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  1. Per the list on tborg ACEE SLATER will take Perry Kemp picking since baxter and riddler have all their wrs
  2. Per list posted on tborg Manyo will take CLE backups picking since bad already has backups
  3. the black delegation will select the remaining cle defenders Banks/Matthews/Clayborn
  4. per list grip smoke will take ozzie newsome had to edit sorry misread list
  5. The black delegation select Clarence Kay
  6. Shotgun will select Tommie Agee
  7. Shotgun will select Kelvin Martin
  8. The black delegation select John Levitron Williams
  9. The black delegation select atl - Epps/Rade/Jordan
  10. Per discord Manyo selects DEN- Powers/Brooks/Baxton Powers taken, giving him Ron Holmes instead -- gripsmoke
  11. Per discord Wahgz Jr will take Rosenbach
  12. Shotgun will take SD Backups
  13. Shotgun will take Buck/Zander/Bussey
  14. the black delegation Homers select Eric Martin
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