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  1. - Group D as is D Best - Nelson won toss - Called Chi KC - I took Chi So I’m so sad the nsv desynched because this one was a really good game. Game is kinda fuzzy minus the end where it mattered. Nelson went for it twice in the red zone and ended up coming short both times. Game came down to Nelson punching it in down 10-14 and Chi picked his play 3 times forcing him to go for it on 4th and goal. I think it was like 3 yards he needed and we ended up stopping Okoye forcing a turnover on downs. Chi ran the rest of the time out of the game. GG to Nelson and GLRW
  2. Dueceloose yes saints, kc, sd
  3. 1. Discord Handle: Dueceloose 2. Best Time: Evenings/Late Night (Anytime on Wed-Thurs) 3. Yes 4. No
  4. - Group 7 - I won toss - Pit vs Cle -Player121 vs Duece Another one I should've lost. Player got up early 7-0 after a three and out by me. Ended up getting the ball back only to go three and out again. Player shouldve had 3 before half but got caught in a grapple which killed the clock. The momentum switched after half and I scored on a picked play fummie. Next drive i think i got a pick on a picked play and turned that into 7 so now its 7-14. Score ended up being 21-7. GG Player thndrdomeplr.nsv
  5. - Group 7 - I won toss - Kc vs Chi -Duece vs ACSlater This game was pretty much the game of turnovers minus the opening drive. I got ball first and chewed up pretty much all the first half before mailing it in for 7 to Barry Word. After that is where the shit show begins. I accidentally onsides the kick giving him the ball at the 45ish. Then a few plays later he throws a pick to DT only for me to fumble it back trying to scramble with my qb in bad. He returns it to about to 30 and in the next few plays he passes it gets to about the one and fumbles it back to me. It got so bad to where his RB who was in excellent fumbled on his 2nd or 3rd carry of the game. Shoulda prob been a lot closer than it was. Score ended up being 26-7 GG AC thndrdomeac.nsv
  6. Discord Handle: Dueceloose Host: Yes Timezone: CST Best Time: Thurs & Fri Afternoon/Night
  7. Game 1 Props: 1. Who will win the coin toss for the matchup call? Essentially who will be player 1. (2 points) - STALLTALK 2. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) - STALLTALK 3. Will halftime show be skipped? This is determined if "B" is pressed at any point. (3 points) - NO 4. Over/Under (0.5) on # of JJ TD's 50 yards+. No CC's! If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (3 points) - OVER 5. Total points scored in game 1. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) - 21 Game 2 Props: 6. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) - RICO 7. Over/under (1.5) how many TOTAL fumbles there will be. This is lost and recovered so TOTAL. If you say under, you are saying 1 or less. (3 points) - UNDER 8. Total points scored in game 2. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) - 28 General Props: 9. Who will win Thunderdome? (10 points) - RICO 10. How many games will the series last 2 or 3 games (7 points) - 3 Games
  8. Duece vs Barletti Group A Duece wins toss, calls PHX-DAL Bar selects DAL A back and forth game for both teams. I got the ball first and took what felt like a lifetime to score and Barletti gets the ball two passes later its 7up in a cup. Fast forward to 3rd qtr its tied 14-14 I believe. I got ball and went down to score then got a stop forcing a punt only to throw into coverage deep and get picked. Game comes down to the 4th 21-21 game winning drive by phx led by johnny. We get to the one and fumble the ball which looks like it went oob and shouldve been a touchback but luckily ended up staying my ball. Few plays later we punch it in to seal it. GG Spaghetti sorry it had to be you lol
  9. Discord handle: Dueceloose Est Can host (barely) Best time: message me, i'll let u kno
  10. Freddy Kruger has nightmares about Tim Ubick
  11. Bud Lights Real Men of Genius was inspired by Tim Ubick Tim Ubick taps 18 with his left and right hand Tim Ubick in his past life was Bruce Wayne Tim doesnt lose but when he does its to himself. Tim doesnt trash talk to his opponents he lets them trashtalk to themselves
  12. Knobbe has some vids of the championship game on his Twitter just fyi
  13. From the group TWA Tappers with Attitude
  14. One in dallas too as i was told. Feels like when artists drop albums on the same day lol
  15. Also watching youtube videos of elite players strategies and styles may help..
  16. The 28th seems to be the day for alot of tournaments in january this year
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