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  1. MikeMystery

    Supa Bo, pick that

    Calling it now, Browns go 5-11
  2. MikeMystery

    Supa Bo, pick that

    I'm picking the Eagles. Yes...I know....the mascot that I picked can lay eggs. I have already stocked up on the bacon.
  3. MikeMystery

    Divisional Round PredictFest

    Give me Patriots, Falcons, Steelers, and Saints. Hopefully no omelets this time. But if so....please include bacon.
  4. MikeMystery

    Wild-Card Predictem

    What's that I smell? Smells familiar... Oh yeah...EGG ON FACE! To think I almost picked Buffalo and almost went winless...
  5. MikeMystery

    Wild-Card Predictem

    I hate to say Chiefs but Arrowhead is a tough place to play. A tough place that also isn't experiencing the ultimate Jack Frost Arctic Attack that's happening on the East coast. Give me Chiefs, Rams, Panthers, and Jags.
  6. MikeMystery

    WEEK 16 Picks

    The worse part about the Brownies is that it doesn't look like things are going to change there...
  7. MikeMystery

    WEEK 16 Picks

    IDK....they have been to the playoffs more recently than the Bills....and won more playoff games than the Lions....
  8. MikeMystery

    WEEK 16 Picks

    Is there a such thing as an "Egg On Face" Medallion?
  9. MikeMystery

    WEEK 16 Picks

    Saturday, 12/23 4:30pmE.T. Indianapolis @ Baltimore 8:30pmE.T Minnesota @ Green Bay Sunday, 12/24 1:00pmE.T. LARams @ Tennessee - Sad pick as I was hoping the Titans would get in the playoffs but I think they need to win out to do so. Buffalo @ New England Cleveland @ Chicago - C'mon Christmas miracle...You've gotta win ONE, Brownies! Atlanta @ New Orleans Detroit @ Cincinnati Tampa Bay @ Carolina - Although, I will say that had the ref not slipped up last week when the Bucs played the Falcons, we have a very different outcome. Winston was perfect on that last drive. Miami @ Kansas City Denver @ Washington LAChargers @ NYJets 4:05pmE.T. Jacksonville @ San Francisco 4:25pmE.T. Seattle @ Dallas NYGiants @ Arizona -------------------------------------------- Monday, 12/25 4:30pmE.T. Pittsburgh @ Houston 8:30pmE.T. Oakland @ Philadelphia
  10. MikeMystery

    WEEK 15 Pickem

    UGH I have so much egg on my face. Already 5 picks wrong lol
  11. MikeMystery

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Makes me think of the shots game that me and my brothers play. Every football game that we attend, we keep a mental note of how much paraphernalia we saw that had nothing to do with either team playing on the field. The collective number is known as the "shot pot" and has to be cleared out before the next week of games start. For example, if we (most likely the three of us) collectively saw 15 things, then that's about 5 shots per person (assuming they are spread evenly) that have to be taken before Thursday Night Football starts. Some games have come back surprisingly lit....imagine trying to spread around 38 shots before TNF....UGH *cue the call out line at work*
  12. MikeMystery

    WEEK 15 Pickem

    Thursday, 12/14 8:25pmE.T. Denver @ Indianapolis - I really hope I don't look back on this pick but IDK if Brisset's ready for a defense this fast. -------------------------------------------- Saturday, 12/16 4:30pmE.T. Chicago @ Detroit - Let me run with the upset! 8:25pmE.T LAChargers @ Kansas City Sunday, 12/17 1:00pmE.T. Philadelphia @ NYGiants - Let's not forget that Nick was a starter at one point. I think he'll take the cake here. Cincinnati @ Minnesota Baltimore @ Cleveland - I think Cleveland's ONLY remaining shot is next week vs. Chicago. Could we have ANOTHER Christmas Miracle like last year against the Bolts!? Arizona @ Washington Green Bay @ Carolina NYJets @ New Orleans Miami @ Buffalo - I'm thinking hard on this one but really think with that pass rush that they can strike again. Houston @ Jacksonville 4:05pmE.T. LARams @ Seattle - Oof...I don't like this pick either but TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! 4:25pmE.T. Tennessee @ San Francisco New England @ Pittsburgh 8:30pmE.T. Dallas @ Oakland - I've lost track of who got suspended where and for how long so I feel like this one will haunt me as well. -------------------------------------------- Monday, 12/18 8:30pmE.T. Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - Something tells me that the Falcons are going to Falcons again...
  13. MikeMystery

    WEEK 14 Picks

    And I REALLY thought about picking the Fins....which would have made the record look even SWEETER
  14. MikeMystery

    WEEK 14 Picks

    Thursday, 12/7 8:25pmE.T. New Orleans @ Atlanta -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 12/10 1:00pmE.T. Indianapolis @ Buffalo Minnesota @ Carolina Chicago @ Cincinnati Green Bay @ Cleveland San Francisco @ Houston Oakland @ Kansas City - Where in the world did my AFC West go!? Detroit @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ NYGiants 4:05pmE.T. Tennessee @ Arizona NYJets @ Denver - Let's face it, Vance Joseph needs to close up shop and go home. Washington @ LAChargers - Too bad no one will be in the stadium to enjoy the game as the Rams play at home at the same time. 4:25pmE.T. Seattle @ Jacksonville Philadelphia @ LARams 8:30pmE.T. Baltimore @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Monday, 12/11 8:30pmE.T. New England @ Miami
  15. MikeMystery

    WEEK 12 Pluckem

    Thursday, 11/23 12:30pmE.T. Minnesota @ Detroit - I want to have hope for the Lions but let's be real...Keenum has been eating his Wheaties recently. 4:30pmE.T. LAChargers @ Dallas - Interesting turn that the Cowboys have on schedule...starting here they can make a very good playoff run. 8:30pmE.T. NYGiants @ Washington - The Giants are just AWFUL. Period. End of statement. Their offense has scored a combined 25 points in their wins (they had to be spotted 10 points to beat Denver!) -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 11/26 1:00pmE.T. Cleveland @ Cincinnati - I really can't think of a reason to pick the Browns. Carolina @ NYJets Tennessee @ Indianapolis Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Falcons are going to pull a Falcons in this one. Just like they did against Seattle on MNF. But Tampa is so undisciplined, I feel like Atlanta will still pull this one out. Miami @ New England - Dolphins lose Ray Maualuga (because he got into a fight at a nightclub over his bar tab) and....really I can't name another defensive starter besides Suh. Spells trouble going up against the defending champs. Chicago @ Philadelphia - The Bears are pretty lousy too. Buffalo @ Kansas City - The Bills defense is pretty scrappy but not knowing who's starting at QB is a MAJOR issue. In 30 mins of football Pederman already has more INTs than some QBs in the league. 4:05pmE.T. Seattle @ San Francisco 4:25pmE.T. Denver @ Oakland - I get it...last time I picked Denver I was TERRIBLY wrong, Beast Mode is playing in his hometown in front of thousands of fans...and I'm STILL picking my boys! #BroncoUp! New Orleans @ LARams - I had trouble with this pick, but I think the loss to the Vikings brought the Rams back down to Earth. Jacksonville @ Arizona 8:30pmE.T. Green Bay @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/27 8:30pmE.T. Houston @ Baltimore - Tom Savage? Eh, sticking with Baltimore here.