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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for a developer or someone that can help me. I have many of the hacks and upgrades, but I am looking to do a game with 5 on 5 where the center can receive passes on a 50 yard field. I have one download with a 7 on 7 on a 50 yard field, but have no idea how to get to the settings I am looking for. It is for a flag football league I run. We also are looking to see if there are any developers out there that could program something similar to this game and use it on XBOX live Indie games.
  2. Thanks for the link, Im failry new to the board. I have no idea what I am doing in HEX.. Its getting more and more confusing and frustrating.. i love the editors for names, but I can not grasp the logo change or anything else, as well as elminating teams, I read that post about 20 times, and can not find the info in the hex working screen.
  3. I am looking to set up a game so I can feature all my flag football players from my non profit org. I tried to use the editor, but I am only looking to have 8 teams. (jax Mia TB and JETS) in one division and PITT, DALL, MINN and NYG in the other. Our league was 5 on 5 but the rom could be 6 on 6 if needed.. I downloaded the CIFL ROM and edited, however I can not figure out how to delete teams as playable. I would even be willing to pay if someone wanted to do a full all out version and put our logo in it. Next year it will prbably be more teams. ANYONE please let me know
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