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  1. Mahomes is gonna be out for a while. Bleh.
  2. What Bolt said, as well as an attempt to curb any other team from getting an extra timeout that way.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-bans-ravens-crazy-kickoff-dropkick-after-watching-baltimore-use-it-just-one-time/
  4. It doesn't help practically all the starters on the D-line went down with injuries. Chris Jones and Xavier Williams are both gonna be out for a while.
  5. Vontaze Burfict has been suspended the rest of the season for a dirty hit on Jack Doyle. #ByeByeBurfict
  6. There's plenty of terrible teams to choose from. 1978 Chiefs comes to mind.
  7. Interesting. Baltimore thought they could try to get the Chiefs by surprise with it then. Good to know.
  8. i'm surprised they were able to get away with that. Or am i missing something and its still legal in the rulebook?
  9. I'm surprised you don't do an alternate rom with players that died before their careers really took off, like Joe Delaney or Willie Galimore. Kinda a "What could have been" thing.
  10. So about Earl Thomas stopping the big Chiefs plays.... He let a 83 yard touchdown go through lol
  11. Updated the game with all the updated depth charts as of tonight.
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