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  1. Hst hurricane hurricanewill the 32 team rom ever happen ?

  2. I'm Back!!! Just got all 1184 players setup for import. Will be rating next. Plays are started. May need volunteers to help get the player faces right. need race, hair color, facial hair, hair length for all 1184 players. reply if you want to pitch in.
  3. We are pretty far along for a gamma...hoping New Years!!!!
  4. Hey guys been a while, but i lost some data from old PC. There was a great file from here that broke down the sim values for every position. can't find it anywheres. help please, as this is one of the final pieces of ratings i need for the 32 team ROM. I am creating plays right now, and Drunken and I hope tohave a playable beta soon. he is fine tuning some bugs from all his new codes for graphics and menus. I actually have only plays to go!!!! The dream is coming soon:)
  6. seedings sunday. top 6 seeds should be in (24 tms), if they are on your list, we are set. i vote to use old roms rosters. there is site that ranks the 32 tourney teams.....we can fill tje greats with some of the back ups since they wont be in tourne(ie ark 95 would be fla 14) miami 14 would use 6 back ups frpm 2 of the 32 95 teams. make since?
  7. i can write an excel one....but someone would need to import to hex....i can even have the hex string, but it gets jarbled when cut and paste from excel to cygnus. some ascii characters arent recognized by excel (carriage return,etc....) so it assigns closest character when pasting.
  8. ratings can be subjective. ideally we need the stats for the top 12 players on each team, then rank by category. jump, speed, str are subjective though, so that is why i say randomize and draft. the info is already ingame. the pointers as well. i can just make the character limits universal. yes a last priority, but not complicated. shouldnt effect the editor.
  9. for team info, if someone can grab tourney trips, ff, ncaa champs, coach, interesting fact (32 characters long for the last one), i can put that in as well.
  10. also, i can do a randomizer for the first rom, basucally rank all the players after the ratings are done, and assign teams via "draft". best team. fla gets first pick every round. until rosters are done. just an idea. 480 players shouldnt take long.
  11. logos arent to hard. i can draw basic, and add. taking a break from tsb4 ai might be what i need nyways. i agree with the 40 listed by TT.
  12. logos arent to hard. i can draw basic, and add. taking a break from tsb4 ai might be what i need nyways. i agree with the 40 listed by TT.
  13. interjecting.....Miami is requested by me as a non tourney team. also, tourney bracket locs should be on spread sheet. along with site names.
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