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  1. Jadeveon Clowney is being traded to Seattle.
  2. Kinda wish the Chiefs would pick Ray up in case one of our LBs go down.
  3. ?The highest i've gotten is like... 200-0 on 15 minutes in exhibition. 88 is my top on season mode.
  4. Chad Henne is out for a while so KC signed Matt Moore. And people are still throwing fits over Kaepernick not getting a job.
  5. Had a funny glitch occur when Goff fumbled and it said Alex Okafor returned the fumble, but it was Todd Gurley that did for the touchdown. Other than that it was a decent game. Will show the stats for the season so far.
  6. @Tsb4ever Tecmo Super Bowl 2019-2020, that i made myself with some help from @ShowMeYourTDs
  7. I'll be doing those too @cowboyschamps for now though i'm focusing on Genesis since i have to save state to continue the season.
  8. Yup! Then again Genesis' version always starts out easy lol.
  9. Sadly no, as no one has quite figured out how to do so on the first Genesis game. NES, yes. Genesis, no.
  10. So to start things off, on Week 3 of my first season as KC, i took on Tennessee. Lost Tyreek Hill and the leading rusher, Damien Williams on back to back plays. Made Tennessee pay big time. tecmobowl001.bmp
  11. Did a simmed season and it had the Eagles over Chiefs in the Super Bowl. 😑
  12. Antonio Brown is retiring unless he gets his helmet model he wore in Pittsburgh. Filed a grievance and everything.
  13. Sadly about an hour ago Cliff Branch passed away at 71. A travesty that he wasn't inducted while he was alive.
  14. So, seeing as the Hall of Fame is looking at the possibility of doing 20 inductees next year, i'm gonna make somewhat of an early prediction: 5 Modern Nominees: S Steve Atwater- Denver Broncos, NY Jets [1989-1999] WR Isaac Bruce- LA/SL Rams, SF 49ers, [1994-2009] OT Tony Boselli- Jack. Jaguars, Houston Texans [1995-2002] QB Randall Cunningham- Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens [1985-2001] OG: Alan Faneca- Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets [1998-2010] 10 Senior Nominees: DL Jim Marshall- Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings [1960-1979] WR Otis Taylor- Kansas City Chiefs [1965-1975] LB Chuck Howley- Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys [1958-1973] WR Cliff Branch- Oakland/LA Raiders [1972-1985] QB Kenny Anderson- Cincinatti Bengals- [1971-1984] DB Ken Riley- Cincinatti Bengals [1969-1983] LB Randy Gradishar- Denver Broncos [1974-1983] OL Conrad Dobler- St. Louis Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills [1972-1981] RB Chuck Foreman- Minnesota Vikings , New England Patriots [1973-1980] RB Roger Craig- San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, LA Raiders [1983-1993] 2 Coaches: Tom Flores-HC Oakland/LA Raiders, Seattle Seahawks [1979-1994] Don Coryell -HC St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Chargers [1973-1986] 3 Contributors: Virginia McCaskey: Owner, Chicago Bears [1983-Current] Paul Tagliabue: Commissioner, NFL [1989-2006] Steve Sabol: NFL Films [1962-2012]
  15. Probably. hit View File and download that one, then try. I double checked by redownloading it and it came up with the tennessee roster for me. tecmobowl (1)000.bmp
  16. you'll have to redownload the file. It's got the updated Tennessee roster.
  17. Yeah, you pretty much have to change the playbooks by hand. I thought i'd changed the roster, let me check again.
  18. The prodigal son has returned to Tampa Bay, in the form of his son. Vincent Testaverde has signed with the Bucs.
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