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  1. 33 years old.. played TSB for the first time in the summer of 1992 when i was 14... rediscovered TSB about 8 years ago in 03.. been playing it pretty consistently ever since.. Life gets better with age gentleman!
  2. One of the greatest Wide outs in Tecmo history has died. In my opinion, he is only second to Jerry Rice in TSB.. He was one of those guys who could pull down a Warren Moon pass in triple coverage.. Very underrated player. RIP DREW
  3. Just a quick thank you to all you guys who came out in the Cleveland Snow to make this thing possible. Congrats to Francis B. who hung in there and won it all with the Detroit Lions! WOW Toolie gave him a run for his money with the Bengals... Great competition displayed , and the experience proved crucial in the long run.. My Cleveland boys gave a good showing , but fell a little short.(including myself) But thats how it goes. Thanks again guys, and Long live Tecmo.
  4. Thanks for the interest .. thanks for making the trip to the Cleve. PS: Francis from Buffalo beat O'toole, Lions over Bengals
  5. i had a buddy go pretty far with the Cards in a tournament i held. they are a dark horse, probably rank em around 14 or lower though. Lonnie Young is a top 5 safety i would say
  6. I have three spots open for this tournament on sat. feb. 5th If you know for sure you can make it , and are interested, please send me a E-mail to confirm @ [email protected] ** refer to original post for details**
  7. Browns fans: look up some old highlights of Eric Turner from 1994.. do you remember what a beast of a safety that guy was? How about going into Dallas and Philly that year and winning on the road against those teams? We were pretty damn good! Unfortunately , the Steelers were better! OH WELL
  8. I really like the Chiefs chances of doing some upset work in the playoffs... 1994 brings back memories for me as a Browns fan too.. that was the last time the Browns hosted a Play off game, beating the Patriots and Drew Bledsoe in a Wild Card game That was the last time the Brownies were a serious contender, great Defense that year! Man how I yearn for those days GO CHIEFS!
  9. Thanks for all the interest in my tournament.. My past tournament consisted of no more than 14 players.. so this is a test drive going with 28 this year. If successful , I may expand even further for 2012. The interest sure seems to be there! The following folks can consider themselves in for ClEVELAND: 1.Jamie 2.Jamie's brother 3. Jamie's friend 4. John (Rozum) 5.Mike 6.Mike's friend ** also attending that were not part of the six open spots are: 1.Matt O'toole (Toolie) 2. Nick 3. SON of a Pat BEACH ?? 4.Ryan McKay 5. Chet from Wisconsin 6. Chet guest 1 7.Chet guest 2 Again thanks for the interest, and please e-mail me @ [email protected] to officially confirm your spot. THANKS! see you in the dead of winter in C- town
  10. To Toolie, yes you and Nick are all ready on my list. I talked to him at the NE OH tourney. ( So, there are still 6 spots open)
  11. Usually, the guys I play with are not really Lurch happy any way.. sneaking in the occasional lurch is what it usually comes down to , maybe a few times a game.. but everyone is different. I am not gonna completely out-law it.. a possible revision of how many times a game you can do it is a something to think about however
  12. Also, in regards to the Cleveland gig, in this tournament each contender will pick a ping-pong ball out of a hat to determine in which order You will choose your team. This team will be your only team for the duration of the Tournament. In the chance of group A and B having the same team come out into the Championship, the tie breaker will go to the player who posted the highest score in a single game heading into the title game. This person can choose to change his team, or defer to his opponent and make him change his RULES: before each game, each player may take up to three minutes to make changes to the play book During coin toss, players must set the controlller down, and allow the auto- coin flip to take place As far as all other game play is concerned, its anything goes.. Lurching is exceptable (at your own risk) Also, if you feel like putting in a WR at RB, that is ok as well This is will be my 6th annual tournament I have held, here are the past 5 years of champions: 2006- Bengals,Jay O. 2007-Giants, Mark 2008-Oilers, Mark 2009-Rams, Ned 2010-Bears, Mark
  13. Hello all, I am offering up to six spots in my TSB Tournament to be held the Saturday before the Super Bowl The first six people to be able to confirm that they are almost 100 % sure they can make it , will have a spot reserved for them Here are the Gory details: WHAT: 28 man TSB tournament WHEN: Saturday February 5th 2011 @ 1 pm est (registration begins at 12:30) WHERE: The Oriole Cafe , 294 North Rocky River Dr. Berea Oh 44017 (about a 5 minute drive from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport) ENTRY: $25 (includes beer ,.. until the keg is gone) FORMAT: double elimination- basically , two 14 man tournaments will take place , with the winners of group A and B facing eachother for the Championship PRIZES: Champion: cash & trophy , Runner up : cash , groups A & B runner ups: cash, most rushing yards & passing yards by a single player (in a single game): cash , same with highest points scored in a single game SQUARES: squares will be sold for $1.00 each for the championship game, will pay out at the half and final DONATIONS: A undetermined amount of money will be donated to the Make a wish Foundation ABOUT THE VENUE: The Oriole can be best described as Cheers meets Roseanne.. a mix match of random sports photos and artifacts from days gone by clutter the walls of this cozy bar,the dimly lit atmoshere just makes you want to have a brew the minute you walk in. Set on the outskirts of the small college town of Berea, and also the home of the Cleveland Browns training camp, this is a Cleveland gem.. Also, the food is fantastic and the staff very friendly
  14. If its just me vs the com, I like to auto- skip an entire season , then chose one of the under-dog lower seeded teams and make a super bowl run with them.. thats probably as challenging as it can get playing the computer.. Man vs Man is still the best though, and stats do not matter.. Just win Baby! GO BROWNS! beat the Jets!
  15. No one has mentioned Atlanta.. keep and eye on them.. Also Titans could be a contender in the AFC.. I just want to see some teams other than the Colts or Patriots... Even Cinci would be ok, and thats coming from a Browns fan
  16. yeah, Jerry Ball would of never done this.. so my Ball comparison is thrown out the window now. Sorry Suh, how dare you try to hurt my teams starting quarterback??
  17. Steelers? I think they will be lucky to sneak into the playoffs
  18. Dallas will have to get over their tendency to CHOKE in the playoffs before they can be considered for a Super Bowl title.. We shall see, i have thought Dallas was the team to beat for the past four years.. and they aint done shit, except choke. why should we think anything different going into this year? I say a NFC divisional playoff round loss for the "Boys"
  19. Before the Season officially starts, lets hear those Super Bowl Predictions- Winner gets John L. Williams jock strap-- I will go with Titans vs. Packers , winner : Green Bay
  20. As the years go by, the gamers who still love Tecmo Super Bowl are getting older. I think it's safe to say that the average TSB player is between 28 and 40 years old. Thats a pretty large gap in age.. but if you were around 10 - 16 years old when TSB came on the scene in 91' , and you had a NES, and liked sport games- bottom line: you were playing that game. So , lets go on the low end, and say that 10 year olds in 1991 (I was 13) are now approaching 30 years old.. Then lets say you had an older brother in 1991 that was lets say 18 yrs old and in highschool.. and he is the one who got you playing TSB. That older brother is now pushing 40 at around 37 years old now! And hey, hypothetically there could of been an even older brother in 1991 that was in college at the time , and about 21 years old.. guess what ? - he is over 40 now.. What is the point of all this crap? It just goes to show you what an impact this one 8- bit graphic of a video game has had on countless young men (and women) over the last 20 years. Because of this, the players involved in the NFL at the time, and appeared in the game, shall live on. Even after their deaths.. What a legacy, thats all I can say. And its nowhere close to being done.
  21. So in retrospect, Mobely has Tecmo to thank for leaving Eric Dickerson out of the game.. which in turn, puts Ken "Kent" Clark in as a reserve Running Back (who blows pretty badly) .. which makes a void for a Back up tight end, a void that Tecmo fills with none other than our man Orsen Mobely.. Wow, how many other stories are there in Tecmo like this? A lot I bet. I like the story of the Browns , and Frank Minifield's hold out , which brought about Tony Blaylocks appearance as a Linebacker (good lord).. You put in Michael Dean Perry in that D-line, and the Browns might get upgraded to average, instead of the putrid shit that they are.
  22. SUH does have a slight resemblance to Jerry Ball .. isn't Suh a little young to have been into Tecmo Bowl?
  23. Man, to think that the real back - up tight end for the Indianapolis Colts in 1991 is out there somewhere.. holding a grudge that he didn't make the TECMO final roster. Probably has a Orson Mobley voodoo doll.
  24. I am not sure. Denver TE in the Original is Clarence Kay i think... good question. I dont know.. But the question remains, why is he listed as a Colt back up in TSB?? is he similar to the Chiefs starting Center , who in reality had retired, and never played a down with Kansas City (Mike Webster)
  25. I like playing with the Indianapolis Colts.. Why , I have no idea. BUT, does any one have the answer as to why Orson Mobley is the teams back up Tight End? I cant find any info on him that suggests he as much tried out for the Colts. I know he played in Denver in the late 80's Was he thinking about a come back after 1990? I read somewhere that he got into a little trouble with drugs.. go figure, probably 60 percent of the leagues players did at some point
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