs that will look killer in your man cave / video game room / living room. You won’t want to miss out on a chance at these and you can only get them at the Kumite!
  10. @Beef Juice has just informed me that he will be offering free entry to Tomczak Bowl XII to the first person at Kumite who wins a game with the Bears while using Mike Tomczak as their primary passer! This puts it on our ILL / WISC brethren to call some Bears matchups! Thanks Jake!
  11. Just a couple of days to go until the tournament! We have 42 guys signed up! Here is a fairly exhaustive list of what will be available at our tournament as raffle / door prizes. LED signs (shown above, possibly a couple of more) 2 pairs of tickets to Detroit Tigers Opening Day March 30 vs. Kansas City U of M and MSU Rose Bowl replica rings Jay Novacek jersey Joe Montana Starting Lineup 2 Hyperkin SNES systems w/ 1 game included (Tecmo Super Bowl SNES or NHL 95) Leslie O.Neal jersey Jerry Rice long sleeve shirt Mark Carrier Starting Lineup Ronnie Harmon Starting Lineup 2 Al Bundy 4 TD Tecmo shirts Thurman Thomas Starting Lineup Refurbished NES system w/ 2 controllers Steve Beuerlein Auto Jet-Ski card (top item by far) Winston team key chains Maybe some other stuff? Who knows. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Be sure to check out the stream on the RetroSportsGamer channel!
  12. The QB generally leads the receiver (bad QBs will misthrow more than the good ones, of course). This is sometimes annoying, but it is also how a lot of the timed jump-catch passes (JJs) are executed. It can also be used to throw out of bounds intentionally on some plays, which helps when your play is called and you don't want to risk a fumble or an INT. If the receiver stops his route, there is usually a small window where the QB will still lead the receiver instead of throwing to the stationary position.
  13. Here are some challenges for the tournament. The main one is the Steve the Pirate challenge. Rack up the most passing yards with Steve Beuerlein and you win this autographed card of Steve pirating on this wave runner. You can also win one of these Winston team keychains (hey smoke up, Johnny!) if you score the most points with one of the given teams (CHI, NE, GIA, CIN). Both challenges are for the preliminary rounds only. We are up to 39 guys registered. Could be cozy up in Bookies this Saturday!
  14. Here are some of the raffle prizes that we will have available at Kumite. The signs are 12’’ by 8’’ and have LED lights. They come with power source and a chain for hanging. These will look great in your Tecmo cave (or anywhere)!
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