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    Looking for the newest NCAA NES Rom?

    sorry to bring up a old thread kinda but is this still the newest nes ncaa rom?? Edit: Both 2009 roms are no good anymore
  2. Burkell777

    NCAA 2009- NEW ROM!

    idk ruben i got something u might be interested in, and i might be interested in your graphics, i like the work alot and such, so im or something, and we can chat
  3. are u saying u like doing rosters, cause if so i 'm slowly wokring on something thats gonna blow the mind of the TSB NCAA communtiy, i think, but its only for NES, if interested, let me know, i also need a graphics person for that if anybody know how to do that, cause i have tried and i cant
  4. i LOVE this finnally a NCAA rom for TSB3.......my thoughts, first who ever did the mini logos, GREAT job, teams like ole miss, North Carolina, and Kansas, in piticular.......but there is a few teams that had better seasons, that are not included, just my idea here but this set-up might be a better fit: Big 10: Ohio St. Penn St. Iowa(in place of mich) Northwestern(in place of TCU) Wisconsin or Minnesota(in place of Bosie St.) Big East: West Virgina Cincy Pitt South Florida Rutgers or Temple(in place of ND) ACC: Georgia Tech Virgina Tech Miami North Carolina Clemson or East Carolina(in place of FSU) Big 12: Texas Nebraska Oklahoma St. TCU(in place of Kansas) BYU(in place of Oklahoma) SEC: Florida Alabama Ole Miss LSU Tennessee or Troy(in place of Georgia) PAC 10: USC Oregon Bosie St.(in place of UCLA) Oregon St.(in place of Utah) Arizona(in place of Cal) just again, my thoughts, and idk how to do the grapics on this game, so idk how to make that happen, but if somebody wants to run with this idea, go for it
  5. Burkell777

    Keeping Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra Alive

    so like new league, and season mode, are not included yet on that u are saying??
  6. Burkell777

    Keeping Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra Alive

    Hi, I just downloaded this, and i LOVE this idea, but i just have a question. How do i make it so i can use the season mode, and other options, cause all i can do is import teams, edit teams and play a single game. Thanks