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  1. Is there a hack that adjusts where the COM will be willing to go for a field goal? They always seem to be willing to go for 50-60 yard kicks which seem a bit unrealistic. Basically it would be great to have a hack where you can set it so COM never tries a FG unless they are inside the 40 or some, set yardline.
  2. Do you have any SET Commands for the playoff changes you made? Do you know if they can be made workable for a 32 team rom? Basically, is there a way to just put the division winner from each division into one of the 8 playoff slots. No wild card.
  3. From your comment it sounds like after the division winners are determined and sorted it then loads the teams as wildcards by best record. Is there was a way to eliminate all divisions or the check for division winners that would/could get the game go straight to checking wildcards and therefore place ALL the teams in the playoffs based strictly on record? And from there could you set it so it just chooses the top 4 teams? And get an easy 4 team NCAA playoff? Or am I reading that wrong?
  4. How would one make the 8 team playoffs for a 32 team rom? Basically winner of each division gets a playoff spot?
  5. I love the all-time teams. Here are some suggestions on teams and players to add... Teams: Michigan State Big names from offense... Javon Ringer, Plaxico Buress, andre rison, mark ingram sr, tony mandarich Big names from defense... bubba smith, carl banks, greg jones, percy snow SMU O - Erik Dickrerson, craig james, don meredith, doak walker, lamar hunt, forrest gregg Georgia O - fran tarkenton, herschel walker, terrel davis, hines ward, garrison hearst D - champ bailey Colorado O - darian hagan, kordell stewart, eric biemeny, rashan salaam, rae carruth, micheal westbrook, whizzer white D - deon figures Oklahoma State O - barry sanders, hart lee dykes, mike gundy, dez bryant, justin blackmon, thurman thomas D - dexter manley PLAYERS: Washington RB Napolean kaufman, DE steve entman WVU QB major harris, RB eugene napolean FSU DB deion sanders, RB amp lee, WR fred belintikof, DB terrell buckley FLO TE cornelious ingram, QB steve spurrier, WR chris collinsworth, LB wilbur marshall, LB brandon spikes OU RB billy simms, TE keith jackson, TEXAS RB earl campbell, WR limas sweed, SS earl thomas, LB brian orakpo Miami DL warren sapp, DB bennie blades, DL cortez kennedy ORE QB Dan Fouts, RB lamichael james, RB maurice morris, BAMA QB bart starr Nebraska RB mike rozier, RB roger craig, WR irving fryar, DE ndomakung suh PITT RB ironhead heyward, RB lesean mccoy, TE mike ditka, DE chris doleman, LB rickey jackson, LB hugh green ND LB chris zorich, LB michael stonebreaker, DB todd lyght, RB paul hornung USC QB rodney peete, WR lynn swann, WR keyshawn johnson, LB junior seau, DB ronnie lott, DB mark carrier, LB willie mcginest LSU QB YA tittle, RB billy cannon, RB kevin faulk, DL glen dorsey Penn st RB curt warner, RB john Cappeletti, LB jack ham I could do this all day.
  6. is there a way to make onside recoveries easier or more likely earlier in the game to reflect the fact that unexpected onsides are always more successful. Maybe have the percentage higher before the 4th quarter and lower in the 4th quarter??
  7. This sounds more like a true no-huddle. The offense calls it fast and the defense can't get their call/substitutions in so it is at a disadvantage. But instead of random, combine that with quince 3800's idea above of the defense stuck in its previous call. That should also prevent the chance of the defense randomly calling the same play.
  8. This did not seem to change the division sizes when I made changes in the 32 team roms? How would one adjust division sizes for that? Specifically the 8 divisions would have 4 teams, 4 teams, 3 teams, 3 teams 6 teams, 6 teams, 3 teams, 3 teams
  9. How and where does one implement this code into a ROM that already exists? Is that possible? Is there a SET command?
  10. the field is awesome. how do you put the same team in multiple wildcard spots? Is there a set command that could do that? or is it more complicated?
  11. Would it be possible to set it up so if the ball goes 5 or 6 yards deep or further into the end zone it is an automatic touchback? Somehow move the line that makes the game think the ball went past the back of the end zone to the middle of the endzone?
  12. Do you have the documentation on how you were able to determine which teams go where from your 67-69 roms? Would it be easy to translate to the 32 team rom?
  13. Awesome. thanks. the 32 team rom already has 2 conferences with 4 divisions each. (i think that is what you meant). So just the 1st place team from each division.
  14. exactly... basically have only the division winners advance to playoffs. so 8 total teams (4 on each side)
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