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  1. meat

    Which console do you use today?

    That's a toploader,i have one and its great once you mod it for compsite video.The RF on it is very bad.
  2. meat

    Raspberry pii

    Whoa whoa Online??As in you in 1 state me in another online??How hard to set up a online game??
  3. meat

    Genesis ROM editing

    Is there anyway you can hack Bill Walsh College football 95 so none of the players get tired?
  4. meat

    Tecmo Bowl being re-released by Nintendo

    Cleveland actually pretty good.
  5. meat

    BS Golf snes

    The only NES golf any good is Open tournament Golf.Only mod really needed is something to make the swing meter go slow.
  6. meat

    BS Golf snes

    Raw you got a emulator??
  7. meat

    Super Mario Bros. Update

    I give it some run.Seems like it takes mario awhile to get running and the jumps feel off.However this was on a flatscreen tv so take with a grain of salt.
  8. meat

    Lexibook TV Game Console

    Can it be hacked??
  9. meat

    ROMs to Cart

    Nesreproduction is great!!!He also mods NES toploaders for composite out and duel mono sound.Will get rid of jail bars also
  10. meat

    (NES) NCAA: TSB 2017

    I don't care about the logo just give me tecmo nba basketball 2k17.
  11. meat

    Salacious TSB Tutorial Videos

    A must watch.
  12. meat

    TSB: NCAA 2017

    Can't wait to download.
  13. meat

    Nintendo Re-Releasing Classic Nintendo Console

    Buck where you get the contact pads for the NES controller.
  14. meat

    Nintendo Re-Releasing Classic Nintendo Console

    So anybody still picking this up??I'm really want just the controllers for my mod wii.
  15. meat

    College hoops 2k8 ps3

    Another roster update http://www.operationsports.com/forums/college-hoops-2k-rosters/876849-16-17-rosters-ps3-6.html
  16. meat

    College hoops 2k8 ps3

    Anybody got it for ps3??You can still update the rosters just using a thumb drive. Good game just hate the free throw mechanic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st1hurYgYqw Sent from my XT1042 using Tapatalk
  17. meat

    Mario Kart 8

    You can still get Mario kart Wii online and other games. https://wiimmfi.de/
  18. meat

    BS Golf snes

    Have you tried the irem skins game??
  19. meat

    Whats wrong with my game?

    Who leads in TD passes??
  20. meat

    Best GIFs

    Also was NWA world heavyweight champion at that time.Had a 4 year run with the belt.I think the WWF really missed the boat.
  21. meat

    ESPN NFL 2k17

    Over at operation sports they have released rosters for ESPN NFL 2k5 for ps2 and original Xbox.
  22. meat

    ESPN NFL 2k17

    Unless they have changed something any thumbdrive will work.Put the rosters on the thumbdrive make sure there in .Max format.Boot the ar max disk and put the thumbdrive in your ps2 usb.Go to max memory load your thumbdrive which may take a few seconds and uncrush to your memory card.
  23. meat

    (NES) Tecmo Bowl 2017

    We must wait for tecmo brad to disscet.
  24. meat

    Other Hacked/Homebrew NES ROMs

    Try Batman NES easy makes the game way better.
  25. meat

    College Football 2016-17 Discussion