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  1. nes robert 2019.nes nes tecmo super bowl offence.nes
  2. my nfl files nes NFL 2K19 season.nes nes NFL 2K19 season juiced.nes nes NCAA 19 #1.nes nes NCAA 19 #2.nes
  3. my created players 4 fun one 1 of the best tecmo super bowls 2016 rosters nes Tecmo 2016.nes
  4. nes Tecmo NCAA Basketball 2015.nes nes Tecmo NBA Basketball 2016.nes
  5. updated to real life stats of original and added Eric Dickerson to colts nes Tecmo Super Bowl.nes
  6. nes NBA 2k14.nes nes NBA 2k15 ver1 season .nes nes NBA 2k15 ver2 .nes nes NBA 2k15 ver1 .nes
  7. I can't repost I'm on navy base in great Lakes
  8. Right me and my friends always battle in this more then in 2k
  9. NES Tecmo Basketball 2K15 Sorry so late with joining the Navy and everything but finally got around to it enjoy version 1 is normal rosters n teams I speeded up the game a lil but other then that should be as smooth as before Version 2 is I add in the missing teams Raptors are the 76ers, The grizzlies are magic and the Pelicans are the Hornets 4 the Fans of them team wouldn't be left out like last time version 1 season is just a roster with me and my friends created players on them Let me know what you think with feedback and any corrections nes NBA 2k15 ver1 .nes nes NBA 2k15 ver2 .nes nes NBA 2k15 ver1 season .nes
  10. I updated the snes roster of tecmo super bowl to be more stat based of that season but after kickoff you cant pick up play if somebody could help me fix this would be great n thanks snes Tecmo Super Bowl (J).smc
  11. I created a lil bit more fairness n more stat based of the original version still fun n a lil more depth in backs ups named players n a couple added enjoy. nes Tecmo Super Bowl.nes
  12. Thanks I was tryna get to it but work been crazy tryna fill out these college stuff but Im feeling it imam put some touches on it and add stats in shooting touches. this was last years I was thinking about making after trading deadline but yes Looks good butttornado
  13. ROBZ i started doing heights but i found outit didnt make a difference weather ur center was 7'0 or 5'0 plus everybody the same size on the game and to speed up the process i skipped it the most important thinks was names numbers skin tones and stats and attributes and anything else would be later if i had time.
  14. feels good n defence acts smart for users I would love 2 see with better rating haven't seen what its like on interception return only thing I wish was that it was a lil faster other then that ALL good 4 rough draft
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