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  1. Is the 2v2 game available for download?
  2. If you can host i will gladly play you over emulator.
  3. So i found a old windows xp laptop and tried getting brudtopia to run but i get a error message The procdure entry point EcnodePointer could not be located in the dyamic link library KERNEL 32.dll Any ideas what the problem is?
  4. Anybody have a good pic of the team poster that come with the game.
  5. Yes and for player 2 the lag was bad.Plus online you couldn't change the playbook
  6. How is the netplay on this ?
  7. World series baseball 2k2 is also online
  8. Awesome this and mvp baseball 2005 roster update no need to buy MLB the show
  9. So awesome can't wait to play once completed.
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