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  1. It is when it talks about hitting him while he's sliding or stepping out of bounds.
  2. Tom Florio of PFT stirred a lot of crap today with some comments. He said that the 49ers should look at giving Mahomes a few dirty hits if he tries running for it to give him a message. What kinda crap is that?
  3. As expected, Eli Manning is retiring after 16 seasons. He's making it official Friday.
  4. The Chiefs have just been unlucky. I'm hoping this is the year. Hate to have two coaches with 200+ wins and no rings to show for it. [Schottenheimer being the other coach]
  5. LET'S FREAKIN' GO! Miami, here we come!
  6. Nah, TSBM 2000. the only manager that works on the Genesis version.
  7. I want KC to win it all. I want as many of the '69 Chiefs to celebrate with the young guns after 50 plus years of futility as possible.
  8. Not the only ones! Tom Flores and Cliff Branch got shafted hardcore, too. As did Roger Craig.
  9. No problem! This year was an exception as they bypassed the bylaws for the 100th anniversary. I think they're splitting the ceremony into two different ones since there's 20 inductees this year.
  10. Nope, they still got five modern picks to make. Those won't be announced until Feb 1st.
  11. Luke Kuechly hung it up at 28.
  12. Ahahaha thank you Miami for the blessings! 2nd Seed clinched
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