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  1. Im puzzled at the many picking N.O. to make the SB. Brees looked awfully weak and wobbly down the stretch.
  2. Thurs night's game felt reinforcing of the little trust I have in Tru. Well here's also my picks on div winners: NE, Cle, Hou, KC, Phl, GB, Atl and Sea. And the wild cards: Buf, LAC, Chi and SF. The contenders not among my picks but could very well make it: Pit, Dal and Mn (and maybe Jax).
  3. If we're doing picks this yr here's mines for wk 1 where pretty much I'm going all faves: Chi, Cle, KC, NYJ, Bal, LAC, Sea, Phl, Mn, LAR, Dal, Det, NE, NO, and TB & Oak as the pick ems. Enjoy the season.
  4. You would think as a Chi fan I'm looking fwd to the upcoming season and picking em to win it all. Well I'm not. I have a hard time trusting Tru esp w/ some uncertainty at RB but bringing in Cordarrelle to help set up field position sure does give them a legitimate shot. Like many I'm picking KC to win the AFC but they have such a big ass bullseye on them that I'm not confident about it. After the unpleasant duty of hosting last yr's SB (I wrongly picked LAR to win it all before start of last yr but nice try by me) I say Atl makes it back and this time they win the big one down in Mia. They cleaned the staff out of the house and kept the HC an approach that I like where none of the other teams' offseason approaches can match. Should be a fun shootout unlike last yr.
  5. To go away on your 60th bday that's gotta be tough on family. As a Bears fan I remember well his time in MN. Jerry Burns' group was scarier to me than the MN teams that came after incl Denny Green's, Chilly's, and Zimmer's however talented those were.
  6. So much for my prediction of Rams winning the SB but wasn't too far from becoming correct. I was right scoring would be 'under' but didn't think it'd go that low. Aikman has said before that NE 'is the safest bet in football.' To come from another franchise's QB who led them to 3 SB wins no compliment can get any better than that.
  7. Even if they lose big in the SB I still think that NE proved me wrong. I predicted Cin to win the AFC at the beginning of the yr. I feel so foolish now but Brady and Gronk avoided OTAs so it was hard for me to believe they were in a cohesive mood. At times this yr they indeed looked pathetic. They sure peaked at the right time. Just imagine if Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan were allowed to continue in Chi - what NE is doing now is the closest realistic what-if to that. They're like Groundhog Day. Like the Energizer bunny. However you wanna put it.
  8. That simulation has an interesting ending I gotta say. I'd be shocked if that actually were to happen.
  9. I picked LAR at the beginning of the yr and there's no reason why I should change. Lot of fuss about the NFC title game. The way I see it - if LAR wins big like 10 or more the NE haters will forgive them and that game will be a distant memory (except for those in a certain part of the country). I do think they'll stomp on em a bit. Final: LAR 30, NE 20
  10. As a Bears fan I hear you. I'm the least fan of Mike Ditka you'll ever find. Yes I thank him for the SB win but NO way I'll worship him like others do. I'm a member of the camp that says 'he only one.' Look I've met plenty of fans who cheer for other teams that've won mult SB's. It drives me nuts in that era NYG, DAL, WSH, & SF (those last 2 teams - losses to them made me go insane and that's why I demand greatness at the DB position and LBs that can cover) were able to win more than one but my team no. Should've won at least another (then maybe I'd get on my knees).
  11. Another thing I want to say about NE @ KC. It should be no surprise NE complaining about its underdog status going into this particular matchup. After their last visit there in '14 a MNF game many thought they were done, which they used as motivation. They came back like Chucky the doll! Reid and KC have another shot to put away the beast for good and it's at the highest level encounter possible. Will it happen this time?
  12. I picked LAR to win it all at the beginning of the yr so I'm sticking with them even though Goff is hard to trust. AFC title game - boy talk about a game to hype up for. Will the torch be passed from the old to the new? I say yes KC but here are factors to consider. K. Hunt has given NE problems but you know he's not available. It's going to be tremendously cold which usually means more running and that's also advantage NE. However, I think Mahomes will make enough plays to win in sort of an ugly one and the home field will sure help (1st time ever hosting a championship game? That's one of the hardest things to believe). So I see a SB that's a rematch of the historic regular season meeting: KC vs LAR!
  13. Argghh I was 1-3 on my WC picks. Talk about being off. For the div games coming up I'm picking all home teams. BUT I do think that Sat is the iffy day given KC & LAR's difficulties on defense. Sun I'm more confident NE & NO will win.
  14. I see all home teams are favored. Plenty are thinking 3 of the 4 road teams will win. I say 2 of 4: Sea & LAC (Bal vs LAC seems like the kind of matchup that whoever is the road team will win). Hou wins bc I think it's too good to lose twice in a row at home to Indy. Phi looks outmatched so I say they lose to my team Chi who I think did the right thing in eliminating Mn.
  15. Hope you all had a nice Xmas. Last reg season wk of the yr incredibly! These faves: Buf, GB, NE, NO, NYG, Hou, LAC, KC, LAR, Pit, Sea, Phi, Bal, Indy (those last 2 I'm most iffy about) My upsets: Atl, Chi (my team has gotten punch 'em in the mouth and put 'em away for good!) My special CFP picks: Bama of course but earlier in the day I see ND upsetting Clem! Have a Happy New Year
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