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  1. :tick tock tick tock tick tock:: haha just kidding guys "serve no fries before their time" -- Fast Times at R.H.
  2. Out of all the projects out there on the web for retro gaming this one has got me the most excited out of any of them. Hell even more excited then new games that are out... I love the college games you guys have done and seeing what you guys are striving to make happen on this one I know we will all be blown away!! I've been following this thread for a while and finally decided to chime in and in following it for soo long I know the simple answer to when it is done and ready is WHEN ITS READY!! So without being too much of a pain in the ass,.... is a release in time for the Super Bowl realistic? It would be awesome but I know the pride you guys must take in this so please "serve no fries before their time". lol. Now back to a great day of college ball on TV and all the rest of you tecmo brothers enjoy your FOOTBALL WEEKEND!! ...............................OUT!
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