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  1. Awesome can't wait for this.
  2. Yes and for player 2 the lag was bad.Plus online you couldn't change the playbook
  3. How is the netplay on this ?
  4. meat

    DC back online

    World series baseball 2k2 is also online
  5. Awesome this and mvp baseball 2005 roster update no need to buy MLB the show
  6. So awesome can't wait to play once completed.
  7. Thanks can't wait to play it.
  8. meat

    Newbie Q

    If got a wii laying around soft mod it.
  9. meat

    Checking In

    Good to see your still around sorry to hear about everything.Dicord is the new thing to communicate with.
  10. I had heard he was retiring so sad.Time to buy a everdrive cart?
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