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  1. Try resetting the season mode
  2. Honestly, i feel like this is a ploy by Brady to tease other suitors before he resigns with the Patriots. Though if he does go to play somewhere else, i figure it won't be too much longer for Belichick as Patriots head coach.
  3. ... Alright, somewhere down the line i screwed up and caused the game to glitch. In my infinitely bad idea, i deleted an old version of the season so now i can't figure out where i screwed up. =.= sorry for any bugs with this new version.
  4. That sounds pretty fun. I should make some end of seasons edits to my 2019-20 season and let you take a crack at it.
  5. It's been two weeks and 3 days, and i still can't help but watch the highlights of the Super Bowl. As for the talk about starting a dynasty, yeah i think Reid,. Mahomes and everyone else should cool their jets on that, considering nothing is ever guaranteed.
  6. I feared for a while he would end up in the same boat as Schottenheimer. I think whatever Tyrann told his teammates after halftime really sparked them up. Looking forward to potentially at least one more SB.
  7. Man... never thought i'd live to see the day KC won the Super Bowl. I still have chills up my spine. Congratulations to the 49ers for making it a game and having one hell of a season after the previous season's debacle. I hope they get to win one one day. But for now... this is KC's time! #SBLIVCHAMPS
  8. The reason why i am going to stick with KC: While Steve Spagnuolo's coaching has been pretty terrible with regard to his stints in New Orleans and second time in New York, he's gotten back to form. I think he'll do what he did in 2007 with the Giants and crush the 49ers. Suggs has Super Bowl experience and is a good leader.
  9. Congratulations to the Modern Inductees for the 2020 Centennial class of the Hall of Fame! They are: RB Edgerrin James OG Steve Hutchinson S Troy Polamalu WR Isaac Bruce S Steve Atwater
  10. https://twitter.com/Vikings/status/1222401989037838337/photo/1 Pro Football Hall of Famer Chris Doleman has passed away from brain cancer. He was 58
  11. It is when it talks about hitting him while he's sliding or stepping out of bounds.
  12. Tom Florio of PFT stirred a lot of crap today with some comments. He said that the 49ers should look at giving Mahomes a few dirty hits if he tries running for it to give him a message. What kinda crap is that?
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