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  1. Wow....that's weird everyone mentioned hitz pro.... i just bought it used at Gamestop for $3 bucks for PS2 the other day after reading what people said about t at gamespot.com. then today i am reading about it here..and yes, it rules!!! Great game!!
  2. It's great that everyone keeps contributing to this. More than I expected...way cool! OK..now...i got my NES back in 90-91 strictly to buy Tecmo Super Bowl. A friend had it and i was addicted from the start. So i rushed out to get the game and system at toys r us that night. And they only had two tecmo games left that night....LUCKY!!!!....but i missed classes at college and did not sleep well for days....so TECMO was the only game i really got other than blades of steel and Tecmo NBA for the system. SO where is this going?? I have seen Baseball stars on peoples list a few times.....so i'm curious, WHY so GREAT!? I think i'll try to buy it on ebay and give t a go! That's why this list works nice. Any other NES gmes that kicked but! Thanx!
  3. Just a quickie question here... Does the sim data effect how the computer plays in regular games? Or does the computer purely go on player attributes in a real game? If you have the team offense set to Pass Heavy in Supreme Tool...does that mean pass heavy in sim mode only or also the Computer will play pass heavy in a regular game? What directly affects interceptions in a regular game?...I'm not getting a lot of them....and the qb is set to 63 for all passing attributes....and the def backs are all at 75 ints. If you can answer some or all of this let me know kindly. Thanx!
  4. Again, it's my personal list...as I said in a previous post....they are the games I have enjoyed most...plain and simple. Madden is on the list...so sorry madden haters.....but as i said before TECMO SB NES now is # 1 due to all that you guys and this board have presented in way of the 32-team rom....I LOVE IT! So keep your lists coming....I never said I wanted to be taken seriously, I mean, DUH! Arcade Punchout from the 80's kicked BUTT....i forgot that on my honorable mention list. Keep Um' coming!
  5. Eureka!! Another victory..Cards stats now fixed! boy I like when people help... it is so kind of you. Thanks lhopital!!
  6. OK....i swear I've tried all I could and i must be missing something.....i can get boldin, breaston, fitz, and edgerrin to have reasonable stats.... i just can not get warner to throw for more than 2700-3000 yards and more than 25 tds. Please offer help in how you set your cards lineup... it would be kindly appreciated thanx!
  7. found sim info on yaks thread finally... will try it. thanks for patience guys.
  8. Could not find info in Yaks thread.. can you kindly retype what you said, sorry.. but much appreciated, thanx
  9. yes...even to 15.... it's an obvious glitch.. now I'm finding that I am getting close by playing with the 4 bracket numbers on rb/te/wr { a , b, c, d } in supreme tool sim stats. we'll see
  10. I saw this somewhere else on the boards...and it is happening to me as i try to set realistic sim stats. THE CARDS...I try to set them for Heavy pass with tool supreme and warners, Fitz, and Boldins stats suck....no matter which offense set , Warner is always around 20 td- 10 ints, 2000 yds for the season after simming. ???? anyone know what the heck is up here? Is there a fix. Please let me know Thanx
  11. Is there a pattern for offensive player position substitutions after injury that the COM does? example who subs in for who...is it set? Based on all players healthy and this is the first SUB that takes place for the following: RB1 RB3 RB2 RB4 WR1 WR3 WR2 WR4 TE1 TE2 I guess it's common that RB 3 subs in for RB1, but does RB3 or 4 sub in for RB 2 if RB1 is still healthy? And if WR1 is OK and WR2 gets hurt, does the COM sub in WR3 or WR4? And I know TE2 goes in for TE1. please inform me, thanks!
  12. ok, brain fart.... from here where...???
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