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  1. CheapCatch

    NFTGL season 16

    'bouts to get a league game in this afternoon. #afternooncookies #afternoontea #afternoontecmo
  2. CheapCatch

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Fortunately Golden 'Dick' Richards made it into our league. What a pleasure it was to have him. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from former Chicago quarterback Bob Avellini, who by the way was, himself, horrible at his position. Said Avellini, “Golden Richards is the worst wide receiver I have ever seen.”
  3. CheapCatch

    Best Ever NFL Names

    George Shorthose (KC WR), 1985. I was doing research for our online TSB III league and came across this gem. Unfortunately he won't make our ROM....
  4. CheapCatch

    Has anyone had this glitch?

    Has this been happening with other ROMs you've played from us, or within that same ROM? Or are you finding it is isolated to that particular game? Let me know if this keeps popping up.
  5. CheapCatch

    Has anyone had this glitch?

    Here you go (or anyone else). Enjoy! 1980wk1.smc TLL81PreseasonSched.smc TLL82schedule.smc
  6. CheapCatch

    Has anyone had this glitch?

    Shlabotnik- Awesome you are playing our ROMs! That makes me excited to hear they are getting use. I, along with Matt Bird (faulkner), make the rosters for our league (TLL). We split the positions half and half. I believe starting in the 1980 season I started doing the entire offense, while Matt does the defense (before that we each were responsible for positions on both sides of the ball). We do put a lot of work and research into making the players. So glad you are digging it. Let me know if you'd like any other season ROMs. We just started the 1982 season. I haven't seen that glitch you speak of. It was MAN v CPU, and not CPU v CPU, right? cheapcatch
  7. CheapCatch

    The Legend of Zelda

    This is one of the best games of all time. Every year I do a run through of it. This summer I played through it (both quests) three times, with the goal of not dying once. On the third attempt I achieved this goal. It's a fun game. It would be cool to go back and play it with no knowledge of where the items, dungeons, etc. are.
  8. CheapCatch

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    I swear I've witnessed DH previously making hip hop/rap references, so when I saw the ODB graphic I initially thought "ODB, holdin' it down" was a reference to Old Dirty Bastard. Great work with the graphic, DH....
  9. CheapCatch

    Best Former-Player Announcers

    wow, I had never heard Wolfley before. The dude is hilarious. Love his monotone presentation combined with oft outrageous descriptions. Let's just say football is not hard to understand. Ron, would you care to comment? He also has a bit of John Madden in him.
  10. CheapCatch

    NFTGL season 13 - live streaming Feb 6-8 2015

    Two Words: People's Champ
  11. CheapCatch

    defensive substitutions question

    This happens in our league all of the time. It is definitely annoying, and I don't think there is any known solution.
  12. CheapCatch

    Best Ever NFL Names

    One point (above) for "the Jesus"....you said it man
  13. CheapCatch

    Reveal Unto Me Your Famous Connections

    My mom's side has a ridiculously huge family, and they are all about the family connections. Somehow my aunt recently found out that Anthony Barr (Minnesota's 2014 First Round Draft Pick; 9th overall pick) is the son of their uncle's daughter. Apparently the daughter moved out to California years ago, and Barr was raised by his grandmother there. My parents and other family members live near Buffalo, so when Minnesota played Buffalo at Orchard Park this season they went to the game, and met Barr after the game. Doesn't get any more random than that.
  14. Eric- If you are interested in getting you and your buddies set up online feel free to PM me, and I can run you through things.