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  1. WOW. This is like a completely different game. I've never enjoyed juiced versions of TSB, as they frustrate me to no end, but this style really works. It's hard, but so fun that I don't get upset. It's taking some time to get used to, but I like it.
  2. Thanks again to everyone for the constructive comments. All changes have been made.
  3. Thanks for the tip on Faulk. I've now replaced him. Man crush on Bradford? He has a 44 rating for pass speed, control, and accuracy. That makes him a pretty average quarterback.
  4. Rosters have now been updated.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Good catch on the number, but the position is correct. Desmond Clark was switched over to H-back this season. He's still listed as such on ESPN, Yahoo, and the official Bears website. Here's an article explaining the details:
  6. mrpaulryan

    TSB 32-Team ROM (2007)

    It would be pretty amazing to see a version 1.11 with the buggy 2-pt conversion removed and everything else left in. I'd love to have all my favorite roms - and my own - have a juiced option within one game instead of having to release two.
  7. mrpaulryan

    QBEagles's 2010-2011 TSB NES ROM

    I think Reid said Kolb was still their #1 QB, which is a shame. Vick played brilliantly on Sunday.
  8. mrpaulryan

    2010 Season Releases

    Here's a link to mine: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=13826
  9. This is my second year releasing a rom. I've learned quite a bit since last year, having studied the attributes of the original game pretty extensively (see my spreadsheet). This rom is for anyone interested in the feel of the original without gameplay or graphics hacks (except 32 teams and adjustable quarter lengths). I greatly appreciate any feedback, positive or otherwise. Download below. ROSTERS Depth charts are from Yahoo Sports, though I've included some rookies like Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy as backup QBs because I figured people would enjoy playing with those guys. Injured or suspended players who aren't out the full season are included as backups. As in last year's rom, there's lots of attention to detail with player likenesses, uniforms, etc. RATINGS I based attributes solely on last year's stats. All are within the ranges of the original game. Simulation stats and rankings are realistic. RBs rarely get 2,000 yards, receivers rarely get more than 1,400, and only a few quarterbacks are capable of 40 TDs. Since it's TSB, there will always be seasons where bad teams do well or good teams go sour, but people who value realistic simulations should be happy with the results. HACKS Only the ones used in Cxrom's 32-team rom (version 1.05). So no juicing, no adjustments to kick or punt returns, etc. I like to stay as close to the original gameplay and visuals as possible. UPDATE HISTORY v1.1 - Updated rosters (10/17/10) v1.0 - Initial release. TSB 2011 mrpaulryan.nes.zip
  10. mrpaulryan

    2010 Season Releases

    I'll have mine done today or tomorrow. I'm just doing some final tweaking on the sim stats.
  11. Ever since the release of my first rom this year, I've been studying the original TSB to get a better idea of what original player ratings were like. To help myself, I compiled a spreadsheet showing the range of ratings for each player position in the original game. The ratings in boldface are ones that only a handful of players have. For instance, only a few quarterbacks have 81 passing ratings, so I've highlighted it so people won't think that's a typical rating. I figured I'd share since this may be helpful for anyone getting started in editing TSB. It has helped me understand which attributes to leave alone, which attributes to adjust, and how high or low I can adjust them. For instance, I was unaware that all quarterbacks had identical RS, RP, and HP. I was also unaware that wide receivers generally had lower MS than running backs. This spreadsheet certainly won't make anyone an expert, but it's a good guide for people like myself who are just starting out. A screenshot is below, and the actual spreadsheet is attached for download. tecmo.xls
  12. For the record, I use the vanilla version.
  13. mrpaulryan

    New Java TSB editor for Windows, Linux, Mac

    Fantastic stuff. Here's hoping for 32-team compatibility. My only issue is there's no scroll bar on the league window, which means I can't access the NFC teams. There's simply no way to scroll down. Screenshot attached to show what I mean. I can still edit players using the "Team" and "Players By Position" windows, which are smaller, but I can't edit uniforms or other team features.
  14. mrpaulryan

    2009-2010 Tecmo ROM Reviews

    Some reorganizing would definitely help n00bs like me out. An updated sticky of editing tools with download links (maybe include a link to cxrom's original 32-team rom; it took me nearly an hour to find it), and especially a sticky of hacks with download links. Every dedicated KR/PR hack I download has that old glitch where it makes the computer-controlled returner run backwards for five yards before running forward.
  15. mrpaulryan

    2009-2010 Tecmo ROM Reviews

    Is there a link to the original 32-team rom that we know has no juice hack installed? When I downloaded the archive of roms from http://www.tecmosb.com, I used what was labeled as the original. I'd like to make sure. Thanks. (And thanks for the review!)