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    I see you've changed the rooster as well... kudo. One small bug, thought: you can't change the playbook.
  2. I picked 63 Browns vs 68 Rams: I loss 34-28 in overtime. Thanks God, I had Jim Brown (220+ yards) or it would have been a massacre; you can't pass when Deacon Jones is after you! Awesome addictive ROM. Keep on the good work!
  3. Is this ROM defective? I played a season, and the Lions and the Bengals clinched theirs respective division title.
  4. PlaceKicker


    Awesome ROM! Is it possible to redo the field so we can have CFL-size field and move the goal post in front of the end zone? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:C ... _templates Hope this help.
  5. First post! First of all, thanks for making this awesome ROM. I played on the origial TSB cartridge and playing TSB on Nestopia after all those years brings back awesome memories. Updating the lineup just make the experience even better! Now, as for the lineup, Andrew Pinnock is no longer playing for the Chargers. He has been replaced by Mike Tolbert For any other updates, Wikipedia is a valuable ally: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cu ... am_rosters
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