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  1. The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. This is still a go. It will be done this year.
  2. Sorry about being MIA, still hanging around. Work and life has been kicking my arse. Very tough year, but I literally made finishing this game my Work's personal goal for the year. So now it has to be done or my bonus/raise is at risk. I have made it my mission to finish all the things I started. I am planning on getting some certifications for work by months end, something I have been putting off for too long. As for the new seeding, I haven't gone back to fix it, but I know the way the game does it so it's just a matter of moving the coding around. (Made a note of it due to our NCAA game that will at some point follow)
  3. Trust me when I say, no one wants this game to be out there more than me and my brother. My work has stabilized and I have been able to work on the coding more over the last month. I think we can get a decent playable beta out before the season, which would be a huge step forward for this hack.
  4. I have looked to do this, have not been able to really dig into the coding, I am able to have it simulate a couple rounds first so it mixes a handful of players before human controlled teams begin, but scrappes it because there's a chance to lose a top tier player and not being able to do anything about it. Will probably reinstall that code for the college version as it seems more fitting thematically. Keep rosters at a high turn around.
  5. I've updated the image you were describing. Should be able to click on it and get a better clearer look at it.
  6. Unfortunately there are not a lot of coders who work with this game, if any. I am currently breaking down all the coding for this. I am able to insert my tiles into it and was able to map it. Still need to figure out the graphics animation when you select the face, it alters between tiles and I haven't quite figured out what is triggering that or how the code is working to achieve this. Once I can figure that out, I will be able to then start writing the coding to switch the face using the left and right control buttons, then adding in a button command that changes the color pallet, then writing that into the SRAM. Currently I am working in the following locations: x10A523 - jumper to the loading the tiles into the RAM x10A59F - tells the game what location the tiles are in the ROM (first part of the location) x10A5A6 - tells the game what bank the location of the tiles are in the ROM (second part of the location) x10A5FF - mapping coding x10A511 - this loads the mapping code for the tiles into RAM x10A51F - this is the compare program that tells the game how many bytes from the mapping code to grab (change 20 > 17) In this coding I have to break into to it and add some coding that will use the built in controller settings to record the button presses and depending on what button I press load a counter into RAM. The button codes are as follows: up - 0004 down - 0008 left - 0002 right - 0001 a - 8000 b - 0080 x - 4000 y - 0040 r - 1000 l - 2000 start - 0010 select - 0020 Once I get that done, I will then create a code that will grab the byte from the RAM counter I create that will then use a pointer system to load the next set of face tiles. Then I will have to use the button code to record the up and down entries and create counter in RAM that will be used to load the color pallet for the face. There is some comparisons I will need to do as not all faces can use all the color pallets. Next I will have to then load the results in real time to the correct spot in the SRAM so that it can be used in the player menus through out the game. I have a majority of the locations I need to do all this, just having an issue getting the button stuff to record properly. And the animation thing. So you know, a little bit of work to do.
  7. Still at it when I can, been working a way at getting this added to the Create A Player menu.
  8. Sorry fellas, my job got real crazy as of late. It's good for me bad for downtime. It has started to settle down, might be adding 2 new team members at work so that will help. I am going to bust out my rom today and tomorrow and get back to it for a couple days. I have started a base game with little graphical hacks. Will continue to work both. I am stuck on one part of the TSB4 rom for create a player. Trying to hack in a face editor for that mode. Got most the information but it's not working like I want it to. 3 biggest hurdles for the base game: Big Helmets, which I have halfway already got a fix Endzones, not really sure what to do there. Might just have to hack in my field mapping and go with midfield logos. Season Team control menu. I hack it so that each team is a single page, have to go back to my notes and see how it all works again to add a fourth page of teams.
  9. Great to see this place back up and running. Things at work have settled down a bit, still plugging away, just not as much as I want.
  10. Yikes, I think we had a time traveler on this site. I mean, 8/22/2020 is less than a month away??? I think that's a good date to get a beta out!!
  11. Got the code working about 80%. Still saw a couple buggy things that I have to see what is happening. Most likely my coding. But I was able to get Exhibition and the Depth Chart view working correctly. The buggy stuff happened in the FA View and Team View (Though I think it was just the FA view that bugged out). The face of the player I signed wasn't the same after I ended FA. Got to dig a little deeper as I think I know where the issue is happening. The FA roster save is mapped out in a weird way. The RAM location x7E17E7 only slightly helped, it didn't quite do what I thought it was doing. I was able to find a couple more markers in RAM. If x7E080B = FF then it is the depth chart view. If x7E0804 = FF then it is exhibition Team View. Viewing a player from the Team Data menu, FA and Trade all do not have FF at x7E080B. The only view menu with FF at x7E0804 is the Exhibition Team Data Screen. So I had to make a filter with jumpers comparing these locations to find out what coding I needed to use to map the faces. I should be able to finish this by this weekend.
  12. Found a location in RAM that will make the face hack work smoother. Needed a marker that I could use to determine what mode and menu I was in. In RAM, x7E17E7 loads the players number and condition no matter what menu you are viewing the player. I had written my own coding to get this number and was using SRAM. Well in exhibition, this screwed up the player faces if the season team was different than the default team. Finding this location will allow me to just load my face codes and pallet codes without all the extra coding I created to keep up with it. I have already written out my new logic, will need to find a place in the ROM to write it. I should be able to get the face hack completed by this weekend. Then I'll tackle the Trade and FA modes completed. The only other hurdle I have after that is the injury cutscenes, it doesn't always match the player's team colors with the returning player. I think I have a way to get this figured out, but will deal with it once I get the face hack done and Trade/FA Mode squared away.
  13. Updated. Fixed player view so that you can view player's faces in all Season Modes.
  14. I agree. I've given it thought, if I do a straight hack to up a SNES to 32 teams, I will take a crack at TSB1 for SNES. It seems to be more favored here and prolly be much easier graphically to add 2 more teams without much extra work.
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