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  1. Your rom rocks, drummer'! So, happy to help!!!
  2. A couple up-dates: Browns chris gocong: season-ending inj. (Replace with… #56 kaluka maiava???) Titans eugene amano: season-ending inj. (Replace with #60 kevin matthews)
  3. then again, i don't think you need any depth charts to show that Sproles should be Saints' KR/PR (over Pierre Thomas), or that J.J. Watt, T.J. Yates, & Charlie Whitehurst (for instance) are not rookies… drumfest, here are the last edits!!… Colts #13 t.y. hilton (… T.Y.; not, "TY") #26 mewelde moore Texans t.j.yates: Not a rookie (white) j.j.watt: Not a rookie (white) Jaguars blaine gabbert: Not a rookie (white) KR: montell owens Titans jake locker: Not a rookie (white) kendall - only 1 space between names (you have 2, right now) - wright Broncos WR4: #12 matt willis (… you don't need 2 Andre Caldwells) o.franklin: Not a rookie (black) #6 brock osweiler #34 ronnie hillman #17 andre caldwell #81 joel dreessen KR: matt willis K.C. jON baldwin: Not a rookie (black) justin houston: Not a rookie (black) #19 devon wylie PR: wylie Oakland denarius moore: Not a rookie (black) San Diego c.whitehurst: Not a rookie (white) #30 ronnie brown #36 curtis brinkley #33 leron mcclain #11 eddie royal #96 jarret johnson #56 donald butler PR: royal
  4. i PM'd you the NFC (+) "fixes" - a whole lot of "rookies" who aren't rookies (+ a couple "non-rookies" who should be made rookies); some #/namespelling corrections; & a few different KR/PR'er suggested-changes - so far... (2 separate doc. attachments)
  5. A little of this never hurt nobody: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA8KUM71GNo&feature=player_detailpage
  6. Let me know if i could help with any KR/PR (or other roster) recommendations - down the road, or whenever - if you want... i finally figured-out how to change uniform colors for myself (sometime last-year, i guess); so i won't be bugging you about that, anymore
  7. MGK, what about having your ROM reviewed? (... or are you holding-off, because of an up-date finalization?...)
  8. Alot more KR/ pr inaccuracies... (Almost every update seems to get worse & worse in that department!!) Just sayin'... Thanks for uploading these all for us, tho
  9. This thing (Juiced) is the most ballin effin ROM i've found in a long time (and i just-found it: thanks!!) ... Best of both worlds: S/NES. And i love the NES rosters/sprites mixed with SNES's enhanced (non-sprite) graphics... That said, i've only played one game on it so far; so i'm gonna hold-off on voting it better than the Original NES TSB, for now ('though you've probably already "tallied" all the votes by now, anyway! )
  10. It may have been a different story if I hadn't watched and cheered for your team. Jinx. Sweet-Jesus, dudes. It wouldn't have been a different story. Period. (The browns can't keep beating all the good teams. Cuz that would actually make them a good team! )
  11. NY Titans colors or not, we - Jets - gonna hand you (Browns) a beat-down this weekend, homes ;)
  12. speaking of fats, has anybody done a TSB mod with fat linemen, medium rbs, & thin wrs (for instance)? (if that's even possible? it would be cool to see!) ... i started w/ Stars, only about a yr. ago; & then TT put me back onto RBI I (which it turned out i used to play quite-frequently as a kid), that i've since been playing every now & then. i like them both about the same, i guess... Lookin' forward to try out your 2010 release, though, Tec'!!... thanks
  13. Either way, but put the Jets unis./helmet back to old-school Titans, for game-play... (i know they seem to not be wearing them again this season, but they're just the best overall look, man, i'm tellin' you )
  14. TEN. Mariani black? (white) NYG. Hedgecock black? (white) MIN. KR Moss? (Harvin) PR Harvin? (Camarillo) N.O. KR Moore? (Thomas or Meachem) PR Meachem? (Moore) STL. KR Robinson? (Amendola) PR " "? (" ") SEA. PR Butler? (Tate) Well done on most other KR/ PR line-ups, though...
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