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  1. Absolutely! Mort's Tecmo College and now Leif's vids are clutch. Thanks!
  2. Yes, someone would definitely be trapped with someone who still can't stop the T Power Dive! The videos Leif posted are great intermediate vids BTW. That drive to SD would almost be worth it. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hi all, I put together a pretty amateurish tsb tourney annually, the night before the SB. We're talking default playbooks here. Lots of close friends. Otherwise, we use Madison rules. We've all been around the game forever, but are casual enthusiasts Vs all of your impressive mastery of tsb. Regardless, I want to win! If anyone in the area is interested in a meet-up for the sake of 'training' me, let me know. I got a cool $50 bill for anyone interested. Thanks!
  4. Hi everybody, I read the following article the day of Tecmo XII: http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/20/11077626/tecmo-madison-last-tournament-tribute-chet-josh-holzbauer For those that also read it, although I don't agree with the notion that a h2h sports game could ever be "beat", the point is well taken that you top guys have this thing figured out COMPLETELY. And, the article made it seem (or just reflected) that maybe tournament play is getting stale/predictable for some of you top guys. It made me think, has anyone ever done or thought about doing live tournaments based on the outstanding yearly ROMs that are released? Apologies if I've missed discussions on this in the past, but this would keep things fresh from year to year, and kind of be an answer to some of the points made in the article about the game being "beat" so to speak. Thanks guys, I'm a fan of this community.
  5. I'm thinking the noobishness would lend to these wide open tiers working for some fun matchups, taking all the comments into account. With y'all who are really good, I can see really drilling down and splitting hiers (see what I did there, wonk wonk), but luck may work in so much here that I think we can go wide open. But, I have to put those last three at the bottom, It seems like the clearest line to draw to my novice eyes. I can just see a Dal, Cle, or GB crushing the bottom three. I think I'll roll with this unless anyone comments on some big time flaws. Tier 1: SF, Hou, NYG, Det, Chi, Rai, Phi, Buf, KC, Mia Tier 2: TB, Was, Rams, Cin, Atl, NYJ, Pit, Den, SD, Min Tier 3: Dal, NO, Phx, Cle, GB, Tier 4: Sea, NE, Ind
  6. Curious, the way things could be shaping up, could you guys actually consider Phi a tier 1 stock team, and Buf possibly a tier 2? Maybe I'll put both of them in tier 1. SF always screws things up for me. If I close my left eye and just see Hou, NYG, Buf, Phi- it looks ok. In a general sense, QB Eagles is sooo dangerous, could you see picking them in a SF-Phi matchup? I know this type of conversation doesn't happen here a lot, but I find it interesting nonetheless to see how you guys think of these tiers with stock PBs.
  7. Again, I like it. Interesting it seems you thought the superior PBs of the Little 3 (NE, Sea, Ind) allow them back in with what I would consider clearly more talented teams in tier 5. Also, from a more novice point of view, it seems like I could maybe go a little more parabolic with the talent here. Maybe go big 3 top, little 3 bottom..and bigger tiers in the middle. Tier 3 is large, but I don't have the experience to see the difference in those teams so much. Your tier 3 piques my interest. I'm so used to seeing a KC or a Mia clearly above TB, Was, and Rams. If I were to incorporate that with your suggestions, it would look like the following: Tier 1: SF, Hou, NYG, Tier 2: Det, Chi, Rai, Phi, Buf, KC, Mia Tier 3: TB, Was, Rams, Cin, Atl, NYJ, Pit, Den, SD, Min Tier 4: Dal, NO, Phx, Cle, GB, Tier:5 Sea, NE, Ind Do you see any gross matchup opportunities using these tiers? Appreciate your suggestions!
  8. I like it, Buck. Especially making the last tier for that special kind of horseshi* that is Sea, Ind, NE. It feels odd putting Det with the top teams, but I guess they have a good playbook, top RB, Scrambley QB, and solid D. Cin is tough for me because I don't care for that playbook. I may want to leave them in tier 3, I'm going to think about that one.
  9. That is a valid option. However, as lame as it may seem to some current competitive experts, this group is as much about the nostalgia factor as it is competition. So, I like the plug n play aspect of just picking a team and getting after it. It may seem like a minor detail to some, but taking the time to set up playbooks can take a little of that nostalgic flair out of it for some, imo. But, thank you for all of your suggestions. It seems maybe the tiers are good enough as is, with a possible Phx-NO swap.
  10. Well, then maybe I don't like the swap That Phx playbook is just soo bad, even this noob can tell that. But I guess Lonnie and John John keep them afloat?
  11. Interesting. We are all nothing compared to the studs here, but we've all played, and we know the GENERAL strengths of each team. But, no one knows (or can effectively use) advanced techniques like which defenders to use on which diagnosed plays, calculating catch %, or triggering jj int's, etc. I just want to avoid big mismatches between two average dudes in a given matchup. I like the Phx swap with NO. Thanks!
  12. So I was wondering, I am holding a noobish tournament with some old friends the night before the Super Bowl. Low $takes, and most haven't played in years. I definitely like the "Madison" style of picking matchups. The thing is, I don't want a couple of the guys researching and changing to money playbooks while some are there just to have some fun (and would be intimidated in a friendly setting). However, I do want to have tiers available for all us noobs to pick fair matchups. The question is, how would factoring in stock playbooks affect tiers in your professional opinion(s)? Here is how I have the tiers currently, let me know where you might shift teams knowing they'd have stock playbooks... Tier 1: SF, Hou, NYG, Buf Tier 2: Phi, Rai, Chi, KC, Mia Tier 3: Den, SD, Cin, Rams, Det, Was, Min Tier 4: Dal, Phx, Pit, NYJ, Atl, TB Tier 5: NO, Sea, NE, Ind, Cle, GB Thanks in advance for any opinions!
  13. I missed whatever commotion and hubbub caused the "Great Wall of Buck's ROMs and Updates" to come crumbling down...but as one of the "thousands" MGK has mentioned (and who usually just lurk), the JOY this ROM brings is hard to measure on a board like this. THANK YOU for reposting it! Just thank lord. Seriously.
  14. Just won the Super Bowl with the Titans v GB! Final Score 28-23. What a rewarding season. The ROM is so challenging that winning it all gives me great satisfaction- genuine excitement as I've said before. Thanks to Buck and Knobbe.org for creating this magical place and keeping TSB alive! If this sounds like an awards acceptance speech then it's probably because I just won the Super Bowl on Buck's ROM. I am going to try the week 6 version, and try to win it without leaning on CJ all the time when I need to. I just had to use ANY means necessary to win games on this ROM, but with a title under my belt I need to add that next element and be a little more balanced about things. Quick synopsis: went 11-4 with a Wild Card berth before rolling thru playoffs and winning the SB. I had a very obvious CJ based attack and racked up 2900+ yards on the ground and 300+ receiving. Games were VERY offensive, as both MAN and COM D's had a tough time stopping anyone. I VERY humbly only offer a general critique that just as I strive for balance in my gameplay, maybe in some way future ROMs can be created to make the overall OFF and DEF gameplay more balanced. This is NOT a complaint because this ROM is a freakin' blast. It might not even be possible, as the other ROMs have not found ANY way to present a 1p challenge such as this.
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