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  1. that's my spreadsheet!!! I'm famous! cxrom found a bunch of 'deleted' scenes (including these penalty scenes) back in 08 that happen during play like telling you when you reach 100 yards rushing, 150 yards passing, etc. that i believe are found in the later games. try using 4E and 5D-6A for your event and see the other things (the incorrect tileset will show just like the penalty ones) check the spreadsheet for what does what. its on the 3rd tab in it's own box towards the bottom.
  2. Hey Carther, I think this is what you are looking for From Jstout via: http://tecmobowl.org...style-overtime/ 99 point fix hex (change rom hex @ x253BF) 902D4CE19F (this jump and the one below are jstouts cifl rom locations, your mileage may vary) SCORE_FIX_START hex: (must be added to your rom) AAA9078D0080A9018D018020E0BEA9078D0080A52F8D01808AE91060 SCORE_FIX hex: (must be added to your rom) A576C904D02EAD9503C90A9017AD9A03C90A9010AD9503E9108D9503AD9A03E9108D9A03AD9903E9108D9903AD9E03E9108D9E0360 also I was working on converting jstout's possession overtime to the 32 team rom so if you use/get hex workshop I have a bookmark file that maps out overtime on the 28 team rom it may help you with what you are trying to do (a + in front of the description means it's added code, not modified code). poss ot.zip
  3. 1. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/11347-just-bring-it-4-special-edition-updated/page__st__60#entry102455 2. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/6970-misc-rom-locations/ 3. not sure about that one btw I got the answers to both your questions from this thread, it will answer most of your questions. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/9725-directory-of-hacking-docs-updated-05162010-knobbe/
  4. I use a hex editor for larger edits but for trial and error testing and palettes you should definitely try fcux. on the texttoobar select tools then hex editor. switch the view to the rom file. by using the hex editor in fcux you can change things while the game is running and see the change instantly. it saves so much time especially with palette editing.
  5. are you having problems with the large helmets or mini helmets?
  6. yes chrome is the way to go. firefox became overly bloated over the past few years.
  7. airkix72

    Steve Sabol

    what I loved most about steve's work is using an orchestrated score. I still listen to my autumn thunder CDs. some of the best music ever.
  8. is there a leaderboard? i voted 10 times via proxy just to pad the ballot box
  9. I was really interested on how you were going to to the playoffs..... genius solution
  10. the spreadsheet tells how to either change the cutscene or not play ("delete") the cutscene deleted all ingame cutscenes just take a sack or score a td really fast to see the effect changed the opening cutscene just for ease of demonstration (after the cutscene finishes it will be a black screen, just press start) cutscene demo.zip
  11. Hey everyone After getting fed up with my palette problem on cut scenes I decided to just eliminate them. There was some good general material on the board but no easy access to the data. I'm learning assembly from scratch and learned a ton from this epic thread http://tecmobowl.org...ic/9946-events/ but it's really hard for a beginner to understand so I made this easy spreadsheet as I went along and now get your cutscene editing done fast and maybe learn a little about assembly. for the truly lazy who just want a quick edit to eliminate the ingame cutscenes goto offset x261EF with a hex program and change the 3 bytes of data to EA EA EA btw I couldn't get the kicking figured out so I put it in a separate tab, I've been at it for 24 hours like a fiend and need a break, so if you know what any of that garbage on the second spreadsheet tab is please let me know, I don't want to have to spend a whole day on figuring out punting subroutines lol I started about a week ago, but I'm dedicated to learning 6502 and I'm really getting good at it, so if you can depart any knowledge on me I would appreciate it hopefully when I grow up, I can be just like jstout, xplozv, and cxrom Tecmo cutscenes.xls
  12. I don't think it has anything to do with the cutscene, the top large helmet on the vs screen does the same thing. that leads me to believe I tinkered with something that controls the ppu bank for multiple screens. based solely on previous non nes coding experience, I think a value is set too high or too low and it's loading too high or too low of a bank. Im learning 6502 on the fly and it's pretty basic, but I need a crash course on ppu bank pointers Edit: I figured out what my problem was, a couple of edits I made while tinkering that I forgot about, it wasn't a palette problem, it was a drawing/tile problem. I didn't try to resolve the issue as it wasn't important enough to waste 12 hours on Thanks for the help buck, Im glad you're still looking out for us little people
  13. man I really screwed the rom up lol the large helmets before kickoff are screwed up (but not on the team data screen). looks to be the same problem as my cutscenes, loading from the wrong ppu bank. now that I think about it I may have screwed something up when I edited out halftime and changed the opening movie to the halftime show. does anyone know if the halftime or opening cutscenes use a subroutine that affects what ppu bank is loading. Im pretty sure I accidently changed one piece of hex and now its loading the wrong number in the register
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