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  1. Woooooo. Anthony and I will be there. Pumped after missing NYC and missed this last year cant wait!
  2. Bar opens at 2pm? lol that's sweet you'll have pizza and such too, can't wait!
  3. Anthony and I are likely in too. Put us on the list!
  4. Tecmo defense too hahaha. https://www.clippituser.tv/c/ynqzr
  5. Always a great time and a great tournament. Full of upsets, fumbles, JJ's, covered catches, booze, laughs and of course late touchdowns giving both joy and tears!! Hahaha. Cant wait until next year!!
  6. Matty D and Derek -awesome write ups! Ryan and to your girlfriend (sorry I forgot her name) - Thanks for all the extra side work you guys did, helped a lot and helped run a good tourney. Brian - HUGE THANK YOU!!!! As always, thank you thank you thank you! Tourney was a great day. Anthony said on the way home, how we look forward to this every year and it's always fun but wow the day flys by so fast which is so true. The talent level has increased across the board, it's like 10-12 guys who have a shot to win it all. But that of course was before Derek (tecmopsycho) made in presence known, he stayed hot and was clicking all day. Congrats to him, he earned it and is very damn good at tecmo, especially DEFENSE!!! -sidenote: props to Derek for his awesome son and for being both incredibly humble and a very down to earth great guy. ================================================ A few sidenotes: -somehow I won 5 coin tosses in a row -saw a few Giants-Oilers matchups and multiple other games with the Oilers -didn't see many Redskins-Vikings or Dolphins-Cheifs which are very popular matchups, or many Vikings at all. I think Brian looked it up and the Vikings went 2-13 last year haha, wonder if any teams didn't show well again this year? -saw way too many games with the Steelers involved haha -Brad T. with a long late run again!!! -Anthony M. continues to draw tough matchups in the bracket, Chris Hendershot who is clearly a good good player went 1-3 in pool play somehow and won with TWO blocked extra points!!! -LOUDEST POP FROM THE CROWD: Jon B. down 7 vs Derek(tecmopsycho), Jon hitting the JJ on the last play of the game but Fryar came down on the 1 yard line and was tackled -amazing how good the raffles are and how much better they get year after year -Brian alerted me to the fact I've beaten him 3 times in tourneys now, no idea how haha -Erik picked a Cincy-Oilers matchup!!! That surprised me bigtime haha -that bar is not equipped for us at all haha and the food, ehhhh, just okay but the space is great to have all that room -while Matty D didn't make the run for the 3rd straight title, he did get an onside kick and had a shot for a JJ for the tie but it wasn't meant to be. Can't beleive he got an onside kick!!! haha Always a good time seeing the tecmo community and seeing a lot of regular faces: Louis, Matt, Shawn, Erik, Patrick, Brian, Ryan, Scott, Dan from CT (lucky basterd went to the Mets game that night) ----missed some regulars in Kevin, Pete and Mort....but CT TECMO is right around the corner!!!!
  7. Book it, can't wait. Always a good time. I'll talk to Anthony and hopefully he's in again.
  8. Thanks to some good changes at work, boom baby!!! Anthony and I are in now.
  9. All you have to do is coordinate a place and run the tourney on the day of. Everyone always brings equipment, just have us all bring the systems and games. People even can bring TVs but that you may need to try to have too. Beer is also a prerequisite for playing tecmo so helps to have it at a bar or place that is cool with the beers.
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