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  1. Well I Made fun of Tecmo Super Bowl 2: Up Yours by Yanking Out in the In-Game Music, To Make way for contestants on MTV's Lip Service trying to Sing stuff you guessed it up yours, to make this Youtube Video more often by playing 1 Quarter between the Oakland Raiders and The Pittsburgh Steelers, Enjoy if you like it!
  2. Well Great Work on the Tecmo Football League, It feels playing in an alternate universe when the NFL Players Strike in 1987 which led to the end of it's reign of the National Football League so if that happened Buffalo, Green Bay, Kansas City, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco & Tampa Bay will not play in Pro Football and New York and Los Angeles will cut back to 1 team to the league. So I'm Rooting for Phil Simms and Henry Ellard leading the Los Angeles Stars to the Championship Game!
  3. Update (November 7, 2013): Currently the Next Add On Pack will Include Not only the 2013 NFL Season but also the 2013 College Football Season and I Hope It will include at least 28 Division 1-A (FBS) Teams, I Hope It Will be right on the next update plus a bunch of Classic College Football Teams as well and Season 1 of the United Football Circuit and an Added Surprise!, So Stay Tuned!
  4. Well at Least, Dan Fouts could fix skin color to white on the Next Add On Pack & Patch, However The Next Add On Pack that i'm going to issue will feature the 2013 NFL Season and Rosters, In Addition I Will Create a New League on my Riding High to the Union City story about the United Football Circuit featuring the same 32 NFL Teams but with different NFL Legends so I'm going to work on Future Seasons for Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra so stay tuned and don't forget to upload more of your created teams or leagues to Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra, So I can't wait for it, good luck!
  5. Great I Hope you can upload some College Football Teams, soon?
  6. At Least You can try compatability mode using Windows XP.
  7. Good Work So Far Carther, are you going to upload versions for the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl & Fiesta Bowl?
  8. At Least you need to Download DOSBOX first, make sure you click the link to download
  9. Well this is the Moment we've all been waiting for Add On Pack #16 is uploaded and it includes 11 new Classic NCAA Football Teams as well as the complete 2011 & 2012 NFL Seasons plus added uniform numbers for 1973 Stanford, please download here, and if you want to contribute more NFL Seasons and some College Football Seasons and or Teams, please reply here! Add On Pack #16.zip
  10. It's Official Our Project to keep Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra Alive, will no longer die, PERMANENTLY! For the Next Add-On Pack will including the 2011 & 2012 NFL Seasons as well as More NCAA Football Teams as well, so i'm going to upload it probably by the Sunday Night or Monday, which is ever is first, thank you.
  11. Well I'm Trying to Bring NFL Challenge back to life forever because it is a great MS-DOS Game and is released in 1985 by XOR Software. It was notable for being one of the stronger football simulations of its time, with statistical models to not only the NFL season, but also the outcome of a single football game. Being one of the first football games for the PC it is still considered one of the best requiring 10 man-years to make and over 30,000 lines of code. So if you want to Download the Game: Click this Link The Add-On Disks for these seasons can be found in this attachment which consists of 1985, 1988, 1990 and 1991 NFL Seasons, but unfortunately the 1986, 1987 & 1992 NFL Season Disks are now missing as well as the Dream Season Disk in which ESPN aired a special NFL Dream Season in 1988, so if anyone has these disks and needs to upload, reply here. And if you want to upload NFL Teams past and present (including homebrewed versions of the 1986, 1987 & 1992 NFL Seasons) as well as the 2012 NFL Season (including NFL Players like Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson and Tony Romo), please post it by replying here for your upload. nflchal-add.zip
  12. And so the Wait is now over!, Add On Pack #15 is finally here included 4 Fantasy Teams (in which they are consisted of those girls competing in the Miss Texas USA Pageant in the first 4 years of the Al & Gail Clark era), 1997 UGA Bulldogs (featuring Dancing With The Stars season 12 winners) and 2 teams that predicted by Phil Steele of the 2011 College Football Preview book that they will make it to the BCS National Championship Game, Alabama and Oklahoma among more for download, right here. So if you want to upload more teams, please reply here and i'm adding another Add On Pack soon, probably it will include more 2011 Teams like Stanford (Andrew Luck), Oregon (Cliff Harris), Luke Kuechley (Boston College), Jared Crick (Nebraska), and more, so if you want to do so, reply here to this thread. Add On Pack #15.zip
  13. Okay, Good Luck and hopefully we could have more College Football Teams to Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra, and probably everyone in the forum would make a project to put Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra back to life and everyone can replay their Historic Seasons from the NFL and NCAA!
  14. That's an excellent idea. I think I have the USA Today encyclopedia in the closet. What was the program you used to edit the players and teams? I know I've used it before (to change Rod Smart to He Hate Me) but it's been a long time and I can't remember what it was. Tecmo Super Bowl Manager and/or Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 2000, whichever is first, so i wish you could probably do some more Classic College Football Teams that weren't in the game (wishing that we want more Pac 10 from wayback when, so i want the 1990's!)
  15. Godfather: Oh well, Add-On Packs are for new teams to be added, for the record Godfather i think you can do some more college football teams if you want even if you had the USA Today College Football Encyclopedia if you wish Leebo: Probably Someone else will do it, so i wish some one at the Tecmo Bowl Forum could do a revival of Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra by picking where we left off As for me I'm expecting to add more NCAA Football Teams in the next Expansion Pack, probably throw in some more fantasy teams, so stay tuned.
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