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  1. Still much to do. Playbooks, rosters, playoff mapping to 14 teams instead of 12 and a handful of known bugs, not counting any new ones that might be found upon release
  2. I'm sort of at it. I swear I work on this as much as I can. I'm working on a code to load tiles for plays depending on what players in the game. If you've been following, if you put a TE in the WR3 spot, you'll line up in a 2TE set. By default all teams will be 1 RB, 3 WR, 1TE. Working on a quick switch option on the selection playbook screen to quickly toggle between RB2/WR3/TE2. One that allows the com to do it too. Also might throw in a 4th option olthat subs RB1 for RB2. Have a code in mind that the COM will use to determine the rate it randomizes the switch for them.
  3. This could be doable, what would you think it should be? Is a bit busy I know.
  4. Thank you for all this. I want to find the code that makes the ball carrier fall in the snow and rain.
  5. Also thanks for this. It's good to know what it actually controls. It also controls spin success rate in TSB4.
  6. OMG, this was on my lists of things to find. I need this to create codes to use on our new run/pass ratings. I have most of the code known to do a check if the play is a run or pass. I needed this part next. On a play, I'll have the code check pass/run. Then depending on that, rewrite the code to us our Pass or Run ratings to determine the players HP. This would only be for OLine and Defense. (I know the code to check the players positions) Skill positions will use HP only. It's probably a little more complicated than what I listed above, but this is definitely something I needed. Thanks again Bruddog!!
  7. It should. Haven't tried in a while but our NCAA game worked on Android phones
  8. Sorry guys, been a really rocky couple of months personally, but things seem to be calming down. I am truly excited to push through the end of this journey and get this thing to your hands.
  9. What he said. I was just guessing the spot inside the range of sliders. TSB1 on the NES is not my jam... yet
  10. SNES rom. Actually looked and the Sega rom but they compress the graphics for much of the game. Would have to really research how it's done and then find it all. The Gen version I believe has a longer view of the field. Believe you can see 5 more yards than the SNES
  11. Gonna try to get some coding done this week. If I can get the tiles to load correctly, by months end I should have 8 plays done for a playable beta. Really hoping to get at least that out before the end of year.
  12. I'm doing real life stuff right now, hopefully by the end of the month I'll finish getting a cert for my job and I can go back to full time coding. As for free agency we haven't really thought about it. Sorry guys, really ended to get this done before the season.
  13. I am going to try to create a toggle, hardest part is finding the settings coding and inserting my code. But I really want to do it as I know some want the old school way. If that doesn't work I can always create a second rom with the old way of passing.
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