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  1. tecmo_ninja


    Pretty easy. College Slam is customizable in game. Can edit all players. I started playing it a little bit there's some things that are a little bit different than NBA Jam like the announcer says from way off campus for 3-pointers. You can pause and make substitutions anytime during the game.
  2. tecmo_ninja

    Game Genie Code Utility

    Came across this awesome program. Easily patch any rom with game genie codes. http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=1246.0
  3. tecmo_ninja


    I've been scouring the internet for NBA JAM stuff for last few months. I've found a few resources / rom hacks / mods. There is a player editor out there but having some trouble using it. Here are some files of stuff I've found. This is all SNES stuff and I DID NOT CREATE any of the stuff.. Just putting together for other interested parties Old School Edition is a mash up of NBA JAM and NBA JAM T.E rosters and a few extras. Has JORDAN! Only tweaking I personally would have done is Penny Hardaway was not included on Orlando.. NJTEPE is the roster editor program similar to the TSB Supreme NBA JAM TE Roster mod plus has two ips files. Lite includes all the Unlockable characters as if you beat all 27 teams. Plus is the mascots replacing the rookie team NBA JAM 2k17 menu fix is an ips patch that someone made to make the game not crash while going to settings NBA JAM T.E Unlocked I just put the ips patch on the rom for all players unlocked NBA JAM 2k17 is an updated roster game. Lets pool some of our resources together and see what we come up with! NBA JAM OLD SCHOOL EDITION.sfc njtepe036.rar nba_jam_te_roster_mod_plus10.ips NBA Jam 2k17 Menu Fix.SMC NBA JAM T.E. UNLOCKED.sfc NBA Jam 2k17 Menu Fix.SMC NBA Jam 2k17.SMC
  4. tecmo_ninja

    A Cord-Cutter's Guide to the 2017 NFL Season

    i've been using the free option for last 2 years or so.. was able to watch basketball on tnt. has local channels for football. was able to watch super bowl on it too
  5. tecmo_ninja

    A Cord-Cutter's Guide to the 2017 NFL Season

    I use ustvnow.com. it's decent. Seems based out of Pittsburgh area for local news and stuff. When watching national games like NBA finals last few years was rough and buffered a ton. Watching today and pretty solid. I hook up my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cord
  6. tecmo_ninja

    Tournament Abundance

    And let's face it most of the time it's the same group of guys that are going to most of these tournaments. We travel all over the country to play like the same 12 guys at every tournament. At least in my neck of the woods.
  7. tecmo_ninja

    Tournament Abundance

    You don't really see that it's a problem I think it's if anything a good thing. It's not like we're all 16 year old kids without jobs that can go to everything sometimes it's hard to make dates being adults and everything. If I was a high-profile athlete and felt pressured to go to all of them then yes. And for Tecmo Dallas and Cleveland to be on the same weekend was a stretch for people to say they should have been on different weekends. They're seriously like on opposite sides of the planet
  8. tecmo_ninja

    Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    see you guys tomorrow night!
  9. tecmo_ninja

    Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    Hey guys looking forward to a good time! So just some venue information: I'll be here around 10 am setting up / reaping tecmo souls. I don't serve alcohol but you are more than welcome to bring your own. I have a refrigerator to keep it cold. Food is open if you want to buy stuff or you can bring whatever you want as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone on saturday!
  10. tecmo_ninja

    Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    Awesome! Count me in for sure!
  11. tecmo_ninja

    Detroit, MI - 03/04/17 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite V

    Retron 1 Louis and I played on it all night before tourney. I took it to the tourney. I've had a few of these systems. I love them. I love my OG toaster style but it gets frustrating at times. I Love the Everdrives! And I'm not slamming that puppy into the toaster because the SD card sticks out just a bit. So the retro clones are perfect for a top loader. (OG top loader will set you back quite a bit) clones are less than $20. I can't say as though I've used the controllers included.. they are suspect at best lol. But using the original controllers are always the best option. I will say I have a very nice after market N85 controller that is the best feeling controller vs tomee and other cheap China ones. But I noticed over the weekend that it had a lag playing on the console. After switching out controllers I was back in Tecmo business. I had a problem online using it but figured it was online lag. Will post more on that once I play on the toaster. Anyway. The retron 1 is awesome and well worth the money. Buy OG controllers. YouTube how to clean them properly and take apart and will feel brand new. Word to the wise... I blew up a retron 1 and 3 by using a wrong power adapter. Couldn't find the stock one and used a Original NES power box. So it smoked and smelled and was broken.
  12. tecmo_ninja

    Detroit, MI - 03/04/17 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite V

    Great tourney with the best of friends. Friday night was cool hanging out with Louis and playing all night. Awesome Venue for sure. Odell and O'Toole hosted were awesome too. Loved the prizes and raffles, always a nice touch.
  13. tecmo_ninja

    Tecmo Madison XIII: Where are you staying?

    Anyone looking for a roommate? Looking to fly in Friday early or possibly Thursday night if able to split rooms with someone.
  14. tecmo_ninja

    Thunderdome IX: Bracket Pool Madness (Cash Prize!)

    ninjachessmaster is challonge name.. i'm down