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  1. Just here to say how awesome that poster is. Good luck with the tournament!
  2. Great idea! @8-bit -- any updates on tournament date? I think I could make this Saturday work, or perhaps Sunday. Will try to talk @QB Browns into hosting me and playing too.
  3. I will be up in eau Claire this weekend, and this would be a good excuse to get away from in laws (in my opinion, not theirs). Same comment as above re: the date.
  4. Ten minutes of gold right there. Mileena should be outlawed! Congrats Flo! Maybe there is something to this whole sobriety thing, but I have no intention of finding out for myself.
  5. I have a vasectomy tomorrow, so I'm out. Good luck to all those with 2 functional balls.
  6. Great, thanks for letting me know. I will post a message if the stars align for me. If not, best of luck to all!
  7. Very long shot that I can make this. I'll be in NYC up until Thursday for work, so would need to get the travel extended. Do you have a feel for either field size or how long you expect it to take? If it holds to single elim after group play, that shouldn't take too long, and perhaps I can make a flight back home that night. I ask because several tourneys have flipped from expected single elim to double elim in the middle of the tournament in the past.
  8. Thread is slowing down a bit, so I figured I'd put something fun on here. Since we started the tournament, I've always thought of it in terms of different eras of dominant players. Tecmos I-V were dominated by @kingsoby1. He was the first person to make 3 consecutive finals, and he took home one trophy. One Muster drop away from two. Tecmos V-X, especially the back end, were owned by @holzy11 and @regulator088, as they squared off in the finals three times in a row. Chet won the first two, and Regulator got him in Tecmo X. Tecmo X was the first year for @joeygats in Madison, but he was bounced pretty early. Not surprising considering he hadn't played many live tournaments before. The last four tournaments can safely be called the era of @joeygats, as he made the Sweet 16 in Tecmo XI (bounced by @averagetsbplayer of all people), and has gone on to win three in a row. I thought it would be cool to take the best players from the last four years (i included all forty players who have made the Madison Sweet 16 in the last four years), and compare how their records AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. There's probably a mistake or two in there, as I didn't have perfect data, but should still be fun to read. Later on, I may add point differentials. I actually think total games played may be just as illustrative as Win %, as that proves you can go far in the tourney every year. I may add numbers for Sweet 16s, Elite 8s, Final 4s, etc. eventually too. Player Wins Losses Win % JoeyGats 20 2 90.91% TecmoPsycho 5 2 71.43% Neerm 7 3 70.00% skunker 4 2 66.67% Bigmv54 9 5 64.29% Coconuts 7 4 63.64% MattyD 3 2 60.00% Mort 7 5 58.33% TheKid 7 5 58.33% Arncoem 4 3 57.14% Daboys 4 3 57.14% Thegamer1185 4 3 57.14% holzy11 7 6 53.85% sonofpatbeach 7 6 53.85% disastamasta 3 3 50.00% Flo 3 3 50.00% Regulator 4 4 50.00% RetroNathan 3 3 50.00% RikFenny 4 4 50.00% Jeff B / TheBeard 1 1 50.00% VikingMoe 3 3 50.00% red98sethuthut 2 3 40.00% Mattrick Swayze/Ole Dirty Tecmo 2 3 40.00% Ones11Fahzu 3 5 37.50% AverageTSBPlayer 3 6 33.33% Gripsmoke 1 2 33.33% LuckyTool 2 4 33.33% TecmoBo 2 4 33.33% TecmoRox81 2 4 33.33% JimSocks 1 3 25.00% Noonan 1 3 25.00% tecmodell42 1 3 25.00% player121xk 1 4 20.00% Lamefest 1 5 16.67% Birdhas_uwl 0 3 0.00% discodolo 0 1 0.00% DrFrolf 0 5 0.00% DT 0 1 0.00% Kdog 0 4 0.00% Lefty 0 3 0.00%
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