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  1. Hey guys, here is a example of me choosing the Seahawks against one of the all-time greatest D's, the Chicago Bears. And by the way, the 1st play of the game was a Safety by Joe Nash. And also, in the 2nd image is my playbook choice for Seattle, :).
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while since I have been here, but I have a few things to say about you guys thinking that the Seattle Seahawks are the worst team in TSB: 1= They are definitely not the worst if you can balance the offense with about an even amount of pass and run plays. 2= If you guys think I haven't been able to win the Super Bowl with them, guess again, because I have beaten the best NFC team in TSB (which if you guys do know, it is the 49ers) twice in 2 occasions of playing the game, the 2nd occasion ended as the final score of 30-28 (which I had tackled John Taylor after time expired on his Kick Return, which he almost ran it back for a TD.) So those are the things I want to say about the Seattle Seahawks team in 1991. And also, I will take a pic of my playbook for the Seahawks soon, so you guys can get to know what I always choose for their playbook. And finally, I don't care about the match-ups that you have to choose for when having the Seahawks as your team, because I always go by this saying, which it is my own way of saying "I don't care", "Any football team can beat another football team on any given day."
  3. Hey guys, I want to get in on TSB Online playing, any chance you can send me the link also, :).
  4. But Mike, while I understand your point, my point you are not getting is this; the teams created for this game have to, at least, appear in either the NFC/AFC Championship game or the Super Bowl and either win or lose in it. Also, there are teams that you selected for this creation that are definitely wrong, and I'll tell you which team is better from my decision I picked: 87 Browns > 64 Browns 94 Chargers > 63 Chargers (Which by the way, the 1994 Chargers team started actually 4-0 into Week 5) 04 Eagles > 60 Eagles (The 2004 Eagles are better because they went to the Super Bowl) 91 Lions > 53 Lions 96 Packers > 66 Packers (Why they are better is because of 2 players that got them there; Reggie White and Brett Favre) 76 Vikings > 69 Vikings (I like Fran Tarkenton more than Joe Capp) 08 Cardinals > 47 Cardinals (If you don't remember, back in 1947, the team you chose used to be in Chicago, not in Arizona) Those are the teams you should definitely consider picking, besides, it has to coincide within the Super Bowl era anyway, why not those teams???
  5. But the teams also have to be the ones that either won or lost in a Super Bowl, so sorry Mike, but the 94 Chargers are better
  6. Baron, at the same time, I want the teams in their current divisions and conferences, . And everyone, this has to take place during the Super Bowl era, so any pre-66 teams will not count.
  7. How are the Eagles and Bengals arguable, becuz those are the 2 out of the 14 best teams to either lose in the Super Bowl or the NFC/AFC Playoff brackets
  8. Hey guys that created the most recent TSB game for last season, I have a burning question for you guys: Can you please create a custom made cartridge containing each of the 32 teams of today, but with the frachises' best year of that team, and here is an example; Seattle Seahawks = 2013 is their best year. And I know it will be hard, but I've figured out the best years for the 32 teams, and here is the list of them: AFC East: 1990 Buffalo Bills 2004 New England Patriots 1968 New York Jets 1972 Miami Dolphins AFC North: 2000 Baltimore Ravens 1987 Cleveland Browns 1988 Cincinnati Bengals 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers AFC West: 1998 Denver Broncos 1969 Kansas City Chiefs 1976 Oakland Raiders 1994 San Diego Chargers AFC South: 2012 Houston Texans 2006 Indianapolis Colts 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars 1999 Tennessee Titans NFC East: 1992 Dallas Cowboys 1986 New York Giants 2004 Philadelphia Eagles 1991 Washington Redskins NFC North: 1985 Chicago Bears 1991 Detroit Lions 1996 Green Bay Packers 1976 Minnesota Vikings NFC West: 2008 Arizona Cardinals 1999 St. Louis Rams 1989 San Francisco 49ers 2013 Seattle Seahawks NFC South: 1998 Atlanta Falcons 2003 Carolina Panthers 2009 New Orleans Saints 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  9. Ok, just asking, becuz that is the only system I have that can play my TECMO Super Bowl NES game...
  10. Hey guys, got a question to ask, do u guys accept the 'Retro Duo' gaming system for tourney's like this 1? If u guys r wondering what the Retro Duo system is, it is a gaming system that can play NES and SNES games, but it can not play them both at the same time...
  11. Hey everyone, TB: K Master here, just wanted to let u all know that I have been playing TECMO Bowl: Kickoff a lot since it came out, and figured that I should make a Greatest Teams season, like MrNFL's rom. Anyways, here r the teams I chose for their franchises: AFC: North Division: 2000 Baltimore Ravens 1987 Cleveland Browns 1988 Cincinnati Bengals 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers East Division: 1990 Buffalo Bills 2007 New England Patriots 1972 Miami Dolphins 1968 New York Jets West Division: 1998 Denver Broncos 1976 Oakland Raiders 1969 Kansas City Chiefs 1994 San Diego Chargers South Division: 2009 Houston Texans 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars 2006 Indianapolis Colts 1999 Tennessee Titans NFC: North: 1985 Chicago Bears 1996 Green Bay Packers 1991 Detroit Lions 1998 Minnesota Vikings East: 1992 Dallas Cowboys 1986 New York Giants 2004 Philadelphia Eagles 1991 Washington Redskins West: 2008 Arizona Cardinals 1989 San Francisco 49ers 1999 St. Louis Rams 2005 Seattle Seahawks South: 2010 Atlanta Falcons 2009 New Orleans Saints 2003 Carolina Panthers 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Now, the season games I did all CPU vs CPU, including the team I chose, the 2005 Seattle Seahawks, and finished the regular season. And here r the top 6 teams for each conference that will go the the playoffs: AFC: 1 = Jacksonville (11-5) 2 = Oakland (11-5) 3 = Buffalo (10-6) 4 = Baltimore (9-7) 5 = Kansas City (10-6) 6 = Houston (9-7) NFC: 1 = Seattle (15-1) 2 = Carolina (12-4) 3 = Green Bay (10-6) 4 = Dallas (9-7) 5 = San Francisco (11-5) 6 = St. Louis (9-7) And now, here r the playoff match-ups that will happen: WildCard Round 1: #5 Kansas City vs. #4 Baltimore (BAL wins 27-14) WildCard Round 2: #5 San Fran vs. #4 Dallas (SF wins 27-17) WildCard Round 3: #3 Buffalo vs. #6 Houston (HOU wins 21-14) WildCard Round 4: #3 Green Bay vs. #6 St. Louis (GB wins 16-10 OT) Divisional Round 1: #1 Jacksonville vs. #4 Baltimore (BAL wins 28-10) Divisional Round 2: #1 Seattle vs. #5 San Fran (SEA wins 14-7) Divisional Round 3: #2 Oakland vs. #6 Houston (HOU wins 35-17) Divisional Round 4: #2 Carolina vs. #3 Green Bay (GB wins 17-7) AFC Championship: #4 Baltimore vs. #6 Houston (HOU wins 27-14) NFC Championship: #1 Seattle vs. #3 Green Bay (SEA wins 38-3) TECMO Bowl 1: #6 2009 Houston Texans vs. #1 2005 Seattle Seahawks (SEA wins 17-14, become the 1st team to win TECMO Bowl Championship) (I will be updating the Playoff Match-Ups by putting up the scores and who will face who in the Playoff Rounds, hope u guys enjoy this...)
  12. Hey everyone, I'm online right now for Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, and here r my FC and username: FC: 1806-3493-1227 Username: 2001 M's
  13. Hey everyone, I'm trying to edit the SNES version of TSB's team city names + team nicknames, but here's my problem: When I change both the team city name and the team nickname and export the file to the rom, I get the team city names on the rom, but the team nicknames stay the same, can anyone know what's wrong? (BTW, I'm trying to make them all WA State based teams) Can anyone help me on this problem??? Here is the link to my video of the problem:
  14. Anybody wanna play against me online on the first SNES Version of Tecmo Super Bowl?
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