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  1. Love these releases! I think it's about time that we treat Josh Allen as the running QB that he truly is... or at least forced to be right now. Allen has 490 rushing yards this year, ranking first among all quarterbacks despite missing four games with a right-elbow sprain. Through his first eight career starts, Allen has amassed 464 rushing yards with five touchdowns. Vick’s previous mark was 418 yards through his first eight starts. Allen is averaging 7.4 yards per rush with 54.4 yards per game on the ground. Allen has stepped up his rushing efforts over the last three weeks, rushing for 335 total yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets. That figure also breaks Vick’s previous record for rushing yards by a quarterback over a three-game span. Over his last three games, Allen is averaging 111.7 rushing yards per game for the Bills. After rushing 13 times for 99 yards in the win over Jacksonville, Allen became the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era to rush for 100 yards in consecutive weeks with 135 yards vs. the Dolphins, and 101 yards vs. the Jets. He is also the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era, and second all-time, to rush for at least 90 yards in three straight weeks, joining Tobin Rote of the Green Bay Packers, who accomplished the feat during the 1951 season. Personally, I believe with a stat line of 66 attempts for 490 yards and average 7.4 yards per carry, his Tecmo rushing stats shouldn't match Drew Brees' who has 28 attempts for 25 yards. I'm not asking for a jacked up stat line like Lamar Jackson, because I do believe that Lamar is a better rushing QB overall, so is Newton and Watson. I feel a fair Tecmo QB Running ability for Allen should sit at 38 Running Speed, 31 Rushing Power, and 44 Maximum Speed. This matches Mayfield, who I feel is an adequate comparison of youth and offense that relies on the QB to make plays. Please let me know your thoughts, and I welcome any debates on this. Thanks!
  2. all of a sudden, Bad News Baseball is quickly becoming the next RBI Baseball! Momentum!!!
  3. More runs in a fun high speed baseball game I'm ok with. As for the forkball controversy, I see it as a slow curve that hits the ground before it hits the plate, which happens all the time. The forkball pitch was more unhittable in games like RBI because it would almost dribble across home plate. But in Bad News, throwing a pitch while pressing up on the D pad really just changed pitch speed. I've never had the bottom fall out so much that the pitch was unhittable in Bad News. But maybe I'm throwing it wrong. Either way, I'm super excited about the release and thank you for all your hard work on it!
  4. intergalactic moon-shots are a real thing... look at Judge and his boomstick!
  5. love the work already done! if I had any hex editing knowledge... thank you for this!
  6. Mog had loaded these on to a power Pak and said the results were very interesting. He should have a video available soon
  7. There are no other hacks on this rom? I love it. I'll send this to my contact and see if he can post another video to compare it
  8. Hi guys. I was wondering if anymore work has been done on this. Since this is the best baseball game on the NES, to have MLB teams and updated rosters that would be amazing. I'd love to try to help out by updating the rosters where I could too!
  9. The Broadcasters of The__Nest are streaming every game from the 2015 Rom on Twitch Check it out! we would love to be added to the live stream section too because I play TSB all the time on The__Nest Thanks, -T http://www.twitch.tv/the__nest
  10. Is it me or does the cowboys helmet's reflection almost makes it look like a bull horn?
  11. Great work as always drummer. Any plans to update the Bills uniform (white helmet royal blue jersey) Thx [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  12. oh i know there are others out there, i just enjoy Drummer's Rom, how he rates the players, updates the rosters often, and the graphical changes he has made throughout the years. no worries man!
  13. Drummer, I have a request. is it possible for you to post a rom with roster updates only without any hacks? juice mode is fun and all, but sometimes i just wanna slaughter the titans or broncos 99-0.
  14. Wondering if any of you upstate NY'ers or Tecmo Super Bowl fans would be interested in having a tournament in Syracuse sometime over the summer? I've got the carts, systems, and bar that might be interested in hosting the event. I just want to know if we could garner enough interest to get this thing off the ground. Would you be interested in attending/competing?
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