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  1. http://cbssports.com/images/blogs/gilberry-money-manziel.jpg Not a good start for Johnny Football ... maybe he will have better luck against the Carolina defense. Great rom as always drummer.
  2. Maybe this rom will never see the light of day ... like Buck's Time Machine 2 ...haha! Nice win by the Browns in spite of Hoyer's mistakes. I've never seen a QB so down on himself after a win. Nice to see Josh Gordon back .... perhaps you were waiting to see how Gordon would do before releasing your rom? Now you can jack up his Tecmo stats 10, 10, 10, etc., ...haha!
  3. Hey Drummer, any chance you can add Lebron James as a secret hidden character on the Cleveland Browns? ...Cleveland basketball just got put back on the map!
  4. YEEESSS!!! Glad to hear you've decided to postpone your tecmo rom-making retirement party! Congrats to the Browns on landing Johnny Football with the 22 pick. I thought he would go for sure in the top 10. And when he didn't, I though JJ would nab him for sure. Nice move by Cleveland for trading up to get Manziel. Hopefully the coaching staff will be able to cater the offense to his skill set and bring some excitement to the Dog Pound. ... But too bad to hear that Josh Gordon screwed up and failed the weed test again ...hear he may get suspended for the entire year. Man, and just when things were looking up for the Browns too. But at least there's hope for optimism now in Cleveland. Again, glad to hear your back! Can't wait to see what you put together this year!
  5. Hi Drummer, Great rom as usual! You and your roms will surely be missed on this forum if you are indeed calling it quits. Best of luck and well wishes to you and your family! BTW ... I'm surprised you didn't bump up the stats for Josh Gordon. He leads the NFL in receiving yards this year. If anything, he is the one bright spot for the Browns. Top 10 as of Week 16 are: 1. Josh Gordon 1,564 yards, 9 TDs 2. Calvin Johnson 1,492, 12 TDs 3. Antonio Brown 1,412, 8 TDs 4. AJ Green 1,365, 10 TDs 5. Andre Johnson 1358, 5 TDs 6. Alshon Jeffrey 1341, 7 TDs 7. Demaryius Thomas 1317, 12 TDs 8. Desean Jackson 1304, 9 TDs 9. Pierre Garcon 1290, 5 TDs 10. Eric Decker 1261, 10 TDs
  6. Hi Drummer, Great rom as usual! You always put out a great product and it will be sad to see you go. Best of luck to you, your health and your family! Interesting article I just found about Bernie Kosar ...got a good laugh out of it, haha! -- Peace! Bernie Kosar tells police he can’t do a sobriety test because his offensive line ‘couldn’t block’ http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/bernie-kosar-tells-police-t-sobriety-test-because-133910166--nfl.html It took a couple decades, but former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar finally lashed out at his offensive line. The setting for ripping his old teammates was unusual, as Kosar was on the side of the road while police administered a number of sobriety tests. Kosar was pulled over early Sunday morning on suspicion of drunk driving, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which cited the police report. He handed police two credit cards when asked for identification, then when police asked for his driver's license he pointed to one of the credit cards. He couldn't recite the alphabet (asked to start with E, the police report said he recited E, F, G, P, L, M, N, O and Q before it "trailed on with more letters that were not correct") or pursue an object with his eyes. Then came the former Browns star's most creative excuse of the night: The officer asked Kosar if he had any problems that would prevent him from standing on one leg or walking and turning, and Kosar said he's had several surgeries on his knees and ankles because his line couldn't block, the report said. Those guys get blamed for everything. The Plain Dealer said Kosar was charged with DUI, posted a $500 bond and on Monday his lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. No word on whether he blamed his old coaches for not teaching him the alphabet or if his receivers from that time for him not being able to focus his eyes.
  7. Hey Drummer, Great rom so far! Love the new graphics touchups and gameplay. I noticed some of the team schedules may be off, think you may have the home and road teams reversed since you have the "AT" in the middle instead of "VS" For example, week 1 the Falcons visited Chicago but you have "CHI AT ATL"? Just thought I point it out but no biggie since the matchups are correct and there is no distinction between which team is at home or on the road since player 1 is always on the left side anyway. I'm sure someone may have brought this up before but I was too tired to look for the thread. Good job with the rom!
  8. This is sad news indeed. Hopefully the new guy running this site will do just as good a job. Thanks Rod for starting this site up and keeping Tecmo alive! I bet it's gonna feel weird for you when you visit this site as a user instead of admin. Maybe they should make a special Avatar description for you whenever you login to visit ... say "Tecmo Godfather." I guess come April, "Knobbe.org" will be "sleepin with the fishes" ... unless this was all a BIG April Fools joke.
  9. Here's the link to the You Tube video I uploaded for the Madison 7 Trophy Presentation: hn4uUowyNVg Josh Holtzy ("SonofPatBeach") presented the trophies to the 4 Finalists: Champ: Jimmy B (“Air Bontempo”) Runner-up: FrancisB (“Mort”) Third Place: Sobhi ("bestinworld") Fourth Place: Seth B (“Virtuoso” from St Louis)
  10. Hi guys, I uploaded the video of Mort's thrilling last second JJ TD win over Skunkerofbestinworld in the Elite 8 round of Madison 7 The Matchup is Detroit Lions (Mort) vs Philadelphia Eagles (Skunkerofbestinworld) Here are the links: Part 1 JK5fHTT__as Part 2 wUFbsk3P3SQ I see if I can post the Madison 7 Trophy Presentation video later. The videos are of the "shakey cam" variety. Sorry, but I had to manually hold my digital Sony Cybershot while looking up at the screen during recording.
  11. I have a video of Mort's thrilling come-from-behind Elite 8 victory over James (SkunkerofBestinWorld) using my "shaky cam" Sony Cybershot camera. The matchup was Lions (Mort) vs Eagles (James). I'll see if I can post the vids to You Tube sometime this week.
  12. Sweet, can't wait to test it out. What's with the Miami Vice avatar? Were you a big fan of the show or something? ... I loved the Michael Mann reboot starring Jamie Fox and Colin Farrell. Many critics thought it was lame, but I throughly enjoyed it as with his other classic "Heat." One day, someone should start hosting tournaments with one of your hacked roms (like Time Machine 1) or 2K11. But I guess someone would have to make multiple frontloader carts for the NES to accommodate all the players who would be interested in entering a tournament, -- since I'm sure many people won't want to play with a digital delay on a High Def television screen. I wish there was a way to make that digital delay go away. Hey, I have a question regarding the red nintendo retro cart you bought for $135 (the one you use to download all your 8-bit roms to play on your nes). Do you know if this cart will work for any of the NES retro top loader consoles? (Sorry if my post strayed from the subject matter). Great job so far on your high speed rom.
  13. Yeah, it was really cool to finally get to meet some of the guys from this site, like Rod, Buck, Eric (O'Dell), Erik Johnson, ImFlo and Mort. All those guys from Madison were pretty cool too, all extremely dedicated TSB fans! Had a real fun time at the tourney, watching how people play and learning new tricks at the same time. Great job Eric (O'Dell) for organizing the entire event! I'm still fairly new at playing the Old School Tecmo rom as I've been mostly playing the new hacked roms from this site. My friend HYPO has been playing the original for 25+ years and he finally got me into playing it again a few years back. I don't even have a retro nes system anymore as I think mine was sold for spare parts years ago. Overall, had a fun time. Glad I got to meet almost everyone. I'm motivated now to get an original retro nes system and start practicing old school TSB all over again. Hopefully I can give everyone a better challenge next time.
  14. My friend HYPO went to the 4th Qualifier at Moretti's last Thursday (10/14). The matchup was Chicago vs Seattle. He lost the coin toss and ended up getting Seattle and the 2nd controller. He really got screwed there. He ended up getting ousted 14-10. He really lost on a fluke play. He managed to intercept Harbaugh but as soon as he got the pick, his player got hammered, fumbled the ball and the Bears took the fumble all the way in for a TD, haha! In the closing seconds of the 2nd Qtr, he threw a deep ball that fell incomplete in the endzone! Really close to winning pulling it out but no cigar! He said that if they played the remaining 2 Qtrs, he would have beat him. Oh well. Onto Galaway Bay for the real tournament.
  15. Sweet! Thanks Erin. My friend Ant (HYPO) sent you email so he's definitely coming to the tourney. Hopefully we'll get to meet many Tecmo Bawlers from Knobbe (like Rod Woodson) and have a great time! We're both Chicagoans (though Ant has been a lifelong Niner's fan) so hopefully this tourney will be an annual occurence if all things go well. See you guys on the 21st! Can't wait!
  16. Oh wow! Finally, a TSB Tournament comes to Chicago! Me and my buddy Anthony (HYPO) would definitely like to attend. So do I just send you an email at [email protected] to register? My friend Anthony recently signed up the the ESPN tournament. He went to Finn Mccools last night and got ousted by someone. The rules kind of sucked though. They only had one matchup to choose from: Chicago Bears vs Houston Oilers. Everyone had to play with those two teams. Bears are playing Carolina Panthers this week and since Carolina is not on the Original TSB rom, they substituted Houston for Carolina. Each game was only for two 5 minute quarters since they wanted to give everyone who registered a chance to play. They did not allow anyone to change their playbooks. HYPO won the cointoss and picked HOU, but his opponent schooled him 17-0, haha! There is one more chance to qualify next Thursday at Moretti's Pizzeria (in Edison Park). He'll probably go again to try to qualify. But anyways, this tournament you guys are having sounds like the REAL DEAL. Please provide more details about registration. Me and my friend would definitely like to sign up! Thanks! VanDamon [email protected]
  17. Man the increased speed seems to make this rom harder than Time Machine 10 fold! I hope when you release Time Machine 2 that you keep the speed and gameplay like the original Time Machine! I nearly smashed my controller to little pieces playing this Rom! [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!] [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  18. Man the increased speed seems to make this rom harder than Time Machine 10 fold! I hope when you release Time Machine 2 that you keep the speed and gameplay like the original Time Machine! I nearly smashed my controller to little pieces playing this Rom! [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  19. HOLY S#@T!! Played a few games into the season, and my guys started fumbling balls, dropping passes. The CPU seems to blitz me on every play and everytime I turn the ball over, the CPU takes it to the house! Freakin HARD!!! Great graphics, but the freakin hard gameplay seems to take the fun out of playin the computer. This rom seems impossible to win! Is there any kind of payoff for winning the SB other the the usual ending? If not, it doesn't seem worth the aggravation of playing through a whole freakin season when the CPU is geared toward making it impossible for you to WIN! HOLY S#@T!!!
  20. Looks like Bob Sanders may be out for the season with a torn bicep tendon, ... too bad. Great player, but always seems to get injured, ... kind of like Mike Brown when he was on the Bears.
  21. Hey Drummer, Lovin your rom thus far. I just played a full season on your Beta 2 version. Can't wait to try out the most recent one you uploaded with the juice and improved hacks. Congrats to the Browns for beating the Bears yesterday! I know it's preseason, but so far the Bears offense looks horrible. Hope it doesn't translate to regular season. Not sure if we have the right offensive players to employ Martz's style of offense. QB Colt McCoy looks phenomenal, 13-13 completions for 131 yards! (Did you give him 100% PA, PC on your rom? ... haha!) Browns should forget about Delhomme and make McCoy the starter right away. Good luck to your Brownies this year. Keep up the great work!
  22. Can't we all just get along!? Both roms are great in their own special way, ... let's just leave it at that. You guys both promote Knobbe, so the way I see it you're both on the same team - to promote old school TSB.
  23. Winning the SB on Buck's loaded rom is (in my opinion) very, VERY Hard .. especially if you get into the playoffs with an undefeated record. The juice levels of the cpu plyoff opponents make it almost impossible for you to win, ... but it is possible if you get can lucky. I can't imagine though having to try to win the SB by playing by Buck's crazy rules (no passing, no KO or Punt Returns, no blocking Xtra pts... etc) Running with the FB is hard enough as it is, but to win the SB by just calling all run plays? ... Man, Buck is playing on a whole other level. Amazing!
  24. Buck, you are a Tecmo God! Me and a couple of my buddies are TSB fanatics and agree that your roms are one of the hardest to beat. Everytime I read about your conquests, I'm totally perplexed at how easy you make it sound to pummel the juiced up cpu. I swear, if you ever post a YouTube video of one of your SB conquests on the 2K10 Loaded rom, I will play the video of your conquest on my 46" LCD HDTV at the upcoming SuperBowl party! "Getcha popcorn ready!" -- GO SAINTS!
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